Orrin Grey

Did You Put a Tape in That? – VHYes (2019)

If that’s all VHYes had been—a series of slowly-dissolving skits skewering (and celebrating) late-night TV and analog nostalgia—it would still be a crowd-pleasing festival favorite. But its final moments transform it into something more, abruptly pulling tight threads that you hadn’t even noticed it laying down to create a haunting and heartfelt film that will stick with you long after you stop watching—if you ever really do.

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The Grudge

A New Place, A New Start: The Grudge (2020)

The elegant nihilism of the preceding versions—and their predecessors like Ringu/The Ring—is replaced here with something more visceral and grimier. But while those films made the viewer complicit in the spread of their curse, this one just pulls us down in the undertow of its rottenness and leaves us filthy and exhausted—but not haunted.

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