Lucifer Season 5 Ending Explained- God, The Allstate Man, Back Half Predictions, And Everything Unanswered

Twinning is winning when we all saw double in Tom Ellis’ best performance to date in Lucifer Season 5 Part 1.

Our favorite gifts from God are back for Season 5 of Lucifer thanks to Netflix scooping up the fan-favorite show. Along with the excitement knowing there would be a Season 5 came the low that it would be the last. The good news is the series will get a full sixteen-episodes, split into two parts. The first eight episodes dropped today. The deliciously cheesy, surprisingly heartfelt, and heavy mythology series is bringing the goods with the addition of the archangel Michael and a serial killer/boyfriend for Ella. By the end of the fun, Dan knows Lucy’s secret, and Maze has turned against her longtime friend and companion. If that’s not enough, God himself shows up to sort everything out. Here’s everything you need to know about Part One of Lucifer Season 5.

Who Is Michael The Archangel?

On Lucifer, he is the twin to our cheeky nightclub owner/LAPD consultant. He is the yen to Lucifer’s yang and is everything he is not. Unlike Lucifer, he can and does often lie, with ease, and he seems to take great pleasure in it. He capitalizes on fear and uses it against his opponent. Lucifer sees your greatest desires, while Micheal turns your fears against you. The Judeo-Christian bible Archangel Michael is a leader of a battalion of angels. He fought and defeated Lucifer. Michael is beautiful and powerful and figures in the Book of Revelations prominently. The chief angel is a protector of humanity. The only two people stronger than Michael is, Christ and God.

Lucifer, the series, flipped the script on Michael and Lucifer’s story by making them twin brothers allowing Tom Ellis to deliver not one but two incredible performances this season but also provide a villain worthy of the Devil himself. Lucy can’t lie and acts on human desires, both of which are more positive traits where Michael uses negativity. He lies, manipulates, and compels based on fear. Someone stopped time in episode 8, he thinks it was him, but it just as easily could have been Michael. All angels have powers; Amenadiel may not be the only one to control time. His addition is the single best thing of Part 1 Season 5.


Baby Charlie Is Not An Angel

Michael insists Charlie can’t be human because he got a cold and was frozen in time. We know that Remiel sensed the presence of an angel hybrid in Season 4, though, so he can’t be entirely human. Michael prays on fears, so he may have made Charlie sick just as Lucifer suggested. Charlie isn’t an angel like Amenadiel, but that doesn’t mean he can’t ever have powers. Half-human children known as Nephilim are created by the mating of a fallen angel and a human. They are beautiful beings who look and act like humans. Occasionally they have wings and superpowers like a full angel. Most accounts have them disappearing when God flooded the Earth, leaving only Noah and his ark.

Amenadiel is understandably alarmed his child is not immortal, but having Linda deliver a mortal child is better for both of their character developments. Amenadiel has always been a true believer, and his, at least partially, a mortal child will test that resolve like none other. Like all the rest of us regular human parents, it is natural to panic and fret, to lose sleep, and at times make yourself sick with worry. To struggle is human, and there is no greater struggle than parenthood. It will ground Amenadiel in a way he has never been while allowing Linda, who is easily the most unflappable person on the planet, to care for a child who needs her.

Lucifer Season 5

Can Demons Get Souls?

Mazikeen sure seems to think so. Her character arc was the bluntest but also most satisfying in Lucifer Season 5. She has always been a demon with a heart and a conscience, granted sometimes that moral grey was murkier than others, but she almost always did the right thing. That makes her better than most humans. She fights alongside Michael against Amendial and Lucifer in episode 8 because Michael promised her a soul.

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He’s almost certainly lying. That’s his shtick, and Maze is pretty desperate. Having spent the better part of an eternity feeling abandoned, she longs for a connection. Maze wants love, happiness, and she thinks only a soul will allow her the chance to have everything she wants. There is nothing concrete in the bible that says they can’t have souls, but I’m wondering if she already has one? In Season 2 Episode 4, she says she was forged in Hell to “torture the guilty for all eternity.” The wording makes it sound as if she is a sword or tool created in the fires of Hell to do a job. She firmly believes she is no more than her blades. What if her understanding has always been wrong?

