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Jordan Peele’s Latest Film Nope Builds Mystery With First Look Teaser

Jordan Peele’s latest project Nope finally has a teaser, and boy is it just that. Peele has become a singular voice for unique horror. Much like M. Night Shyamalan is known as the Twist King with The Sixth Sense, the gorgeous The Village, and last year’s Old, Peele is synonymous with Black pain and fear. His understanding of what should truly scare us all is unquestioned. He also is a master at building buzz. Mysterious and ambiguous, Peele creates early intrigue through retro classic tracks, stingy information rollout, and perfectly designed trailers.

Previously, only his latest project’s title was released, followed by a film poster with a small town, an ominous dark cloud trailing a kite string. Will Peele be blurring the lines between Lovecraft and social horror? His first two horror films, Get Out and Us, were box office smashes selling $255 million in their worldwide releases. Assuming Peele’s newest film, Nope, follows suit, it will be full of scares and social commentary as well as wildly successful.

Not much is known about Nope beyond the central cast of Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya, and The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun. Kaluuya and Peele paired for Get Out, garnering both Oscar wins while it will be his first time working with Palmer and Yeun, who has an Oscar nomination of his own. In addition, Peele will once again be working with his cinematographer of choice, Hoyt van Hoytema. The teaser doesn’t give away any details but does show the core three actors as they look up in wonder and horror.

The first trailer will release during the Super Bowl this Sunday. If you didn’t have reason enough to watch, this will be our first chance to get a glimpse inside his world of madness. Watch the teaser here. Nope will be exclusively in theaters on July 22nd.