Parasite Movie

Parasite, the Gig Economy, and Neoliberalism

In Boon Joon Ho’s universe it’s the poor who can’t afford to insulate themselves from the cruel happenstance of the natural world. Or perhaps even more sinister, since global warming is man man, its one more way the neoliberal world of capitalism is built on the back of the working poor and not a tool to help people rise out of it. A rising tide lift all ships but if one doesn’t own a ship to begin with that rising tide just floods your basement apartment.

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Movie Review: Automation, A Return to Men In Rubber Suits

Tyler…why so serious? You are absolutely right. This movie is about a killer robot. Auto is essentially B-9 from Lost in Space with an attitude problem. I wanted to watch that movie and I wasn’t disappointed. Automation is not meant to be more than the sum of its parts, not entirely different that Auto. as long as you are content to let either do their job theere won’t be any problems. Check out Automation its well worth a watch. Automation is streaming now and available for blu-ray.

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