Debris Episode 12

Debris Episode 12 A Message From Ground Control Review- Welcome To The Impossibly Unknowable

Bryan and Finola may have just unlocked the secrets of the universe in an incredible Debris Episode 12 that put everyone on Anson Ash’s radar.

Debris which many have fairly compared to creator J.H. Wyman’s other shows Fringe and The X-Files has found its footing. Because of the character stereotypes and alien artifacts, the show looked and sounded like a Fringe reboot. Debris is surprisingly even more complex than Fox’s stellar show, which is saying something considering the conspiracies, parallel universes, and dual personalities. The science-fiction-heavy series is very heartfelt. It is more concerned with evaluating the motives of humanity rather than the danger of extraterrestrials. Debris Episode 12 solidified its positioning somewhere between Arrival and Warehouse 13. Poignant, deeply moving, thoughtful, and full of potential, there is no shortage of storylines.

Something in the Orbital warehouse is trying to assemble itself. Unfortunately for the technicians who work there, the pieces will combine themselves no matter what stands in their way. Those lucky enough not to be shot through from debris are turned into zombies. The technicians’ job is to assist the debris in assembly at any cost. A seam or rip, in reality is sucking debris boxes in and shooting the boxes back out with the debris missing. The dimensional portal has a strong gravitational pull that it uses to produce a Ligari Harmonic resonance rendering anyone who is exposed to it catatonic and violently pulls pieces through.

Finola and Bryan find a large piece of debris in the floor below, and a whole lot of government schematics showing the United States and Orbital have been weaponizing the wreckage. When Finola confronted Maddox about it, he said he is just doing what every other country is doing to make them all safe. George tells her Maddox wanted him dead because all governments are about control and power. Although there is truth to this, glimpses of Maddox’s clandestine activities cast doubt that there isn’t something more personal going on. We should get some answers next week about what Maddox is up to. My money is still on it, having something to do with his son.

Bryan has an undeniable connection with the debris. After the last episode, we know whoever sent the debris wants something from Bryan. Before he could find out what that was, he was pulled back. In Debris Episode 12, he completes the connection when the debris reached out. There is a hopefulness about Bryan after his communication that Jonathan Tucker perfectly captures. Bryan has had a weight to him as if he has seen and done things that forever haunt him. We know some of that is guilt from Afganistan. There is likely even more in his past, but the alien encounter is showing him he can still make a difference. He is a soldier for hope and light now replacing the darkness that has surrounded him. He is a flawed but effective hero.

A nearly euphoric Bryan manages to convince Finola to turn off the blocking devices and let the assembly continue. The hardened military man now is seeing through Finola’s eyes. He tells her to believe in the debris. Have faith it wants to make the world a better place. After the debris finally got all the pieces combined a bright, sphere of light came out of the seam and floated overhead for a moment before flying off to parts unknown. What is the sphere for, and is it really there to save the world? What if Bryan is being manipulated because of his guilt and connection with the device?

Debris Episode 12
DEBRIS — “A Message From Ground Control” Episode: 112 — Pictured: Scroobius Pip as Anson Ash — (Photo by: James Dittiger/NBC)

While all of this is happening, a seriously ripped Anson Ash(Scroobius Pip) escapes using some ingested alien relics and a defibulator. The playful, and at times hilariously villainous Big Bad is a joy to watch. He has a rough moral code and a snarky sensibility that allow him to walk the line between hated bad guy and reluctantly likable. Yes, we know he kills people, but I kind of want to forgive him because he’s just so darn comical. Now that he is back with Influx, the stakes are even higher for George, Finola, and Bryan.

George is continuing to dissect what Influx wants in Debris Episode. Maddox is correct to say George is like a piece of debris. He is enigmatic, wildly powerful, and capable of intense good and evil. He starts to remember things and realizes he needs to find a particular part of the debris, which acts as a map for all the still missing pieces. This genius plot device will literally spell out how much story is left to tell lending a structure and symmetry to the overall arc. By the end of Debris Episode 12, we are even more confused about George. Was he smart to try and hide his location because he is being monitored, or is he working with Influx? Whether it is voluntary or not, Influx knows what George does about the site of the mapping piece.

Debris Episode 12 has cemented the greater story the series is trying to tell. There is an almost endless supply of debris pieces and abilities to go with them. The most exciting thing about the show, however, is the exploration of humanity. This insightful show deserves a second season. With no news yet on whether or not NBC will renew Debris, we will have to wait and hope that this series with a ton of potential gets another shot. Follow all our Debris coverage here.

Scattered Wreckage:

  • George is at Arco Virginia to tap into a substantial defunct radio broadcasting center. Radio transmissions were just beginning to be used for military communication during World War II. What if George is a double agent and used the equipment to notify Influx of his findings?
  • In the after-credits audio, the rescuers say Bryan kept repeating the word “telesphere.” There is not a thing called Telesphere unless you count the shining orb they just witnessed, but there is a telecommunications company called Telesphere.
  • There are some harmonic sounds on the spectrum that can be hazardous to humans. There are noises so high or low they don’t register as sound to you but can still harm your ears. Additionally, there is also the rumored Brown Note South Park so famously references in Season 3 Episode 17. Although the episode is funny, there is little scientific proof that harmonic spectrum noises can control humans.

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