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From Season 2 Episode 5 Lullaby Explained- Shared Consciousness, Anghkooey, Are They In Roanoke?

There’s a storm coming. We have watched and waited for answers for five episodes of slow-burn action. Finally, From Season 2 Episode 5 filled in a few details. Unfortunately, it was a scant few nuggets of information we received, and it created more questions than it answered. Here are all the essential details and theories, including what the children in white said, why things come back, facing your fears, and what Randall is doing in From Season 2 Episode 5.

From Season 2 Episode 5

Sara, Boyd, Jim, and Ethan

Boyd is struggling with the rules he put in place to keep them all safe. He didn’t want to box someone earlier and certainly doesn’t want to do it to Sara for several reasons. He thinks she might have the answers they all need among those reasons. She is connected, probably in the same way Boyd is now, to the trees, ghosts, and the general spookiness of Fromville. Even if she doesn’t understand how or why, her instincts might be the thing that saves them all. At the very least, Boyd feels responsible for the young girl because she saved him in the forest. Donna is also correct, though. Sara represents all of the guilt and confusion Boyd felt about Abby. If he can make the terrible things Sara did make sense, it might help him rationalize what he had to do to Abby.

Very few people are willing to give Sara a shot. Jim and Tabitha are scared for Ethan, but Jim convinces her to let Ethan talk to Sara. He argues that confronting her is empowering for him and an excellent way to process his fear. Oddly, Ethan is steely-eyed when he calls her a monster from the woods. Kenny and Tian Chen are reeling from last week’s reveal and can’t see anything but rage and betrayal. Boyd harboring Sara has created a rift among the group and his closest allies. Neither Kenny nor Donna fully understands what Boyd is thinking in part because neither one knows about his blood worms.

Sara’s concerned she isn’t strong enough to handle what is coming. She is isolated from the group, except for Elgin and Boyd, and her connection to this place will only get stronger, making her more dangerous. Ethan’s quest idea continues to be intriguing. He tells his folks when you are on a scary quest, if you face your fears, you take back the power it has over you. That’s why he confronts Sara. Facing fears might be the answer to a few things. Victor is terrified of Christopher(journal guy) and everyone in town to some degree. He might be taking tentative steps forward by talking to Jade about his first years in Fromville.

Randall also seems to be accessing his anger to suppress his fear. He is raging against the monsters that come to his bus at night. He is carving something on the roof of the bus, and I’m inclined to think it is a trap or a weapon. Fear and bravery are concepts that might become important. Ethan has taken his power back from Sara. Randall is taunting the creatures instead of giving in to his fear. Boyd fought his fear of talking to the chained man and trying to free him. Donna and Fatima have tried consistently to fight fear with hope and community. If Jim is right when he says their reactions to stimuli might be what this whole thing is about them facing their fears might be the answer to getting out.

Jim and Boyd finally share some information, but it largely goes ignored. Jim is convinced they are being watched and probably experimented on. Unfortunately, Boyd has not told him about the worms, the lighthouse, or the chained man, so Jim is operating with only half of the pertinent information. Jim warns him about governmental experiments dating back decades designed to push people to their limits. The US has an ugly history when it comes to human experimentation.

Biomedical and psychological experiments have all been conducted on US soil by our government and the military. Jim may not be wrong here. From Season 2 Episode 5 wants us to buy this theory. The jukebox is playing a song about dreams. “I close my eyes and drift away.” In dreams, you’re mine. We’re together in dreams” were all lyrics from the song that cheerily played towards the end of From Season 2 Episode 5. Are they all connected to each other’s dreams? Are they hooked up together, sharing a shared nightmare? Collective consciousness like the shortlived but underappreciated Falling Water? If Jim is right, is the point of the experiment to see how far you have to push people before they become monsters?

