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Drafting Horror Episode 7 The Top 5 Creepiest Kid Movies Ever

Drafting Horror Podcast

Signal Horizon Broadcasting Network is proud to announce a second podcast in the fleet, Drafting Horror.  It’s the place for debating horror in a smart or at least funny way.  Welcome to Episode 7 Top Five Creepiest Kids in Horror Movies Ever.  Every two weeks we will draft a new top five list and then, you the listener gets to decide who was right.  Watch for the poll on our Facebook and Twitter pages to get in on the action.  Vote for each of your top five picks and the best three out of five wins.  The winner gets a beer and the loser has to watch a terrible horror movie.  Every pick will bring you not only plenty of debate but a nifty bit of obscure and cool trivia.  Listen to the podcast and become a fount of ridiculous horror movie information.

In episode 8 we discuss our favorite evil and creepy kids. Listen and we discuss satan’s children, Japanese cats, Tracy’s preference for lurking, and our complete lack of standards.

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Tyler’s Numer 5: The Babadook

Tracy’s Number 5: Case 39

Tyler’s Number 4: Pet Semetary(1989)

Tracy’s Number 4: The Omen

Tyler’s Number 3: Ju-On

Tracy’s Number3: The Orphanage

Tyler’s Number 2: Sinister

Tracy’s Number 2: The Ring

Tyler’s Number 1: Children Of The Corn

Tracy’s Number 1: The Sixth Sense

If Tracy loses she has to watch Little Evil .  Tyler will have to watch Coraline.

Up Next Week: Sci-Fi/Horror