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Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 7 It’s The End Of The World- Review And Recap- All The Details And A few Theories

If only life were as easy as hitting Crtl Alt Delete on our biggest errors. Think how much easier everything would be if we could wipe away our darkest moments. As any computer nerd will tell you, though. Things are rarely gone if you know where to look. As things take shape in Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 7, we are getting a clear picture of what happened to Luke and who might have done it. Here are all the essential details and some theories before the Cruel Summer Season 2 finale.

July 31st, 1999

In the aftermath of Luke’s epic birthday party, Megan and Isabella clean up the figurative and literal mess. Megan is embarrassed after her failed kiss with Luke, and Isabella tells her to pretend it never happened until the timing is right for a do-over. Those are wise words as minutes later; Luke appears to help clean up and, at Isabella’s urging, take Megan to the cabin to winterize it. Isabella does seem like the best friend ever, but I wonder if she is as perfect as she seems. As Luke and Megan reminisce, they reflect on their perspectives. One minute someone could be a friend or an enemy, and the next, a love. Is our perspective skewed about everyone?

When Luke and Megan play in the woods, reliving their childhood, he runs into Ned, who scares him but also helps him with his walkie-talkie. This is a gentle side of Ned we haven’t seen before and certainly contrasts with the Ned we see in December of 1999. As Colorblind plays, they finally share their first kiss, and I was left sad. These were innocent kids before whatever happened to them. Have we all been colorblind to who they really are?

The only stray detail in this timeline is a throwaway line about Steve Chambers being a control freak. He seems genuinely broken up about the death of his son, so I can’t imagine he was involved, but I don’t understand why he didn’t look for him in the months after his disappearance. For someone as controlling as Steve, that is bizarre behavior.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 7
CRUEL SUMMER – It’s the End of the World – In winter 1999, tensions are high on Y2K. At the New Year’s Eve party, a not-so-secret conversation changes the lives of the trio forever. In summer 2000, suspicion falls on Ned after some new evidence from summer 1999 comes to light. (Freeform/Ricardo Hubbs) GRIFFIN GLUCK

December 31st, 1999

Megan and Isabella are struggling to stay civil. Isabella doesn’t understand what the thinly veiled animosity is about. She isn’t privy to Luke’s declaration the day before. We know that Luke is lying to protect himself, but we don’t exactly know why. Megan and Luke shop for Y2K party supplies and discuss Isabella. I was surprised that Luke had that level of world-class gaslighting in him. He lies about who kissed whom and doubles down on Isabella being a villain. It’s not enough for him to keep his relationship with Megan, but he also wants to drive a wedge between them. This full shade Isabella campaign feels very short-sighted. Is this a game to him? Is he just a silly teenage boy with more testosterone than sense?

Before we can consider this anymore, Megan is grabbed by Ned, who is offended by her party hat. He is unhinged and aggressive with her. Luke sees she is scared and steps in. He tried to protect her, but things went south pretty quickly because Ned is twice his size and hates the Chambers. That prompts the question of why Ned hates them so much. Does it all stem from the property line dispute?

Luke has to move the party to the cannery if they can get the keys. Steve admonishes Luke for publicly confronting Ned and tells him to be smarter. We learn that the property line lawsuit has cost a fortune for Steve and has been going on for a while. Steve is quick to remind Luke that actions have consequences. Everything has been leading us to this fact. Luke made a terrible mistake and may have lost his life because of it.

Megan is pregnant. It probably felt like the end of the world for her, especially when she overhears Luke hours later bragging about hooking up with her and Isabella. She didn’t want to believe it. He is her oldest friend and boyfriend, but you can’t deny what you hear for yourself. It’s a bad look for Luke, and likely he didn’t really mean he was going to cheat on Megan with Isabella, but it is damaging. Megan apologizes to Isabella for not believing her and then suggest some revenge. We don’t know what that revenge is yet, but it involves the cabin and both girls. Does Megan try to scare Luke with the gun, and it accidentally shoots him in the ear? Is that what she cleans up earlier in the season?

Although we can rule out a Robopocolypse, we can’t rule out anything else. Either girl could have accidentally shot Luke, but that didn’t kill him. He died after being drugged and thrown into the water. He drowned. Are we supposed to believe that Megan and Isabella shot him, drugged him, and got him into a boat where they drowned him? We know Megan liked crime novels and preferred methods of disposing of bodies. This messy crime scene hardly seems like the calculated choices of a brilliant mind. She is a child, though, and maybe panic got the better of her. She did have access to her mother’s pills, so it is plausible.

July 31st, 2000

The party is over for Megan. She is being charged for her fake ID business, and everyone knows about her hacker-for-hire work with Ned. The watermark theft from early in the season is her undoing. A chance encounter with Jeff devastates Megan as she learns he is the one who gave her up. He was caught with a fake ID and made a deal to protect himself by giving them Megan. She is furious, and he is sorry, but everyone is looking out for themselves. She asks Ned for help, but he says nothing can be done. Before the end of Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 7, the school finds out about her crime, and she will lose her scholarship.

Megan warns Ned about Steve’s investigation. Brent, who has suddenly become a decent person, tells Megan to be careful around Ned. He tells her he stole millions of dollars of IP and assaulted his previous boss. Ned is erratic, and I would believe it, but I’m not convinced he is the killer. I’m not entirely convinced there is a killer. We don’t know what happened in the cabin that night yet. It may have been an accident that went very wrong, and Luke accidentally fell into the water and drowned. The girls would be inadvertently responsible if they provided him the pills but innocent of murder.

Before Steve arrives at Ned’s house, Ned says he will look into Steve. He narrowly misses Megan, who runs out the back and straight into Brent. He doesn’t rat her out and encourages his father to leave when things turn ugly. It’s probably not a great idea to confront an unpredictable person holding a gun. Steve promises to be waiting when Ned screws up. However, the biggest takeaway from these two scenes is Megan’s observation of Ned’s cameras. There was a camera pointed at the road leading to his house and Steve’s cabin. The camera has been active since he moved in, so it should have caught everything that happened on New Year’s Eve. If it was recorded and those videos are stored somewhere, there should be evidence of what happened to Luke.

The importance of Counting Crows’ Colorblind in Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 7

Despite REM and Counting Crows telling us we are fine in Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 7, we are anything but. Colorblind may be one of the most beautiful songs ever written, and it perfectly encapsulates the tender possibility of first love and the heartbreaking tragedy of loss. It is looking more and more like Luke’s death was an accident. How much Isabella and Megan know about what really happened is anyone’s guess. We have been offered several possibilities, including Ned, Steve, Brent, Megan, and Isabella. There are also loose ends, like Megan’s biological father, Lisa’s brother and death, and a pregnancy scare. Do either of those things factor in? Is the pregnancy test even Megan’s? Is it possible she found one her mother took?

I freely admit I am struggling to see how all the pieces fit together. One thing I can say for sure. Whatever comes out will be just part of this story. In the closing moments of Cruel Summer Season 2, we will see what was on Ned’s camera, and it will be a shocker, just like realizing Jeanette did know Kate was being held hostage and did nothing. The only question will be who will shock us. Will it be Megan or Isabella? One of them did something they regret. Find all our Cruel Summer coverage here.