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Meet Our Team

Tyler Unsell
Editor in Chief

In his day job he is a public school teacher and Director of Forensics.  He specializes in speech,debate, and zombies

Tracy Palmer
Television Editor

She is an avid reader and cinephile.  She is either reading, watching or talking about what she just read or watched.  She cut her teeth on old school slasher films but she truly love it all!

Orrin Grey
Monster Ambassador

Orrin Grey is the author of several books about monsters, ghosts, and sometimes the ghosts of monsters. His stories have appeared in dozens of anthologies, including Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year. John Langan once referred to him as "the monster guy," and he never lets anyone forget it.

Carson Winter
Contributing Writer

Carson Winter lives in the Pacific Northwest. He likes monsters, beer, and punk rock. When he's not writing about horror, you can find him talking about music at 

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Scott Kemper
Contributing Writer

A lifelong fan of horror cinema, fiction, and the macabre in general. Scott has spent most of his adult life reading and watching anything he can get his grubby little paws on

Nick McCracken
Contributing Writer

Long time professor at Zombie 101, Nick has used genre fiction in his education and marketing practices for years.  He is excited to join the writing staff at Signal Horizon

Brian Fanelli
Contributing Writer

Brian Fanelli is a poet and educator who also enjoys writing about the horror genre. His work has been published in the LA Times, World Literature Today, Horror Homeroom, and elsewhere. On weekends, he enjoys going to the local drive-in theater with his fiancé, also a horror buff.
Daniel Robichaud
Contributing Writer

Daniel R. Robichaud lives with his wife and daughter in East Texas. He has written for Cinema Knife Fight, Dark Scribe Magazine Shroud magazine, and a host of other markets. His weekly columns on film and fiction appear @ Considering Stories

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Grave Roberts

Grave Roberts has six cats and over a thousand VHS tapes. He spends his days drawing pictures and avoiding hipsters in the greater Kansas City area.

Zach Palmer
Contributing Writer

Being an avid reader and writer he spends most of his time doing either or debating about anything in existence. Additionally horror is the superior genre.

Kati Littleton
Contributing Writer

Kati has an English degree. Uses it.

Has a Netflix account. Uses it.

Is probably using one of them right now, because that’s about all that happens.

Also enjoys eating, and naps.

Evan Mullicane

Evan Mullicane is a science fiction and fantasy writer based out of San Francisco’s Bay Area. He
is also currently a first reader for the science fiction and fantasy magazine, Cosmic Roots and
Eldritch Shores. His first book, “Silver and Superstition” is expected to be released in November
of 2019.