Amazon Studios Orders Season 3 Of Sci-Fi Thriller Hanna

If you haven’t watched Hanna Seasons 1 and 2, you should. Based on the film of the same name Amazon’s Hanna takes the original premise and expands on it in ways you won’t see coming. Season 2 brought new locations to the already intriguing world of Hanna. With an increased number of threats, some just as deadly as herself and a small team of new allies, Hanna is primed for another successful season. This isn’t a simple coming of age drama or a jam-packed spy thriller; it is both and a whole lot of other things. Wildly entertaining, Hanna is a guilty pleasure you don’t have to feel guilty about.

Writer and Executive Producer David Farr have found fresh angles for the titular coming of age thriller that builds on the mythos in unexpected ways. He will continue for Season 3. His writing is very women-centric and explores the inherent dangers in covert operations, overgrown shadow government agencies, and pseudo-scientific experimentation. He writes characters you love and love to hate. His intense focus on characterization allows the violent action and fighting scenes to be that much more impactful.

Esmé Creed-Miles, who plays Hanna, is the perfect mix of delicate vulnerability and savage deadliness. She is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a new era. Frenemy ex-CIA operative Marissa(Mireille Enos) is an intelligent counterpart to Hanna’s physical aggression. They are a one, two punch that is aided by strong support from Season 2 additions Clara(Yasmin Monet Prince), Áine Rose Daly(Sandy), and Jules(Gianna Kiehl), fellow trainees at the secretive facility The Meadows. They are like poisonous flowers, deceptively fragile and frivolous, but ultimately killers. Dermot Mulroney gets to stretch his legs playing uber-bad guy John Carmichael. He is a multifaceted villain with plenty of secrets left to reveal.

Read our full review of Hanna Season 2 here and strap in for a high octane Season 3 coming next year! You can watch both the first and second season on Amazon Prime now.