Castle Rock Season 2 Episode 9: Caveat Emptor-Review and Recap

Poignant dialogue shared space with suspenseful action in “Caveat Emptor”. Lines like “You’re a hitchhiker in borrowed clothing.”, and “a tomb of trash” cut as deeply as the weapons and bullets. Poor Pops is not a perfect man. He beat his oldest charge Ace, had unfair business practices, and was a criminal. At his heart, he wasn’t truly evil though. Like all basically decent people, he wanted only to atone for his mistakes, leave a positive lasting legacy, and have his children love him

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Watchmen Episode 7

Watchmen Season 1 Episode 7 ‘An Almost Religious Awe’ Recap and Review

She wakes up to an alarm that says “subject disconnecting”. Angela is on the floor next to the elephant. She runs out of the building and boards and elevator. While on the elevator she rides it down to a lower level. The lower level has a dark room with a giant glowing globe. When Angela touches parts of the globe she gets recordings from people who are in booths talking to Dr. Manhattan. She clicks on Tulsa and hears Agent Blake’s phone call

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