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Drinkaway Camp Sells Out And Adds New Dates And Times

Kansas City’s newest slasher-themed horror pop-up+ event is busy preparing for its opening day, less than two weeks away. Drinkaway Camp, coming to The Big Rip Brewing Company in North Kansas City, Missouri, is a joint venture between Signal Horizon, The Big Rip Brewing Company, and Fishing Lion Theater Company. The one-of-a-kind experience is the evolution of the standard pop-up bar. It has all the best of a good pop-up with craft cocktails, small batch brews, and intricate theming mixed with the interactive fun of a haunted house, escape room, and mystery game. It’s scary, funny, a little naughty, and like nothing you have ever experienced before.

The buzz around Drinkaway Camp is building. So much so that there are already dates and times that are sold out. It’s not even open yet, and many of the dates are full or close to full. The counselors at Drinkaway Camp have decided to keep their doors open clear through Halloween. A special October 30th and October 31st reservation at 7 PM is now available for those who want to keep the spooky season going. In response to the overwhelming, heartwarming, and blood-curdling support, Drinkaway Camp is opening its cabin door wider and adding a late-night showing on Friday the 13th. Come at 11 PM for all the same fun as the regularly scheduled events, plus watch out for the looming presence of someone who may not be all that happy that camp is open again. Bring your friends, pick an archetype, have a drink, and prepare to laugh and cry as you navigate the Killer’s tricks and treats. Or play as the Killer and make everyone fear you. Do you have what it takes to #survivethenight?

More information and tickets can be found here. Dive deep into the world of Camp Blood with the companion Camp Drinkaway podcast and listen as history repeats itself.