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Amazon Studio’s Utopia Season 1 Ending Explained- Everything You Missed And Season 2 Clues

Utopia which premiered on Amazon Prime today is scarily prescient, action-packed, filled with heart, and a must-watch this weekend.

If you aren’t watching Utopia Season 1 this weekend, you should be. It is precisely the kind of insanely real and yet totally bonkers story that a pandemic-paranoid world needs right now. It is nothing short of well-timed fire. Season one had so many twists, turns, and reveals before even the halfway mark. By the end, you are questioning who you are. Brilliant writing, performance from an ensemble cast that is captivating, and a final episode that is exactly what a cliffhanger should be delivered a series that will be on everyone’s mind once the last beat of Pussy Riot and Dave Stick’s Bad Apples goes silent. It is that kind of show. Utopia is an escapist fantasy for every child, asthmatic oddball, weirdo, geek, and nerd. Here is everything you need to know about that insane Utopia Season 1 ending and clues about season 2.

Heavy Spoilers Below………

What happened at the end?

Our ragtag team of underdogs managed to actually destroy all the vaccines. In a turn of events just about no one saw coming, a newly brave unathletic weakling, a very sick young woman with a hole in her throat, a bumbling virologist who just discovered his life was Total Recalled, and two kids managed to take down an entire warehouse. Dr. Christie used his mind fuckery to trick Wilson Wilson, who, lets face facts, was primed to believe all Christie’s conspiracy nonsense. Wilson’s fatal flaw was his nerd vanity concerning conspiracies and his belief that humans really are the worst. Wilson had an excellent plan to get Dr. Christie to confess and then kill himself, but it wasn’t feasible, and Dr. Christie knew it. Wilson isn’t capable of violence, and with Jessica gone, there was zero chance he could torture him into a confession.

Our group is splintered and cut off from one another. Almost everyone is in direct danger, and Thomas Christie is preparing for war. Simultaneously, Agent Milner is preparing for a battle of her own. They are on separate sides of the same coin. They both want to exploit Jessica’s blood, and both want to destroy the world but for very different reasons. Arby/John took Jessica Home. She is sick and getting sicker by the moment, having been bitten by one of the diseased rabbits. She has countless viruses on her back that could be dispatched at any time, and Milner intends on using them to “rebirth” the planet. Utopia was scattered to the children on Christie Farm. Jessica’s father was revealed to be alive and locked in the basement, where he is drawing more comics.

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Who is Mr. Rabbit?

Dr. Christie is Mr. Rabbit. He planned to sterilize three generations to guarantee the world(re Earth) could continue. Overpopulation is a significant problem, and he will solve it without having to kill any additional people(beyond the thousands he’s killed already). All of the Earth’s problems can be boiled down to too many selfish people. John Cusack’s(Dr. Christie) speech is chilling, full tinfoil hat-wearing, and maybe just about the most plausibly scary thing we’ve ever heard. Agent Smith told Neo the same thing in The Matrix. We are selfish and major consumers. Mr. Rabbit worked with Milner and Jessica’s father to create his master virus to effectively destroy most of the human race.

Wait, never mind. He isn’t Mr. Rabbit, Agent Milner is. She has many monikers including, Agent Milner, Home, and now Mr. Rabbit. Everyone thought Dr. Christie was Mr. Rabbit after seeing his tattoo, but it was all a red herring. He tried to tell them it didn’t mean what they thought, but they didn’t listen. Dr. Christie was the Llama. In Utopia Season 2, we will probably find out Wilson is Mr. Rabbit. Things are just that fluid in Utopia.

Why does everyone keep doing more than “none evil”?

In Utopia, everything is far from ideal. As Dr. Mike points out, doing evil for good intentions is never a great idea. Dr. Christie wanted to create panic with his virus so the world would rush a vaccine containing a three-decade sterilization property. That would, in effect, deplete the human population by billions. Wilson let Dr. Christie go and lured Becky into the SUV because he wanted to believe he had been right all those years. He was tired of being a nut, and Dr. Christie offered him validation. Dr. Mike wants to find a cure for the fake Stearns virus. Dr. Stearns has always been a little short-sighted when it came to his do-gooderness. He’s been stuck in the basement lab his whole career and wants a shot at the limelight. Agent Milner, AKA Mr. Rabbit/Home, is a monster who wants absolute control.

Where is everyone at the end?

