Fear Street Part 3

Fear Street Part 3 1666 Ending Explained- All The Details You Might Have Missed In Sherrif Goode’s House And Who Took The Book

The Fear Street Trilogy concluded with Fear Street Part 3 1666, and it was all the campy fun we could have hoped for. The wildly successful film series based on R. L. Stine’s books actually delivered the goods, or should I say Goodes? All three movies shared the same general tone while existing in completely different times with different types of killers. The twisty ending and post-credits scene of the finale leave little doubt; Netflix is leaving the door open for future installments of the witchy tale. Here’s everything you need to know about that wild ending and what it means for future stories.

The Ending of Fear Street Part 3 1666

As predicted, the handsome Sherrif Goode wasn’t all that. Isn’t that always the way? Of course, Sarah wasn’t evil. It was a toxic, entitled white guy all along. Sarah was never a witch. When Deena reunited Sarah’s hand with her body in the Shadyside Mall, she flashed into Sarah’s body in 1666. There she witnessed exactly what happened to her. Mirroring Sam and Deena’s love affair, Sarah and Hannah Miller were beginning to explore their love when tragedy shook the village, and they turned on Sarah. Sarah was a bit of an oddball in the village, to begin with, having never been married and raised by her father. When Sarah and Hannah went into Widow Mary’s house looking for magic berries, they found the demon worship book that the Goode’s eventually use to curse Shadyside.

Solomon Goode was the first to use the book to strike a deal with the devil. Just like Sherrif Goode, he appeared to be friendly and kind but was really a power-hungry tool. He stole the book from Widow Mary and killed her the same night Hannah and Sarah stole her berries. Later, when Hannah’s father went berserk and killed a ton of kids in his church in addition to stabbing his own eyes out, the town blamed Hannah and Sarah, who had previously been accused of laying with the devil when Mad Thomas caught them kissing.

Pastor Miller was the first victim of the Goodes. He was the original series killer turned by the Goode’s deal with the devil. Since that time, the eldest Goode boy continued the curse, creating serial killers by saying their name and inscribing it on the stone. The person whose name was called would become possessed by the devil and go on a killing spree. In exchange for those deaths, Sunnyvale would be bountiful, and Shadyside would suck. The Goode’s, in particular, would succeed. Nick was Sherrif, and his brother was the Mayor. Since Solomon’s house was on the outskirts of Union, his section became the prosperous Sunnyvale, and the village proper became the blighted Shadyside.

Sarah thought she could trust Solomon, but she found the demon book and his alter below his house and realized he was evil. He chased her down and cut off her hand. Just when Sarah thought she had escaped, he caught up with her, and Sarah sacrificed herself to save Hannah by taking all the blame. She claimed to be a witch and said she spelled Hannah. Just before she was hanged, she cursed Solomon Goode. She wasn’t a witch, but she had enough rage to create the longest of all gambits that finally pays off in 1994. Her curse was that anyone who touched her bones would get glimpses of what happened to her. Eventually, someone would come along who would get enough information to know the truth and hopefully take the Goode’s down.

The serial killers who kept coming back to life were part of Sherrif Goode’s curse, not Sarah’s. He or the Devil resurrected them and sent them to keep his family secret going by killing anyone who might figure out the truth. Sarah’s friends moved her body and left the note to ensure that her bones wouldn’t be desecrated. It was not something Sarah did to prevent her hand from rejoining her body and removing any curse she placed on the town.

At the end of Fear Street Part 3 1666 or Fear Street 1994 Part Two as it was also referred to, Deena manages to kill Sherrif Goode by stabbing him in the eye, and all of the serial killers in the mall fell to the ground in a pile of dust. The symbols carved into the ground smooth away, and the names written in stone disappear. As she left the same underground lair we saw in Fear Street Part Two 1978 and earlier below Solomon’s house, she emerged with Sam, who was no longer possessed, into Sherrif Goode’s house.

The devils in Sherrif Goode’s design details

First of all, the house is pretty spectacular. In terms of decorating style, it is gorgeous until you realize there are a lot of dead goats. In the first room they go through; there are two different white goat heads mounted on the walls. Additionally, there is a brown one mounted in the hallway and two more in the living room. One is stuffed, and the other is a marble statue on the center stable. Finally, in the right corner of the room, a white demonic figure can be seen. While the home is beautiful at first blush, even a cursory second look would give someone pause. Did the Sherrif never entertain? Maybe all of Sunnyvale was aware of what was going on and chose to stay silent and enjoy the fruits of his labor?

Hanging over the fireplace is a picture of the family tree listing every Goode since 1666. After the girls leave the house, the Sherrif’s neighbor gets hit by a truck, and a news report is shown calling the Sherrif a series killer. However, the reporter says the family denies knowledge of his evilness. Considering the iconography in the house and the robust family tree, this is virtually impossible. Either way, there’s seems to be a whole lot of bad luck coming their way. Karma is a bitch.

What the after-credits scene means for Fear Street Part 4

When all was said and done and Deena and Josh returned home, things appear to be better. Sunnyvale looked like their luck was running out, and our Shadysiders would finally get a chance to shine. Ziggy returned Nurse Mary’s book to her, and Josh meets his Queen of Air and Darkness. Deena and Sam are back together and better than ever. The camera pulls back, and the girls are kissing in the middle of the same red moss that covered the gross stone and organ thing in the Goode’s lair. The moss has grown. Is that indication that Sarah is at peace? However, all of that is in question as a mid-credits scene showed the book wasn’t completely destroyed, and the curse may still live again. So the big question is who took the book and why?

The biggest contenders in Fear Street Part 3 are Nurse Mary, who looks shell-shocked when Ziggy arrived to bring her back the journal. You never recover from the loss of a child, and likely Mary never closed the book on the mystery. Considering how close she was to figuring it all out, I wonder how she will respond to the news? Could she resurrect the curse in exchange for her daughter’s return?

A second option would, of course, be the remaining Goode’s. Nick had a brother who was Mayor. Could he slide in and take over the family business now that he is the eldest? The hands that grab the book look like younger hands, so more likely, this would be a young member of the Goode family. It is also very possible Deena or Sam went back for the book to ensure it never falls into anyone else’s hands. If that’s the case, unless they completely forget everything that happened in the first two movies, there won’t be a fourth installment.

Finally, we are left with one final lingering question. We know from Fear Street Part 2 1978 that Nick saved Ziggy. She was supposed to be another victim of Tommy. How was he able to save her, and didn’t that anger the demons? Is it possible Nick used some supernatural demonic ability to save Ziggy, and does that mean she could become evil at some point down the road? Might she be the book taker? Maybe that’s the direction Fear Street Part 4 could take? I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Gillian Jacobs again. Fear Street Part 3 1666 is streaming on Netflix right now. Find all our Fear Street coverage here.