God is The Allstate Man And What That Means For Season 5 Part 2?

Well, of course. Who else could he be? Maybe Morgan Freeman, but he would never slum it on a streaming show, so the dulcet tones of Dennis Haysbert it is. He’s played the President on 24, a voodoo fastball hitter in Major League, a cartoon general in Wreck-it Ralph, and a police chief in Bluebloods. Now he’s the big guy himself, and he’s towering over his children and demanding they put down their fists and play nice.

He made Chloe for Lucifer. I’m guessing it was all a master plan to help Lucy find his inner goodness. Chloe sees him for what he is and loves him. She allows him to be himself while simultaneously making him a better person. God can’t be thrilled Michael kidnapped her. It’s possible he stopped time.

Does Lucifer Love Chloe?

Absolutely he does. He has loved her for several seasons now but was either afraid to show it or had bigger fish to fry. Finally, these two soulmates had found each other, and just when Lucifer was about to declare his love, Amendiel accidentally stopped time when he freaked out over Charlie. He can’t lie, but he can keep information back. Lucifer is like most people. He is afraid of rejection. He hadn’t told her before because he is terrified she will leave him, or he will lose a part of himself in the relationship. The Devil already lost his mojo, so it’s not an unreasonable concern. There is no doubt when the credits roll in this final season of Lucifer; he will tell her how he feels.

Dan wasn’t able to shoot him, which was a surprise, but his feelings for Chloe haven’t changed. Likely the loss of his mojo and his return to bulletproof form stems from the same place. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her just that he is putting up barriers again.


Ella, Dan, and Linda

These three often beleaguered and overlooked characters spend more time supporting main player storylines than getting their own. This season that changed, kind of. Linda revealed she abandoned a child when she was seventeen. Her and Maze even tracked her daughter down. She is now a young adult working as a real estate agent and is happy and well adjusted. The plot beat was anemic but did give Linda something to do other than fix Lucy’s head. It would be nice if there was some deeper resolution to this storyline.

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Ella became inexplicably attracted to bad boys when she lost her religion. We only know this because of brief glimpses of her with a bad boy, a makeout session during a sting/girl’s night, and a throwaway line to Maze. It seems wildly out of character for the sunny and uber-confident Ella to choose unavailable men who will abuse her. This better get resolved in the back half of Season 5.

Detective Douche AKA, Dan has been clued into what almost everyone already knows, Lucifer is the Devil. I guess the fact his name is Lucifer Morningstar wasn’t a big enough give away. In any case, Michael tricked him into going back to Linda’s house and catching Lucifer in full red face to amuse Charlie. He tried to shoot Lucifer thinking he was saving the world but quickly rallied once he realized he had picked the wrong brother to back. He and Lucifer have never been the best of friends, and there is no way this little complication won’t lead to more conflict.

Predictions For Part Two Of Lucifer Season 5

God will force his boys to play nice, obviously. He is all-knowing and all-powerful, so he has a plan that just hasn’t been revealed yet. They won’t stay friendly for the rest of the season, though. Maze will learn by the end of the season she has a soul and didn’t need Michael. Charlie will turn out to have minor powers that will allow him to live a long, happy life with Amenadiel watching over him. Lucifer and Chloe will finally declare their love for each other and live happily ever after. Ella and Dan will reconnect, and the two bruised investigators will find what they have been searching for. Eve will return, and Maze will get the grand gesture she deserves. A reprisal of Wonderwall, maybe?

Who knows what will happen, but clearly, the writers are preparing for an end-times kind of finale for the sudsy series Netflix saved from oblivion. The second part of Season 5 should begin production in October, and I wouldn’t expect to see the remaining eight episodes until 2021.

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