Over the Garden Wall

‘Over the Garden Wall’ is Perfect Gateway Horror

If I had to pin down why, I would say it all feels insincere to me.This insincerity makes me appreciate genuinely scary children’s media more. My favorite example is Cartoon Network’s 2014 miniseries, Over the Garden Wall. Though I don’t think most would initially classify the series as horror, it manages to be more unsettling than anything else I’ve seen out of something ostensibly aimed at children.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Top 10 Family Horror Movies For Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving is a time for way too much food, drink, and often family. Whether you host or go to Grandma’s house the results are invariably the same. You walk away full and fuzzy-headed. A day filled with the delicious smells of candied yams, sugared ham, and succulent turkey. Between the “pass the mashed potatoes” there are the inevitable uncomfortable conversations about life choices and politics. To help make your family gathering slightly less unpleasant here are our top ten horrific family movies. If nothing else these terrible family units will make you realize yours isn’t quite so bad.

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