Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Top 10 Family Horror Movies For Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving is a time for way too much food, drink, and often family. Whether you host or go to Grandma’s house the results are invariably the same. You walk away full and fuzzy-headed. A day filled with the delicious smells of candied yams, sugared ham, and succulent turkey. Between the “pass the mashed potatoes” there are the inevitable uncomfortable conversations about life choices and politics. To help make your family gathering slightly less unpleasant here are our top ten horrific family movies. If nothing else these terrible family units will make you realize yours isn’t quite so bad.

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Watchmen Episode 6

Watchmen Season 1 Episode 6: This Extraordinary Being Recap and Review

It all starts with the minuteman. Hooded Justice is being interrogated by some G men. The guys want him him to take off his hood and mention that they know that Hooded Justice is gay and that they know his boyfriend is trying to frame J. Edgar Hoover. They want HJ to get some incriminating photos from his boyfriend. He takes off his hood, and they prepare to take some photos. He beats this shit out of some G men. Its bloody and rad. There previous conversation about the origins of HJ’s noose probably bares exploration.

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Netflix’s Haunted and Trauma

Two separate episodes feature women who claim possession is the reason they attempted to murder their husbands. They talk about their isolation and difficult childhoods but blame it on paranormal entities. They’re both so disgusted at what those entities made them do. Hearing their stories, can you really blame them for believing a ghost or demon made them do it?The end result of these stories is horror, but not the sort that Haunted intends. I’m not frightened by the monsters, I’m frightened that some network executive thought it was a good idea to exploit these people for a bad T.V. show.

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