Returned Items in From Season 2 Episode 5

Things come back to those who are stuck in Fromville. Tabitha’s bracelet, Kristi’s t-shirt and her fiance with it, and Sara’s ornament mysteriously appeared to those they belonged to. Victor’s ventriloquist dummy and the music box also have made appearances. There are too many other coincidences as well. Jim and Tabitha’s dead child is named Thomas, and Tom, the bartender, recently died. Boyd’s story about Brian Kelly, who was lost in the war, means everything in this place is connected somehow.

Something or someone is tapped into their minds, and sometimes things get twisted. Kristi feels guilty that she allowed Sara to let the monsters in because she bargained for Mari to come back to her. Kristi is terrified that she isn’t who she was before, which could ruin her relationship. However, Mari has serious problems and is the more significant threat to their relationship. Drug addicts are dangerous anywhere, but they are deadly in a closed society of unpredictable monsters and limited resources.

Are the found items meant to elicit a strong response? For some, it could provide comfort and peace, making them compliant; for others, it antagonizes them into violent behavior. Kristi’s T-shirt may allow her to overlook Mari’s drug use for a while. The dummy and the music box upset those that remembered them. Is it all part of the same psychological test?

Jade and Victor

The strangest duo everyone has been waiting for got some love this week. Jade has been obsessing over the symbols in the journal. He couldn’t get Victor to help him, so he has been trying to make sense of it by recreating it with bottles from Tom’s bar. Patterns and symbols mean something to Jade, who is turning to his intellect. Jade continues to see ghosts, and it is shaking him.

When Victor asks him to play his violin in exchange for answers, he is reluctant but agrees. They then traipse outside of town and find a ton of cars Victor moved when he was left alone all those years ago. He tells Jade there were a bunch of cars past the rocks before him, making it unlikely that Victor was the first one there. Therefore, someone else had to have come before Victor and moved all the cars Victor beyond the rocks.

Victor didn’t invent this place, as a popular theory posited. This place preceded him. The limited bit of information he knows about Christopher and the town points to something much older. At some point, Christopher changed. Does this place corrupt people and turn them into monsters figuratively and possibly literally? Victor’s mother knew Christopher was dangerous and told Victor to hide where he couldn’t find him.

Why did people change back then, and could it happen to anyone now? Does the town warp people’s minds and turn them into different people? Is that what Victor means when he says he has to draw everything to remind himself of what is real? From Season 2 Episode 5 proves he couldn’t have built the town from his dreams or subconscious. Where it came from and who made it, we still don’t know.

Elgin is sympathetic but cautious about Sara, and Tillie continues to be chaos-walking. She presented Kristi with liquid morphine because she said she is dying. This may be true, but it is just as likely that whatever is worse than the monsters is trying a new tact and destroying the town from within. By arriving and handing over liquid morphine, she could be feeding Mari’s demon and setting up a disaster.

Tabitha and Anghkooey

We still don’t know who the ghost children in white that Tabitha sees are. In a frightening scene in the woods, a group of children surrounds her, saying, “Anghkooey.” What they meant, we don’t know. It could be a warped version of another phrase like “and hurry” or a derivative of Ankou, which means collector of spirits that brings them to Hell. Is From Hell? Do they all deserve to be here for some reason? Considering Victor was trapped as a child and Ethan, who is currently a child, are both there, this seems doubtful.

Ακούει is a Greek word that phonetically sounds similar and means listening. Do they mean something is listening as Jim theorizes, or do they want Tabitha and others to listen? Maybe they want everyone to pay attention to the music. Are the children reciting a Native American word that they have misunderstood? Has everyone ended up lost in time and place like the inhabitants of Roanoke Island? Have the children decided she is their Aunt Kooey? There’s not enough context here to make any definitive answers yet.

Like Freddy Krueger in Nightmare On Elm Street, fear is a weapon. When you take away that weapon, you could find a way out you might also just keep ending up in a sequel. Cromenackles and Anghkooey aside, something is doing this to those stuck in Fromville. Let’s hope sooner rather than later, we get some answers. Find all our From coverage here.