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From Season 2 Episode 7 The Belly Of The Beast Explained- A Monster Autopsy, Changing Trees, Fatima’s Pregnancy, And That Music Box

Everyone is looking for answers. The big life questions like why we are here and what it all means are the same on the inside or outside of Fromville. Everyone’s got a theory and life philosophy that they are clinging to. For some, it is a source of strength and hope; for others, it is a structure to build a way out. From Season 2 Episode 7 is about the why’s more than just survival. They might have things to rejoice in for the first time, and everyone is sharing what they know.

Almost all of From Season 2 has been a maddening exercise in miscommunication. Perhaps I should say NO communication. So many of them have pieces to the puzzle that is their current predicament. Boyd knows about Martin, the worms, and the trees. Jim heard the voice on the radio. Victor knows about the trees, the Boy In White, and probably a ton of other things. Tabitha sees ghost children. Jade sees all kinds of ghosts, and Elgin was freaked out by a dream he had as they entered the town. Finally, they are all opening up. They all have baggage and life experiences that make them predisposed to put the information in certain boxes. For some, paranoia reigns supreme, and others need to see miracles instead of nightmares.

Comparing notes is never a bad thing. Knowledge is power. It has been a point of contention in this sophomore season. The viewer often felt the group was on the verge of a breakthrough if they only opened their mouths and ears. In From Season 2 Episode 7, the story was propelled forward lightyears when they did. Here’s everything you need to know about the monster autopsy, Fatima’s pregnancy, the trees, and the music box.

The monster autopsy

The monster that Boyd infected with his blood worms is dead. The smiling man did not turn into a human and didn’t burn up in the sun. After much debate, Kenny, Boyd, and Kristi perform an autopsy on the monster. Kenny is terrified the blood worms will be dangerous to them once they cut into the monster, but Boyd and Kristi think the risk is worth it. They see a possible weapon. This conflict allows Kristi and Kenny to deal with their abrupt relationship stall. He still loves her, and it appears she is torn between Mari and Kenny. Like most pairs in this episode, one is hope, and the other is fear. Kenny has made his decision because of fear, while Kristi feels like, for the first time, she doesn’t just have to react to a catastrophe.

When they cut into the Smiling Man, it has human anatomy that is desiccated. The only fluid in the body seems to be bile from the gall bladder. Even though it wasn’t the blood they were hoping for, they are optimistic they could use it to create a bloodworm weapon. The question no one has asked, though, is where did the worms go?

From Season 2 Episode 7
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Fatima’s baby

Fatima is pregnant, which would be worrisome in this place without the fact that it shouldn’t be possible. Is she a John Locke character who has tapped into the magic of the place, or as Fatima worries, is her pregnancy something more sinister? Donna needs to believe this is wonderful, but Fatima fears something terrible is coming. Two possible horrifying options are looming. We know in Fromville, things like to come back only warped. What if Fatima is carrying Tabitha and Jim’s son Thomas and when he is born, the couples will have to reckon with a shared parenting situation? Another possibility is her child, Elgin, has somehow lept forward in time to find himself on the bus stuck in this town before his own birth. The possibility also exists she could give birth to a smiling monster.

Who is Elgin?

He tells Julia he feels he knows something he should remember but can’t. It tickles and scratches at his brain just beyond his vision. He is convinced it is something crucial to their survival and possibly their escape from town. Is he Fatima and Ellis’ child(Boyd’s grandson) from another time? That would certainly explain his importance to the town and a forgotten memory. Is he a member of the experimentation team and was exiled here when he questioned the ethics of this experiment? Is he the creator who willingly put himself in there like Severance’s Helly?

Any or all of these are possible. Julia’s idea to meditate was the correct answer but produced mixed results. When he tried to relax, he heard and saw that dreaded music box and was pulled underwater by an unknown force. Something wailed as he was sucked under. That ballerina and her music box have appeared all over town to many different people now. What does it mean to Elgin? Is it meaningful that Boyd, Elgin, and Mari have all seen it?

Jade and Tabitha

Jade and Tabitha have the most combined experience with the visions. Except for Victor, who rarely lets anyone inside his mind, these two have seen their fair share of ghosts and monsters. When they begin sharing their experiences, they find they are relatively similar. Jade sees the ghosts as a practical effect of a terrible place, and Tabitha, who still feels guilty over the loss of Thomas, thinks they are punishment. The most important detail of their conversation is the revelation that Jade’s symbols in Christopher’s journal are on the tunnel walls.

The trees explained From Season 2 Episode 7

We have confirmation that the trees have never changed before. While Victor and Ethan are measuring trees, he comments that the trees losing leaves had never happened before. He also ominously says that change is usually a bad thing there. The environment is changing. Fatima’s body is now capable of becoming pregnant. The trees are changing, and the weather is altered. Donna’s plants which were once a bountiful source of sustenance, have begun dying as if the soil is poisoned. What has warped the town? Are the changes created by someone running experiments on them like Jim thinks, or is there something supernatural happening that is trying to maintain control? Curiously Ethan and Victor are the same yen and yang that all of the other pairs in town seem to be. Victor is concerned, while Ethan is hopeful.

Maybe the trees represent more than teleporting tools or carbon dioxide scrubbers. Perhaps the trees represent the difference in human thought. Some see the trees and are hopeful they are a way out or at least something that can help them. Those that are less positive see only the changes in the trees and worry about what comes next. This week’s pairs have similar conversations, with one faction arguing about what could be and the other reacting to their fear.

Symbols of hope in From Season 2 Episode 7

Many symbols of hope are woven into From Season 2 Episode 7. The still that Jade has working means a taste of something normal from home. The pool that Julia and Elgin walk to is a filthy mess, but it could be restored and become a place for recreation. It is curious that these two walked here instead of the many other places they could have gone. Even Julia’s sweater is covered with hearts. She is another voice of positiveness. When Elgin becomes frustrated with his inability to remember, she comforts him. Is the real horror of Fromville its relentless assault on hope?

It’s not all good news in From Season 2 Episode 7. Randall’s drone is a potential win for Jim and the others, but they are not a great combo. Both are highly paranoid and aggressive. The fact that Randall is the voice of reason in this duo should be alarming for everyone. Jim is convinced everything that has happened is part of a governmental experiment designed to analyze their reactions. With Randall’s drone, he thinks he can communicate with the mysterious people again. Unfortunately, he and the taciturn newcomer must get along long enough to work together.

Additionally, Mari is going through withdrawal and is having visions, just like Jade and Tabitha. Under the best of circumstances, those images are horrifying. When you are vulnerable, they are deadly. Does she see visions because she is fragile? The most important thing to note is she saw Boyd’s music box, which means it is a product of something larger than the worms. The town has a life of its own and has declared war on the residents. Lastly, there is Dale, who isn’t very remorseful despite stabbing a beloved innocent Colony House member. Will he be allowed a reprieve like Sarah, or is he looking at a night in the box?

By the end of From Season 2 Episode 7, Boyd and Kenny are working together again, but Kenny isn’t ready to become his Deputy just yet. Randall and Jim are building another antenna, and there is a potential game-changer sitting in a glass bottle in the clinic. Something is coming, and change is usually bad there, though. Find all our From coverage here.