American Gods Season 3 Episode 10

American Gods Season 3 Episode 10 Review- Tears Of The Wrath-Bearing Tree

American Gods Season 3 Episode 10 closed out one story while setting up a major set of showdowns that fans have been hoping for in Season 4.

Finally, American Gods delivered on the promise from Season 1. American Gods Season 3 Episode 10 was beautiful, spiritual, and soulful. Everything that was lacking in Season 2 has been forgiven in one glorious episode that gave everything and asked nothing, but we worship at the American Gods’ hands. Now, we are on our knees praying for Season 4, which hasn’t been confirmed by STARZ but is written and waiting. It has taken almost two years between each season, so there is plenty of time to anticipate and hope.

After Laura killed Mr. Wednesday in the last episode, there was nowhere for her to go but with Mr. World and the center of America. Lebanon, Kansas is the true geographic center of the contiguous United States. The least spiritual place on the planet that stands in opposition to The House On The Rock is the US Center Motel. This is the only place where Laura is untouchable. In typical Mr. World fashion, what he failed to mention to Laura when he struck the bargain with her is that Shadow would be the one to avenge Wednesday’s death. Neither she nor Shadow ever had a chance.

Laura has been on a spiritual journey through the entirety of American Gods. It has been a hard-fought battle with herself and the Gods who have toyed with her. It’s not fair that Mr. World pitted her and Shadow against each other one final time. Luckily she is smarter than Mr. World gives her credit for, and she has escaped for now. In Season 4, we undoubtedly will see her again. Watching her and Shadow come to grips with the Gods and what she has done will be interesting.

Shadow must stand vigil for Wednesday. Shadow’s greatest weakness has always been his moral code. He is inherently a good guy. That sense of right and wrong didn’t come from his father. It came from a connection with his mother and his ancestors. Following Wednesday’s death, someone must stand vigil. Shadow demands it is him as the only living son of Odin’s. Standing vigil on the Wrath-Bearing Tree is difficult for a full God; for a demi-God like Shadow, it’s impossible.

Wednesday counted on that, and Shadow’s sacrifice meant Wednesday could be born again, even stronger than before. It is a moving scene as he is consumed by the tree knowing Wednesday betrayed him. His ancestors have come to support him, but it may be too late. Ibis thinks it is, but Bilquis has tapped into something powerful and maybe enough to resurrect him. Strangely, Laura, who has been alive, dead, undead, and alive again, perhaps the one person who can bring him back.

The Old Gods are Team Wednesday because they don’t know any better. Wednesday is willing to betray anyone to gain more power and more disciples. Some of the Old Gods are neutral, while others are gearing up for war. What will happen will everyone learns what Wedneaday has done. Even Ian McShane’s signature charm may not be enough to help him. His human ally Cordelia may be the first to figure it out, and she has a mean streak and a creative mind. It might be interesting to see Cordelia and Laura team up in Season 4. Emily Browning is fantastic playing off anyone, and lovely Ashley Reyes would be a great partner.

Tech boy has reclaimed his power and his life. He is no longer content to be Mr. World’s lackey. Bruce Langley has shown quite a range of emotions in Season 3. He isn’t just the petulant God of tech but has grown into a God of progress and maybe something even more extraordinary. It remains to be seen what form that power will take, but it will be fun to watch.

In American Gods Season 3, Episode 10, Langley’s Tech Boy got the moment he deserved. He found the artifact after escaping the face-hugger device and reprogramming it. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, however. In this case, that Lord is Mr. World, who insists that Tech Boy is integral to his plans. He may be the most powerful of all of the Gods as he is progress and ingenuity while Mr. World is manipulation. Mr. World has the artifact for now, but Tech Boy might not need it to level up.

With everything you see on social media on any given day, Mr. World is probably right. Everything is about how it looks to others. That deception allows even the weakest among us to gain power. Former President Trump is no God, but considering he is starting his own social media app, he has a lot in common with the trickster god. That scarily prescient writing makes American Gods more than just a gorgeous fantasy series, but a terrifying glimpse inside minds that have more power than they deserve.

American Gods has had problems finding its way. Season 1 was fantastic, Season 2 wasn’t just not as good by comparison, but it was missing much of the first Season’s power and voice. Season 3 righted the ship and genuinely deserves a renewal. If for no other reason, we need to see Shadow get justice. The series can’t end with his death. For every ending, there is an end. We’ve seen Shadow’s end, now we are ready to see his beginning as a God. It is unfair and disrespectful to the source material. Bilquis is coming, and I can’t help but think she has all the answers. Find all our American Gods coverage here while we all wait for news on Season 4.

Stray Faith:

  • Peacocks symbolize self-confidence, dignity, and knowledge. They also are known to symbolize divinity, nobility, and guidance. I hope something is watching over Shadow Moon. He needs all the help he can get.
  • The Center of the US- You really can visit this spot; however, beyond an old church, a stone monument, and a motel, there isn’t a lot to see.
  • The tree Shadow must stand vigil on is the World Tree or the Yggdrasil. In Norse Mythology, Odin sat vigil for nine days to find wisdom. Odin’s ravens become his as he takes his place on the tree. They are both a symbol of Shadow taking his father’s place and a portent of his death.