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Book Reviews/Movie Reviews/Television Recaps

So here’s the deal. These three categories play an important role with Signal Horizon, and we have developed a loyal audience over three years. If you are interested in writing something from this category I can offer you all the review copies and screeners available and negotiable pay rates. Right now especially in the literary world reviews are necessary and hard to get. Signal Horizon can get you the book if you can get us the review. Movies and television are a little more difficult to get, but we have built a solid reputation in both categories and I would be happy to go get something if you want to contribute. These articles will pay a basic per review rate. If you are looking to write more featured centered content (think explainers, or listcles) rates could/will go up.

Editorial Content

We have a new budget for freelancers and we can pay you in cold hard (paypal or venmo) cash. I want your lists, your deep dives, your explained pieces, your easter eggs, your passion projects, but especially we want your educational/smart takes. We are particularly interested in your political horror takes. At its core Signal Horizon was created to help explore the educational side of horror and science fiction. Bonus points if you are a teacher who is familiar with pedagogy and can speak directly to that. Bottom line, pitch me your ideas. I want to publish them. Send your pitches directly to me at [email protected].