Debris Episode 13

Debris Episode 13 Celestial Body Review- Parallel Universes, John Noble, Finale Theories And What It Means For Season 2

A nonstop thrill ride of surprising reveals and series-changing secrets made Debris Episode 13 the final piece needed to secure a Season 2 renewal.

Debris Episode 13 closed out the first season with a resounding, open-mouthed hell yeah. We were promised something so shocking it would change the way we had viewer everything up until now. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am shocked speechless, I am more than a little intrigued by the direction Debris Season 2 could go. There hasn’t been any word yet on Debris’s renewal, although tonight’s Season 1 finale should have sealed the deal. George and Walter Bishop break bad in a big way, Bryan’s brain may be altered, and there are two Finola’s. Here is everything you need to know about that explosive Season 1 ending.

George is an evil scientist

Bryan is right to worry that George may not be as innocent as he seems. Either he is a sleeper agent programmed to do something to betray them, or worse yet, Finola’s father has known all along that he would have to do something to turn against them. We finally have the answer, and it isn’t good. George isn’t the pure-hearted amnesiac he appeared to be. He is a true believer who thinks that INFLUX is the only answer. He is right that several, if not all, governments want the debris to make weapons, but for some reason, he fails to recognize the danger right in front of him. The problem is power. It doesn’t matter if it is governments or individuals; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

George hasn’t been looking for the map-making piece; he has set up this terrible meet and greet between INFLUX and Finola. He tells Finola he committed suicide so he could be reborn, and everything has been leading to this event. The debris piece he led Bryan and Finola to has been feeding off of the emotional energy of new parents. INFLUX needs the part even if it means the people powering the piece will have brain damage once disconnected. He explains to Finola that the greater good outweighs a few sacrifices. He has knowingly endangered his daughter and seems to want to save her but not at the cost of INFLUX’s end game.

Tyrone Benskin(George Jones) was chilling tonight, displaying the rare ability to be both loving and completely indifferent. His explanation to Finola about throwing her literally into the deep end as a child tells us everything we need to know about the type of parent he was and continues to be. Riann Steele’s Finola matches his intensity with hurt and sadness. She wants to believe her father is a good person, but she is forced to face the truth by the end of Debris Episode 13, when he leaves her and Bryan behind to pick up the pieces.

Debris has been compared fairly to Fringe in the past, and fans likely felt their jaw hit the floor when twenty minutes into the episode, none other than Walter Bishop shows up looking menacing and sporting a drop of blood on his face. You don’t bring a genre God like John Noble, who J.H. Wyman has worked with before in Fringe unless he plays a significant role. By the end of the Debris Episode 13, the uber-terrifying baddie has erased all memories of the gentle addled-minded scientist from Fringe and has stepped into the shoes of a body twisting, Big Bad who is firmly in charge of INFLUX.

INFLUX knows Bryan

We finally know what Bryan has been getting injections for. Along with Garcia and an unknown Chinese scientist, he was exposed to debris at the very beginning of its arrival. They all have been taking injections of something to stave off the influence of that debris. It is likely what allowed him to continue coming for George and the others when he should have fallen to the ground with brain damage. It is probably Orbotal’s equivalent of what Finola was forced to take. Bryan’s connection with the debris is probably what has saved his life. His memories appear intact, but whatever was done to him left him in pain and reeling. The end credits audio transmissions we have heard all season long were from Bryan’s rescue. I wonder what other secrets those transmissions hold?

Debris Episode 13
DEBRIS — “Celestial Body” Episode: 113 — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: James Dittiger/NBC)

Maddox risks it all for his son in Debris Episode 13

We knew Maddox needed the Debris for some larger project. Many, including myself, speculated it had something to do with his son. Maddox has proven time and again that the government man was devoted to those he cared for and those he trusted. It is the reason he got Bryan released from military detention, and it is the reason that guides him to betray everyone and everything to help his child. Very few things could make a reasonable person reject everything they believe, like fear for a loved one.

Until now, not much has helped the brain-damaged child. He has been locked in his mind. It is what was tearing Maddox and his wife apart. They came together this week after Maddox brought the debris piece he got from the Russians’ home. When it was activated next to their son, he spoke. It is only one word, and what it means for his continued progress we don’t know yet, but it proves that the debris can do good, and Maddox is willing to go to any lengths for his kid.

Something out there is coming for George and INFLUX

The figure which is phasing in and out covered by quick-moving objects has to be the person George and the others talk about coming through a portal from another dimension. Why he here and what he wants will have to be answered in Season 2, assuming we get one. We know that INFLUX thinks it triggered the debris, and almost everyone is scared of it. It is almost certainly what George has been trying to protect himself from with the aluminum foil. Maybe another George, another Bryan, or someone unknown knows what the debris could do in the wrong hands and is coming for George.

The light orb, the Native American, and Brill

The most unlikely trio combines for the biggest whopper of the finale. Sebastian Roché‘s Brill has only had a tiny part up until now. The MI-6 agent clearly had a plan all his own, but we had no idea why. Like John Noble, he is genre royalty, so his integral part in the ongoing story should be no surprise. What is, however, is the symbiotic link the Native American and the sphere seem to share. Is it possible the debris is from two different dimensions or ships? One is altruistic while the other is less pure? With all the duality and the sudden reveal of Finola’s other locked in stasis, it raises all kinds of questions about parallel universes, alternate realities, and bizarro worlds.

Debris Episode 13 was everything we could have asked for from a Season 1 finale. The series has rewarded fans for their patience with an unbelievable story arc that allows for so much more growth in seasons to come. NBC has deliberately withheld their decision on Debris Season 2 to enable watchers to enjoy the finale, but likely the audience will make the final decision. Make sure you tweet and share your thoughts across all platforms using #renewdebris and #debris. Judging from the success of this finale, I would be shocked if it isn’t renewed soon. Follow all our Debris coverage here while we wait.

Scattered Wreckage:

  • Emotional Convergence is a real thing. Researchers posit that people who are around each other a great deal over time share similar emotions. Like shared consciousness, it is theorized but not proven yet. Some of the debris feeds off of higher emotions like a psychic vampire. We still don’t know why.
  • George is a nightmare. I’m ready to throw him into the pool without a preserver.
  • Has Bryan lost any of his memories, and what happened to him?
  • Will Maddox’s son continues to improve after prolonged exposure, or will he need new parts to heal his brain permanently?

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