Survive The Attic

Everything You Need To Know About The Servant Interactive Game Survive The Attic

Servant wants to control your every waking moment with the new app Survive The Attic, designed to make us obsess even more than we already are.

Apple TV+ just launched a new app for those who can’t get enough of the creepy, bizarre, and often hilarious Servant. For those in the know, Servant is executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan and created by Tony Basgallop. It is meticulously written and shot, and the cast of Toby Kebbell(Sean), Lauren Ambrose(Dorothy), Rupert Grint(Julian), and Nell Tiger Free(Leanne) is easily the best ensemble on television right now. Now they have given us something new to sink our teeth into. Survive the Attic; an interactive game that fills that gap between new episodes and the post-episode deep dive. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Survive The Attic?

Survive the Attic consists of a series of 10 puzzles, each with a 60 second time limit. While it starts out simple, the challenge increases the further you go. Each puzzle is based on show elements & mysteries in Servant, both seasons one and two. The entire experience leans into the sophisticated horror of the show, with surprises at every turn. Survive the Attic is filled with easter eggs for fans of Servant—letting fans explore the show’s plot points and hidden details in an interactive experience. Fun for Servant fans, but also fun for fans of gaming, and bringing entirely new audiences into the world of the show.

Who is the app for?

The app which is designed to be played on your phone is intended as both a stand-alone game and a companion piece to the series which is nearing its Season 2 finale with another in the works. Servant is the type of show that can be watched a thousand times and you catch a new detail every time. It is a Reddit dream. The app is no different. The games start easy with small clips that follow full of easter eggs and important scenes.

The back half of the ten games are harder and require a little more concentration. If you fail, you start completely over. The addictive games are quick and fairly straightforward even if how to solve them isn’t. Even after you solve all the levels, there is merit in revisiting all the clues. Key information is included in the phrases before the games and in the clips that directly follow. Play the games and watch the clues. You never know what you may find.

Where can I get the app?


Don’t forget to catch new episodes of Servant each Friday on Apple Tv+ and you can find all our Servant coverage including theories and clues here. Many of the answers you need to complete the game are in the coverage. Happy hunting!