Emergence Episode 13

Has Emergence Been Cancelled And Other Burning Questions From Episode 13 Killshot Part 2

Emergence Episode 13 Killshot Part 2 gave Piper a huge upgrade and left us hoping for a season two. Here are all the questions remaining.

Last night’s finale marked the end of the sci-fi cyber drama Emergence. It was introduced huge genre actors only to kill them off just episodes into the plotline and gave us so many misdirects we didn’t know if we were coming or going. Emergence Episode 13 was a continuation of the same. Characters changed from bad to good and potentially back again, while others made the ultimate sacrifice. It was jammed packed with action as everything was wrapped up in one quick hour that left us with a few important questions.

Is Piper Now Being Controlled By The Shady Defense Department Guys?

There’s no easy answer to this. Piper has shown the ability to rewrite her own code, however, she is now in Helen’s old souped-up body. She has enhanced abilities like nano bug manipulation but she may be limited in code writing as Helen never had that ability that we know of. Season two will need to show if Piper’s abilities were dependent on the code or the body or both. They were able to wake her up. What else can they make her do?

What is Loretta and Michael Denman’s End Game?

If we know anything from watching genre series and movies government agencies are rarely good. They are both firmly entrenched in some kind of Defense Department project that seems to have massive reach. They have not even begun to explain what they are doing or why. Helen was evil there is no question, but what if she was made evil by circumstances created by Loretta and her team?

Helen was gearing up for something with potentially hundreds of AI agents with specific abilities. Sure she could be just another power-hungry entity. She could also be a robot corrupted by an agency that has exploited her and her kind for decades. If that is the case Piper is in real danger. Likely Loretta is building an army of all-powerful, soldiers for all needs. They have the potential to be the ultimate moles. These computerized weapons could blend in and be designed to do anything. They also would be completely controllable.

How Much Of Helen’s Code Remains In Piper?

Now that we know was Benny and Piper 1.0 who died in episode 13 Killshot Part 2 the next question is what does Piper 2.0 know about Helen? She doesn’t seem to be aware of the huge network Helen maintained. I would think after being rebooted in Helen’s body she would immediately start spilling everything she knew about other sleeper agents and Loretta. She does none of that and falls right back into the sweet little girl persona we all know. We know the weapon would have wiped the AI of their minds, and we know the XO chip overwrites code. What we don’t know is how different Helen was after her upgrade? Some of her memory may be in there and that would be a game-changer. New faces and characters to fill episodes in season two as they track down more and more AI who can help.

Where Is Emily And Can She Be An Ally?

Emily is anything if she isn’t predictable. She is team Emily all day every day and is a consummate survivor. She also is scary smart and resourceful. She’s obviously in hiding after Helen’s kidnapping in episode 12. Her father was connected, wealthy, and powerful. If she has access to anything of his from before and the impetus to help Team Piper she will be a great addition. At least until she changes her mind and does something selfish again. Oh well, you can’t win them all. At least Maria Dizzio(Emily) is fun to watch. She must return for season two of Emergence.

Is Benny Dead?

Yes. Owain Yeoman was killed by Helen with some kind of touch of death. There is not a benny chip out there anywhere that we know of, but Helen had an entire organization pumping out AI. If she built him originally and Team Piper can find their information there is probably a back up of his code. He had some of Piper’s ability to overwrite his code but the rebooted copy will not, so Piper will have to talk him through it again. With Agent Brooks(Enver Gjokaj playing a much larger role in the love triangle between him, Jo, and Alex Benny probably isn’t needed anymore. he likely is gone for good.

Is Alex Leaving?

Alex(Donald Faison) had his heart broke at the end of the episode when Jo couldn’t or wouldn’t reciprocate his feelings. She is clearly conflicted over who she loves. She has history and a child with Alex who is smart, solid and kind. Agent Brooks is adorable, capable, and in awe of her. Both men are fantastic choices and both are in love with her. Alex has taken the job in Washington DC and will be moving, but he has already said he will be back to continue co-parenting with Jo. I love seeing a regular woman treated as a desirable love interest, but I do have to admit to feeling manipulated by this plot beat. If season two continues to use a light touch it could be a very successful addition to the story.

Will There Be An Emergence Season Two Or Has It Been Cancelled?

Unfortunately, there has not been any word on season two. The good news is there hasn’t been an official cancellation either though. Ratings were not great, to begin with, and have declined some over the season. Emergence gets a bump in delayed viewership on Hulu and DVR watching but it may not be enough to save the show.

Season one of Emergence was a wild ride. It was fun while it lasted and I’m sure hoping the powers that be allow another season because things are just getting started. The show has finally found its footing and the great ensemble cast deserves a second chance. Catch up on all our coverage here while we wait and hope for the best.

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