Tyler Unsell


The Fresh Politics of Old VFW

At its core VFW is siege film pitting a group of senior citizens against a group of drugged up pseudo punks. The opening crawl informs us that in the near future the cities have become lawless places of pure violence as the drug HYPE has taken over.

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Your Life Must Really Suck If You Want a Robot Uprising by Sarina Dorie

How much does your life suck if you want robots to render your species into oblivion? It would have to feel like a prison sentence with every waking hour spent providing for a family who doesn’t appreciate all you do to pay the mortgage and buy their iPhones. It would have to suck so much that your evening is filled with grading papers and cooking for your family, while your days are filled with churlish high school students who threaten to punch you because they don’t like your face.

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