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Fate: The Winx Saga Season 1 Ending Explained- Beatrix, Rosalind, And Bloom

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 1 delivered on an exciting promise with an epic finale and more than a few loose threads to pull for seasons to come.

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 1 was a surprisingly good time. It is an addictive pleasure that was much more than I expected. Heavily nuanced and thoroughly enjoyable, Netflix’s reboot of the Italian cartoon The Winx Club was a quick thrill ride I’m ready to take again. Throughout the course of the exciting first season, our teen heroes have been pushed around, manipulated, scared, and shoved into harrowing situations. Winx The Fate Saga Season 1 had one final twist in store for us. The finale ended with a whopper of a surprise setting up an exciting Season 2 premise. Here is everything you need to know about the entertaining Season 1 finale and a possible Season 2 gambit.

Who are the Burned Ones in Fate: The Winx Saga Season 1?

The monsters who were attacking the students and the specialists at Alfea are called the Burned Ones. They are humans who turned into the monsters we see in Fate’s first season: The Winx Saga. Rosalind convinced Head Mistress Dowling and Specialist Silva, who were much younger than they could use magic against the village where the Burned Ones came from without killing all the innocents. She was lying but felt that loss of innocent life did not matter as much as killing all the Burned Ones. At the end of Fate: The Winx Saga, Bloom harnessing the Dragon Flame destroyed all of them, attacking the school.

Fate: The Winx Saga
Fate: The Winx Club Saga Season 1. Sadie Soverall as Beatrix in Fate: The Winx Club Saga Season 1. Cr. Jonathan Hession/NETFLIX © 2020

Is Beatrix bad?

That’s a tricky one. She is definitely on the wrong side of things thematically. It is more complicated than that, though. She is working with Sky’s father(who is not dead) and Rosalind, who honestly believes they are in the right. Killing innocent people usually does not put one in the good guy camp, however, so it’s tough to justify. Beatrix’s main problem is her values, and her life view has been altered by facts and events that aren’t exactly trustworthy. Sky’s father Andreas practically raised her, and he firmly believes the ends justify the means. Probably this is because Rosalind is a force to be reckoned with that can gaslight like nobody’s business.

You get the impression, though, that Andreas has always had a dark streak, and it didn’t take much convincing. Beatrix is on the wrong side of things, but she is as much a victim as everyone else. Her Dad is a sicko and raised her to be too. Rosalind ordered everything she did to trick Bloom into releasing her and Rosalind. Beatrix also managed to recruit Riven and Dane, maybe. We will have to wait until Season 2 to find out for sure.

The live-action version of Beatrix is an amalgamation of three of the characters from the cartoon called Trix. They were all powerful witches who are named Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. Netflix’s Beatrix is much more nuanced as she is a student and has been influenced. She is a sympathetic antagonist who could develop into an intriguing character with tons of redemptive character arcs later.

Who killed Bloom’s parents?

According to Rosalind, Bloom was stolen by a group of ancient witches and placed in Astradelle(where the burned ones came from). Before Rosalind and the other fairies zapped Astradelle to a crisp, Rosalind spirited her away and gave her to Bloom’s adoptive parents so they could hide her and keep her safe. They were not aware of Bloom’s powers or her biological parents. Bloom’s birth parents aren’t necessarily dead. Rosalind and Dowling both said they would help Bloom find her biological parents. Dowling offers to help because she feels Bloom deserves a chance to get answers, while Rosalind probably only used that information to get Bloom to cooperate. I wouldn’t be shocked to find out Rosalind killed Bloom’s parents for some yet undetermined reason. For now, her adoptive parents are safe and know she is a fairy, and her biological parents are missing.

What makes Bloom so special?

Bloom is a mega-powerful fire fairy and also a changeling. A changeling is a fairy who was raised in the human world by human parents. She possesses the dragon fire or dragon flame. At the end of Fate: The Winx Saga, she sprouted wings made of fire and zapped all the Burned Ones who were attacking Alfea. It was revealed to all be a ruse designed by Rosalind to test Bloom’s abilities in the hopes of unlocking the dragon fire. If all the students and teachers died in the process, then so be it.

Luckily, Bloom did level up, and she saved everyone. Rosalind believes the coming war requires a weapon of mass destruction even if almost everyone and everything is destroyed in the process. The Burned Ones are after Bloom because she possesses the dragon flame. They are drawn to her immense power and want to control it for themselves.

Who is Rosalind?

Rosalind is Head Mistress Dowling’s former mentor and teacher at Alfea. She is a supremely smart and strong fairy that is skilled in persuasion, spycraft, and manipulation. Rosalind is a big picture thinker that is always plotting moves way beyond everyone else. She is playing master-level chess while everyone else doesn’t even know games have been invented yet. Her philosophy on life in general is it is all expendable in the pursuit of the greater world good. That good in her eyes is the destruction of all things magical that are not fairies. Rosalind thinks nothing matters but winning the war. It does not matter who lives or dies as long as she wins the coming battle. She is the primary antagonist of Fate: The Winx Saga Season 1, but she isn’t totally wrong. Something is coming for the fairies, and her single-minded resolve might prove necessary.

What happens at the end of Fate: The Winx Saga Season 1?

Bloom channeled her ability, grew a pair of flaming fairy wings, and killed all the Burned Ones saving the school. Musa took on Sam’s pain allowing Terra and her father to help him. Silva admitted he killed Sky’s father attempting to save Astradelle from being destroyed by the fairies at Rosalind’s urging. Bloom and Dowling bond because Bloom finally realizes everything Dowling did was to protect Bloom. Headmistress Dowling also is ready to admit that she should have been honest about everything from the beginning. Duh!

Bloom goes home to tell her parents what she really is. Dowling councils that hearing the truth isn’t always easy. The talk with her parents goes well, and her parents accept her, fire hands and all. Finally, the roommates all bond and become close friends. Dowling’s words come back to haunt the final scene; however, the school’s fate is now in jeopardy. Be careful what you wish for. Now that the truth is out, Rosalind will make it hard for everyone to pick any side but hers.

Sky’s father Andreas returned with Rosalind and the Solarians to arrest Silva for his attempted murder. Silva did not kill Andreas as he thought. Silva explained to Sky that he had to kill his father because he was working with Rosalind to ensure the destruction of Astradelle. When Silva found out, he asked Andreas to rethink his loyalties, but he refused, so Silva fought with him, defeated him, and then rushed back to stop the fairies from burning up the village. Rosalind needed a father figure to raise Beatrix, so she saved him. Ever since, everyone has been keeping secrets. That was until Bloom released Rosalind in this carefully crafted long term plan.

Stella’s mother, the rigid Queen of the fairies, thinks Dowling has not prepared her daughter correctly and, as a result, decides to back Rosalind. She supports the removal of Dowling and the placement of Rosalind as the new Head Mistress. When Dowling tries to question Rosalind, the HBIC kills her, and she is instantly absorbed into the ground. She said everyone would believe her story, and no one would look for her. As the girls arrive back at school after visiting Bloom’s family, they discover Dowling and Silva are gone, and in their place are Andreas and Rosalind.

Knowing what we know about Andreas, Rosalind, and the Fairy Queen, this is not good news for our young fairies. Hopefully, Netflix will give this series with a huge potential fan base a second season pick up.

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