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Evil Season 3 Episode 1 Review- The Demon Of Death Explained- Do Souls Or Demons Have Weight?

The weight of the world is on our team’s shoulders. Evil Season 3 will force them to confront some weighty issues. For example, what it means to be good or bad, and who you can trust will be explored. Evil Season 3 Episode 1 establishes that everything we thought we knew might be wrong.

Evil Season 3 Episode 1
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David and Kristen are struggling with guilt. Their mutual attraction is a serious problem, especially because David took his vows last season and their steamy kiss was hot. Additionally, Kristen’s self-destructive behavior in the aftermath of killing Orson LeRoux was dangerous. Her confession may clear her conscience but doesn’t absolve her soul. Ben is also dealing with his disastrous affair with Vanessa and the succubus in Season 2. He has somewhat left both of those things behind, but it isn’t over for him. As the science guy on the team, he is frustrated by what he can’t define or prove, which only worsens.

Dastardly, Leland continues to be a thorn in Kristen’s side. He is approaching Lexis at school, but the girls are older and wiser now, and he finds them harder to fool. When Kristen discovers he has been talking to Lexis behind her back, she seeks a restraining order that requires him to take a step back from the team and her daughter at least temporarily. Watching Michael Emerson(Leland) and Katja Herbers(Kristen) square off is a guilty pleasure.

Leland may think he has the upper hand, but Kristen and her daughters may be more than he can handle. His ridiculously obvious game attempt to influence Lexis backfires on him. Leland is conniving, but anyone with a daughter can attest that they can be even smarter and more manipulative. When the sisters work together, they frustrate his attempts, and he has to shift gears. Leland is unpredictable, though, so it’s inevitable he already has another scheme planned.

The tale of two Kristens has begun. There’s the brilliant, capable Kristin, who is logical and cautious but haunted by emotions and feelings she can’t act on, and then there is the forked tongue temptress. Poor David is caught between the two of them. I wonder what happens when Kristen becomes aware of the demon posing as her? Once David confirms Kristen did not come back into his bedroom, he knows a demon is running around wearing Kristen’s face. As with Ben and Kristen’s demons, there is also the question of whether she exists at all. Is it all in David’s head? It isn’t likely, and in any case, it will create problems in the group.

The case du jour is weighing the soul at the point of death. Dr. Swan thinks she has a scale that can prove that our soul has mass once and for all. She is expanding on a study performed over one hundred years ago. In 1907 Duncan MacDougall created a bed with sensitive beam scales and convinced several terminally ill patients to lie in the bed near their deaths. He meticulously recorded their time of death and weight fluctuations.

Dr. MacDougall concluded that each patient at their time of death lost 21 grams of weight. The medical community was not as convinced by his study, and there was considerable pushback. In 1911 he took his experiment a step further and claimed to have photographed the soul leaving the body. In a series of photos, he pointed to a light hovering near the person’s head and said that was the soul leaving the body.

Dr. Swan has used his experiments as a jumping-off point and created a machine that calibrates everything, including gasses, temperature, and fluid at the time of death. Princess Bride’s Wallace Shawn joins the cast as a priest with terminal cancer who has agreed to participate in the experiment. But, before he does, David hears his confession, and he admits to never feeling God’s love. He further says he worries his life’s work was meaningless and, echoing David’s own struggles, has lust in his heart.

When he dies, the scale weighs him as 24 grams lighter just before a power surge that brings him back from the dead. Not only is he lighter in weight, but in spirit as well, and he seems to be cured. Surprisingly, when the experiment was repeated with a nun, another power surge rocked the building, but this time the patient now weighs 36 grams heavier and has the same cancer that Father Ignacious had. Although Ben is ever skeptical, it appears that Father Ignacious bore the weight of a demon his whole life, and when he temporarily died, he shed the demon only to have it possess the nun at the point of her death. Evil Season 3 Episode 1 seems to be making the case that demons or true evil have a physical form. In any case, he is leaving the parish after he kissed the Monsignor.

Evil Season 3 Episode 1
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Meanwhile, at home, Kristen has some significant complications to deal with. Her husband says he is permanently home and selling the business. He and Sheryl are not on the best of terms. She thinks he is a deadbeat dad and husband and a drain on Kristen. Sheryl has disdain for most men after being abused and discarded by Kristen’s father and Leland last season.

In Evil Season 3 Episode 1, she is fighting back. Andy wants her gone, and Kristen had to overlook a lot to have someone care for the girls in the past. Now that Andy is back, she can ask her to leave. Let’s hope Sheryl takes her demon with her. Kristen has enough problems to contend with. The jar with the shrunken head of her mentor that Andy flushed may be a big problem though. The head emitted a sound just before it went down the pipe.

Evil Season 3 Episode 1 raises questions about whether the soul or a demon has mass. Maybe everything that afflicts us is caused by demons and the Devil? Kristen has a mostly human monster plaguing her in Leland, a demon named George that disturbs her sleep, her evil worshipping mother, and a doppelganger running amok. Ben has his succubus, and David has the Kristen lookalike. Is the forked tongue demon seducing him Ifrit, the demon who possessed Kristen in Season 2? David might also have an angel watching over him or judging his actions, depending on your point of view.

Sister Gertrude, the nun who died in the experiment earlier, is now watching him. If David’s theory is correct, the demon who possessed Ignacious and now Gertrude is watching over him. Sister Andrea seems to think David is one of only a few people who can see them. She also has some stringent ideas on who gets to go to Heaven, which are a little troubling given everything we know about our group.

For now, Kristen is working on her figurative and literal house. They are adding a bedroom and bathroom, and she will normalize her relationship with David. She is hoping by taking Kurt’s advice, Andy and David can become friends, and there will be no weird feelings among them. Good luck!

As much as things change, others stay the same. Kristen, David, and Ben are a tight unit, even if there are new wrinkles in their relationship. Sheryl is a wild card who loves her family but has a funny way of showing it sometimes, and Leland continues to meddle. We will have to watch how it will all shake out. Find all our Evil coverage here.