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Evil-Euler Triangles And Did Kristen Kill LeRoux And Is She Now Evil?

An incredible season of twists and turns ended with one final surprise. Friends might be enemies and not everyone is as good as we thought.

Evil’s first season ended last night on a shocking note. Everything has been building towards a showdown. With one final twist of the rosary, all the major players are in flux and everything we thought we knew could be wrong. Here are the biggest questions after last night’s Book 27.

What is an Euler Triangle?

Named after eighteenth-century Swiss mathematician and physicist Leonhard Euler who discovered several important things in a wide variety of mathematic fields. Euclidian Geometry which every high school student is familiar was named after his discovery. Calculus, topography, and engineering all can attribute principles in their field to name just a few accomplishments. He was a devout man of God who created a formula called the Euler Identity that some believe proved the existence of God.

For the none math people out there Euler Triangles can be a little confusing to understand. It is sometimes also called a spherical triangle. When a triangle is overlayed a sphere the nine points that comprise these triangles intersect at three specific vertices or points. Those points then make up the Euler Triangle and the three points the Euler points. Basically it gives two formulas that decribe how to move within a circle.

The Euler triangle of a triangle is the triangle whose vertices are the midpoints of the segments joining the orthocenterwith the respective vertices. The vertices of the triangle are known as the Euler points, and lie on the nine-point circle. The Euler triangle is congruent and homothetic to the medial triangle and perspective to the orthic triangle,

Kimberling 1998, p. 158

Triangle themselves are not thought to be evil as they are necessary for all architecture and building. Churchs are dependent on that to be constructed so the triangle is not evil, just those who use it. There are numbers that are called evil in number theory, however. Those include all non-negative integers that has an even number of 1’s in its binary expansion. The first of those numbers include 0,3,5,6,9,10,12,15. In computer science, no evil numbers have even parity. Considering triangles are made up of three points and Euler triangles of nine that is curious. In biblical terms, the number nine is considered evil because it is an inverted 6.

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Is Kristen evil?

Prior to last night’s finale, this would have been an unequivocal “no way”. All bets are off now. If Ben’s conclusion that the fertility clinic infects the women’s wombs with evil, not necessary the child within is correct than Kristen’s reveal last night is a turning point. She used that same clinic to get pregnant with Lexis. Lexis is also the same little girl that opened the door for the demon and was found later on the floor of their home by Kristen. She is also the same daughter with blood on her mouth at the beginning of the episode and the one Grandma Sheryl gave so much super-duper advice to.

Lexis means defender in Greek which is very interesting considering what we now know. With all of the evil influences swirling, Team God needs all the help it can get. The sociopathic boy Eric from Episode 4 Rose390 did not start evil he became evil. The exorcism was not successful because they are immune to it through the invitro procedure somehow. If that is true, an entire army of sleeper evil kid agents is waiting to be activated.

David saw Kristen in a field with the same demon that knocked on her door and was counseling Leland in the final moments of the finale. It is in reference to Mathew 13 page 25. This parable implores the reader to pay attention to everything for evil will seep in when you rest. Wheat represents children in this story. A fertility clinic that can literally sow the seeds of evil throughout the world is a terrifying tool for the Devil. The slaughter of the innocents would be the killing of innocent siblings by the activated evil kids or it could be a much larger project like a mass shooting.

Jesus put before them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. But while everyone was asleep, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and slipped away. When the wheat sprouted and bore grain, then the weeds also appeared.…

Berean Study Bible

The Kings who created the show certainly want us to believe Kristen killed Orson LeRoux. The conspicuous blood on her leg Ben sees and the burnt hand are big red flags. As with all things Evil, this will turn out to be just as red herring(pun intended). She may know what happened to LeRoux but she absolutely did not beat him to death. Her cop gal pal Mira Byrd may be involved. Kristen Connolly who plays Mira is too well known an actress to not see a larger role next season. She is practically genre royalty with her turn in Cabin in the Woods, The Happening, and the criminally underrated The Whispers.

The second season of Evil was announced months ago and the puzzle mystery is far from solved. There are so many clues, theories, and threads to follow there will be plenty of things to keep us busy until the best new genre show on television comes back next Fall. Until next year we will just have to speculate and obsess on all things Evil and good.

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