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From Season 2 Episode 3 Explained- All The Best Theories About The Kids, Sara, Elgin, And Where Everyone Really Is

Another seemingly uneventful episode that relies heavily on the gravitas of Harold Perrineau and Chloe Van Lanschoot to propel the story. In the aftermath of the last episode, the survivors are reeling. From Season 2 Episode 3 establishes that conflict is a way of life in this stuck place. The best way to stay alive, find happiness, and get home are all daily catalysts under the best circumstances. A day after the new arrivals watched as most of their fellow travelers were gruesomely killed by human-looking monsters, they can’t begin to understand they are struggling. Donna is trying to keep the peace and maintain order, but fear has a nasty habit of making that difficult. The bus people may not be great for the town dynamic, but they will be entertaining to watch.

The biggest questions have yet to be answered. Even small questions are left dangling as even more unsolved mysteries pop up. Three episodes into Season 2, and we are just as in the dark as those stuck in the town. So here are all the best theories about Sara, the kids Tabitha sees, Brian Kelly, and the town.

Where has Sara been?

Finally, in the closing moments of From Season 2 Episode 3, Sara makes an appearance. She is in Kenny’s basement. How she got there and how long she has been there, we don’t know. We also don’t know if she went into a Faraway Tree to escape when Boyd did. So it begs the question, how did she survive? But, on the other hand, if she went into a tree and ended up in the lighthouse or another chamber like Boyd’s, she may have some of the answers everyone has been craving.

Why did Kelly start screaming?

Poor, impaled Kelly watched as her boyfriend Brian was killed. Curiously his body has not been found, though. Has he been turned into a monster? What if the things worse than the monsters that Martin alluded to were what hurt her and Brian? In any case, she was relatively calm for a woman with a piece of rebar through her brain connecting her to a tree. When Kenny and Ellis found her and brought in Kristi, it became apparent there was no saving her. Just before they were going to remove the rebar and let her die, she became very agitated and started screaming. Before this, she had remained calm. She wanted to leave a goodbye message for her loved ones. She knew what was about to happen but was fine until seconds before Boyd arrived.

He said he heard her screaming and came to investigate. What if there was more to it, and she sensed his presence before he arrived? We know Boyd has a connection with Brian and Kelly because their names combine to make the name of the young man Boyd held in his arms while he died in Iraq. That is too big a coincidence to be overlooked. This leads to a theory about how this town works.

From Season 2 Episode 3
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The town in From

All sorts of things come back to people in From. Bracelets, ventriloquist dummies, and now people. Initially, there was a theory that Victor was causing all of this, but many of the returned items are things he could not have known about. If the town communicates with everyone in it, more of the things would be Victor’s because he has been there the longest. The more people who arrive, the more details are filled out. Boyd’s traumatic Iraqi story is an example.

He never told this story to anyone. He did, however, recently get infected with the blood worms. Every person who has them acts like an antenna to the hive mind without knowing it. Some things are distorted or warped because the memory is intense and clouded by emotion. The wires that don’t connect to anything yet still run electricity represent what should be there. They work because they need to. Those sensitive, like Sarah and Tabitha, don’t need worms, although Sarah also has them.

So many of the people have had nightmares about this place, and some of those nightmares have come true. Elgin has been dreaming of this since he was young. He knew about the lake, and he knew the town was a bad place because he dreamed about it. Ethan refers to this lake as the Lake of Tears and says it is vital to the quest. Sarah also is on a deeper wavelength with the town. Boyd’s wife Abbey was convinced nothing was real there, and they needed to wake up by dying. We know from Fatima a previous townie named Nadia believed the town was talking to them all, but some were better at listening than others.

Something there is tapping into their collective trauma and spitting out what they need to survive, like electricity, water, and food. They are kept alive long enough to study and potentially torture. What if the ones that can’t communicate as well with the town cause glitches like two people named Brian and Kelly instead of a single person? Are they all part of a military experiment and jacked into a collective simulation or consciousness? If so, why and how were they selected?

The Lake Of Tears and the Brundles

Ethan’s Lake Of Tears and Elgin’s The Brundles are the same place, which is bad. Ethan says it is important to the quest, but Elgin is apprehensive. His nightmares were terrible, and I don’t feel confident it will be anything other than where Elgin dies before the end of the season. It could also be where Jasmine and Ellis choose to have their wedding, and all Hell breaks loose. Jasmine indicated they have swam there before, so it’s not a portal home. Water is often represented as consciousness. The lake could symbolize everyone’s full memory coming back or waking up. This would support its all a dream or coma theory.

The Boy In White and Tabithas’s Kids in From Season 2 Episode 3

Both of these apparitions are not monsters despite their disturbing appearance. Ethan and Victor have seen the BIW, and he is clean and pleasant. He even seems to help them on occasion. The children Tabitha sees are also dressed in white, but they are terrifying. They look disfigured and mostly dead. All of these kids are ghosts and connected to people or things in town. The BIW was there on the day of the massacre, and the children could also have been there or seen something horrific in their timeline. From how they looked at the puzzle Ethan was playing with, we know they are connected to it. Tabitha saw this same puzzle in the tunnels with Victor. She knows they are all connected, but not how they are connected yet.

As Ethan says, we must figure out the story to complete the quest. That will never happen if they don’t start communicating with one another. Victor knows more than he is saying. Jade is asking all the right questions, but Victor is unwilling or unable to answer them. He also seems less interested in going home. That could be because he might believe it is impossible after all this time or because home was not a happy place for him. We are just as lost as everyone else right now, though. He does know something about the man with the journal and the symbols that Jade sees, though.

There are still so many things we don’t know. From Season 2 Episode 3 was a daytime episode and a perfect time to start doling out answers. But instead, the writers gave us even more threads to pull on. Maybe we have all been missing the forest for the Faraway Trees(pun intended). The episode is titled Tethered. Are they all connected to a computer literally tethered together? Hopefully, we will get something out of Sarah next week and find out where the three missing bus people are. Find all our From coverage here.