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Escape Room Tournament Of Champions Ending Explained- Including The Different Extended Cut

No good deed goes unpunished. In Escape Room Tournament of Champions, Zoey(Taylor Russell) and Ben(Logan Miller) return to try and stop Minos from hurting any more people but find themselves ensnared once more in a nasty web of deception and devilish game rooms. The sequel to 2019’s surprise hit Escape Room featured even more diabolical puzzles, some gruesome kills, and several killer twists. The theatrical and extended cuts were very different despite just eight additional minutes involved, but both featured plenty of twists and turns. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of both versions of Escape Room Tournament of Champions.

What happens at the end?

Only Zoey has survived all the other rooms including electrocution, quicksand growing, and acid rain burning. Every other member of the game died trying to solve one of the rooms and Zoey is beaten down but not giving up.

At the end of the theatrical version of Escape Room Tournament of Champions, Zoey finds a child’s diary. Amanda, who she thought died in the first Escape Room film appears. Zoey is shocked to see her, but Amanda tells her not to believe anyone is dead unless she sees it with her own eyes. Amanda did not fall to her death in the original Escape Room. Instead, she fell onto a mattress and had been recruited by Minos to design the current puzzles that Ben and Zoey had been trying to get out of. Minos kidnapped Amanda’s daughter to force her to comply. All of the rooms were parts of a special day she shared with Sonya. They are all treasured memories that Minos has warped.

Now, Zoey is being recruited to build a new game. It seems Minos coerces players into game makers because they believe they would be best equipped to create challenging and creative puzzles. Zoey thought Ben died in the quicksand at the beach, but he was saved to use as leverage to force Zoey to be next. Amanda warns her that they won’t take no for an answer, and the game is never over.

Zoey manages to “beat” the game and escapes with Ben and Amanda. All three go to a police station and tell them everything they know about the games and Minos. A television news report details finding the four other members of the game dead in a warehouse, and a detective tells Zoey they are hunting down all of the organization’s members. He also gives Zoey back her pocket watch, which the drug addict took from her at the very beginning of the film.

Unfortunately, all the signs were there, and Zoey didn’t realize it. Zoey’s therapist had a lighthouse painting in her office, the book and pin in her office about free will is the same as the ones a passenger on the plane has, and the same alarm tone alerts Zoey to the truth. The therapist was using her sessions to gather intel on Zoey. Minos wanted her back on a plane to finish the game. When the therapist realized the only way for Zoey to feel safe enough to get back on a plane was to make her think Minos was destroyed, the plan was put into action. Additionally, Amanda tried to tell her Minos wouldn’t let her say no. After Ben and Zoey are on a plane headed back home believing they had won the game and destroyed Minos, Zoey is dealt one last cruel twist.

Everything has been designed to lure Zoey onto a plane. She avoided the plane in the original movie, which would have been the final room. The aircraft was really just a space designed to look like a plane. This time it appears she is actually on a plane, though, and it is going down. At this point, Minos doesn’t seem to care if they kill an entire plane’s worth of innocent passengers, or they could all be actors hired to play a part, and no one is in danger but Been and Zoey. In any case, Minos is so large they can control everything from warehouse spaces to entire city departments.

The Extended Cut of Escape Room Tournament Of Champions

The extended cut of Escape Room Tournament of Champions, which can be streamed on Amazon Prime, is significantly different from the theatrical versions currently on Hulu. There are twenty-six new minutes in the director’s cut, but it only extends the film by eight minutes because as much is added is deleted. In addition, Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Amanda, features prominently in the film’s final act, but in this extended version, she is cut entirely. Zoey’s therapist is also missing from this version.

Instead, Claire(Isabelle Fuhrman), Henry(James Fraim), and Sonya open the film, and we see Henry, the game maker arguing with his wife, Sonya, about their daughter Claire. In the final act, Zoey finds Claire locked in a room, and it is revealed she was locked there by her father. Henry killed Sonya in the sauna and forced Claire to make all the puzzles and take credit for it all these years. Finally, she seemingly helps Ben escape from the quicksand and convinces Ben and Zoey she is a victim of Minos herself.

In one final twist, though, Claire admits that she has been masterminding everything and has been evil all along. She killed her mother to avoid going to a doctor for her sociopathic behavior and killed Henry to further her deadly plan. Everything she did was to get Zoey on her side and take over Minos. It is heavily implied she will now take over as the gamemaster of Minos.


Both ending of Escape Room Tournament of Champions leave room for additional sequels. Minos is still very much operational, and Zoey and Ben are caught in a room. Since there is no official word on Escape Room 3, there is no way of knowing which direction any sequel would take. Escape Room Tournament of Champions did not do well in the box office, but it has seen a small bump in views when it went to streamers. You can view the theatric version on Hulu and the extended cut on Amazon Prime.