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Amazon’s Night Sky Ending Explained- All Your Season 2 Theories

There’s a lot to unpack in Night Sky ahead of Season 2. Here are all the details and Season 2 theories.

Night Sky
Courtesy of Amazon Studios

There was something so lovely about Amazon Studio’s Night Sky. Coming on the heels of their other sci-fi thriller about existential space and time, it was easy to overlook it. While I loved Outer Range, Night Sky was an entirely different beast. It was whimsical but firmly grounded in reality due to the incredible performances from Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons. Mother-daughter pair Julieta Zylberberg(Stella) and Rocío Hernández(Toni) are also excellent, and the quiet desperation and likability of Chai Hansen’s Jude and Kiah McKirnan’s Denise really grew as the season progresses. The cliffhanger left many questions about the direction of the series and if there would be a Season 2. Here’s everything you need to know, including a few Season 2 theories.

The Fallen World in Night Sky Season 2

Toni and Stella chose life, love, and freedom over death when they refused to kill Jude and the Yorks. Stella has lived her entire life as a Guardian, which she believed to be a divine family calling necessary to protect the secret of the chambers. Stella had been forced to kill potentially numerous people over the years and decided that her daughter would have a different life. Cornelius, who killed Chandra and wanted to kill Jude, Irene, and Franklin, was a monster, and Stella rebelled.

When everyone fought back against Cornelius, they chained him up in the back of their van and drove off to start their new life. Unfortunately, Hannah, who they met at the Nettle Inn when searching for Jude’s father, Gabriel, had other plans. Along with her partner Paul, she ran Stella’s van off the road and took both Cornelius, Stella, and Toni. Hannah then welcomed them all to the “Fallen World.”

Hannah(Sonya Walger) was a Guardian like Stella but chose to stop hunting and killing apostates. She admitted to an affair with Gabriel and knows Cornelius, so one might assume her relationship with Gabriel was more intense than she claimed. Presumably, her love of Gabriel was what changed her mind about being a killer and why she started her new organization. She is secretive and ruthless, as witnessed by her disregard for Toni’s life, but this might be a defense mechanism as she knows firsthand what Guardians are capable of. With a sci-fi mainstay like Sonya Walger(Lost), you know she will play a significant role in Night Sky Season 2. There undoubtedly will be a brewing war between the Guardians and Hannah’s group, with the Yorks, Jude, Byron, and Denise stuck in the middle.

Night Sky
Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Jude and Denise are in Bangkok

After narrowly avoiding death when Stella and Toni refused to kill them, this unlikely pair took the chamber to the coordinates found in the Count of Monte Cristo book Jude found at the Nettle Inn. When the veil lifted, they found themselves in Bangkok at night. The glittering city is electric with activity and lights. Why Gabriel chose this place to hide, we don’t know, but it seems pretty clear he intended for Jude to follow him eventually. However, the bigger question is, does Hannah realize he is in Bangkok? I don’t think she does, and I wonder what she will do when she finds out.

If Hannah left the Guardians for Gabriel, does her agenda align with his now? Did they part ways to keep him safe or because Hannah decided revenge and power were more important than freedom? Perhaps Hannah wants to control all of the chambers herself. The ability to teleport could be extremely useful. Assuming Gabriel and Jude eventually meet up, I predict we find out Hannah is just as bad as Cornelius, and Jude and Denise will find themselves with two groups hunting them.

Byron, Franklin, and Irene are on an alien planet

Franklin donned the second space suit and went in search of Byron, who disappeared days before on the desolate alien planet that their chamber was programmed for. He almost suffocated when his oxygen tank failed, but Irene, who was always the braver of the two, came after him. The planet had an atmosphere and breathable air. They walked a short distance and saw a town surrounded by a large metal structure.

Byron thought he had nothing to live for on Earth, and in Season 2, I predict we will see him thriving on the alien planet. He is a bit of a wild card, but his heart is in the right place. Everyone’s favorite busy body will absolutely be stirring up trouble in this new place, and Franklin and Irene will have to save him. Byron’s wife will also realize she cares for him more than she thought and will make waves believing that the Yorks know more than they are admitting about his disappearance. Expect to see more of police Chief Thomas as well.

In the distance, there are several other structures indicating there is more than one town on this new planet. We don’t know what this planet has to do with the Guardians and Hannah, but considering Jude was found in the same pod the Yorks traveled to, the assumption can be made that he came from one of the towns. It’s possible he accidentally landed there, but in the few flashbacks we have of his time before being found by Irene, it looks like he is on the planet.

In Season 2, we might find out all the apostates are exiled on this planet, and the man Jude killed was a guard tasked with keeping them all there. The town looks quite idyllic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a pretty jail. Does this mean that humans have been living on other planets for a long time? Are there other planets? We will have to wait until Season 2 to find out.

It’s hard to balance character constants, emotionality, and a labyrinth of mystifying puzzles. Almost always, why characters have to do something takes a backseat to what they have to do for the greater good of the plot. They need to do something to further the story, and so they do. This isn’t the case with Night Sky, which instead lets things unfold more organically. Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger that deserves a resolution.

Night Sky was heartwarming and heart-wrenching at the same time, and that made it magical. It hit me especially hard because I’m in that place in my life where I have lived longer with my spouse than I did with my parents. I can’t imagine life without him, even if he sometimes exasperates me. I also have parents in their seventies and know the tick of father time. The many poignant layers in this outstanding series folded neatly together to create an origami masterpiece that was as emotional as it was intriguing. While there is no official word yet on Night Sky Season 2, it seems hard to believe a series with such promise would be relegated to the scrap heap.