The first thing to know is where are all the major players and who is in danger. Most importantly, Jessica is with and at “Home”. Who she thought was her loving caregiver was a psychopathic killer, perhaps even worse than megalomaniacal Dr. Christie. That takes some doing. The yellow house she thinks of as home is both a place and a person. Jessica has been gassed and is locked inside a small house on Christie Farms, where the rest of the child test subjects live. Arby, who would now like to be referred to as John, took her there thinking he was making her happy and safe. Arby/John doesn’t always understand the nuances of human deception, so this was a major misstep.

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Alice(Farrah MacKenzie) and Ian(Dan Byrd) are on the run, having successfully evaded the police who captured Grant(Javon Walton). Dr. Mike took the egg containing the terrible virus Dr. Christie manufactured, but instead of destroying it, he took it. “Whoever holds the egg holds the power,” says Dr. Mike. Hopefully, he is taking it to manufacture a cure for the fake virus and clear his name. Dr. Christie convinced Wilson to free him and then tricked Becky into the SUV with them. Dr. Christie now has Wilson voluntarily and Becky and wants the rest of the group. He thinks he knows where Jessica went but doesn’t know Home is not on team Christie anymore.

Finally, poor Grant is in police custody, having been set up as a mass murderer of Dr. Christie’s protege and her family. Even though he faces a massive legal battle, he is probably the safest of the group as he is untouchable as long as he is in the police station. Once he goes to juvie, that could change as I’m guessing one of Dr. Christie’s bunny-children have a purpose that lines up with prison snitch or killer.

Jessica and Arby/John are brother and sister?

This is a big one. We don’t know how biologically accurate this statement is, but Arby/John clearly believes his purpose is to help her. His objective is to serve her by delivering her to Milner, who he probably doesn’t realize is the aforementioned bunny, or holding Jessica’s Dad hostage. I’m guessing he also doesn’t know she has the literal plague on her back. He thinks he was making her happy and keeping her safe from Dr. Christie. I am curious how this will shake out in Utopia Season 2. Arby/John is one of the most interesting characters with the most considerable potential for a redemptive arc.

Why did Arby bring Jessica Home?

For one, she asked him to. Secondly, Dr. Christie foreshadows it in the first act when he tells the group as he is duct-taped in the living room; happiness is not the guiding force. He says everyone thinks people are driven by happiness. Instead, he posits, they are driven by curiosity. Arby/John is an atypical person. As a result, he isn’t compelled by curiosity but by the need to give and receive happiness. He did want to help. He kept Jessica and Wilson safe by killing everyone trying to rescue Dr. Christie and has his own beef with Dr. Christie. He, unfortunately, doesn’t realize he is jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Jessica wanted to find out what happened to her as a child. She needs to know the hows, whats, and most importantly, the whys.

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

What was Home?

Dr. Christie delivered the worst and wildest info dump while he was confined in Dr. Mike’s house. His idea of home, or Christie’s farm as it’s publically known, is a home for orphaned/kidnapped/trafficked children. He provides them with a place to grow to experiment on them and develop their unique skills for use as adults. Arby or Raisin Boy(RB), as he was initially dubbed, was one of those children. His purpose was to kill and protect the Christies. This child society is an experiment to see how humans can ever live peacefully. The children who live there are studied like lab rats while being doted on and indulged, assuming they aren’t caged. It’s a weird place.

Home is both a person and a location. It is the worst bastardization of what should be the ultimate safe place. Home should be comforting and loving. Instead, it is just a giant yellow cage run by a devil in disguise. Like Utopia itself, in this reality, home is neither perfect nor peaceful.

What will we see in season 2?

The group managed to avoid one disaster with the destruction of the vaccine, but Jessica is a walking virus, and Dr. Mike has the egg plague in his car. Hopefully, we see Ian and Becky make wedding plans amid a bid to save the world. Jessica looks rough. The world still has no cure for the Stearns virus, and it is spreading like wildfire. Utopia Season 2 should bring the battle to save Jessica’s life, find a cure for the fake virus, and reunite our core group.

It should also bring more of the Christie’s twirling their proverbial mustaches as they try to correct society’s mistakes. I’m sure we will also see a healthy dose of Papa Hyde’s next prophetic comic. Rest assured work has already begun on Season 2, so we can expect to see one-eyed Wilson, sweet but deadly Arby/John, deceptively tough Alice, and the rest of the loveable heroes. Until then, stay alive, Jessica Hyde!