The Lizzie Borden Murder House

Announcing 4 Day Live Stream From The Lizzie Borden Murder House On The Dark Zone

The crew that brought you the live stream from the Conjuring House a few months ago are back. This time they are tackling one of the most famous female killers(allegedly) of all time. The Dark Zone Network successfully captured enough of the creepy atmosphere with their previous event that viewers have been begging for more. They have turned their sights on the Lizzie Borden Murder House. The mysterious case of dear Miss Lizzie, who may have given her father and step-mother forty whacks with an ax in their family home in Fall River, Massachusetts, is a story we can’t get enough of. Who really committed the crime and why is just part of the fun of this live event.

The Lizzie Borden Murder House exists today as a Bed and Breakfast and Museum. For the brave souls who stay there, the spiritual activity is reportedly off the charts. Some of the ghosts are friendly while others are decidedly not so ambivalent about their afterlife existence. Whether it is the grisly crimes that have never been solved or the spiritual eerieness of the house this is a story that has endured for over 120 years. Guests report unwanted hugging and touching of their clothes. Still, others claim to hear whispers and children giggling. It’s enough to make even the most jaded think twice.

Amateur sleuths and criminal investigators have examined the crimes themselves since they were committed. Witnesses claim to have seen Lizzie burning a dress and point to her dislike of her step-mother. Others detail Andrew Borden’s shrewd business practices as motivation for another killer. This event may finally answer the question of who was responsible.

Those of you who tuned into the live stream from the Conjuring House were treated to a surprising bit of virtual fun. Expect more of the same bumps in the night, moving furniture, and general scariness as the crew, including psychic Chris Fleming and Scotland Yard Investigator Colin Taylor, try to solve the murder and capture some of the restless spirits.

The 24 hours a day, four-day-long feed gives the viewers active roles in examining the evidence and solving the crime. The show will present never before seen evidence and provide unprecedented access to the house and all its secrets. There will be seances, Ouija board sessions, as well as paranormal and criminal investigations. Literally, the cameras never stop rolling. The live chat feature encourages everyone to collaborate and investigate the science and the spirits of The Lizzie Borden Murder House. Think Ghost Hunters Live meets Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer. The hybrid event takes the best of several genres and puts the viewer in the driver seat.

The event runs August 28th through August 31st, 2020, and costs $19.99. There will be a free preview on August 27th, 2020, for those who are unsure just how real this will be. Discounted advanced ticket purchases and more information can be found at Discounted tickets are only available until August 16th, 2020, so hurry and snatch yours up today. Supposedly you can bribe some of the ghosts to leave you alone. Consider your price of admission that bribe. You don’t want anything coming through the web at you.

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