Manifest Season 1 Episode 10-Crosswinds Recap And Review: Is Michaela The Holy Grail?

The Holy Grail, family collapse, and shady government conspiracies take center stage in this first episode of the second half of the premiere season.

Manifest Episode 10 Crosswinds
Courtesy of NBC

 Manifest’s cold open starts with all that ails the survivors of flight 828.  It’s not fair.  They literally lost everything that matters most to them as time marched on without them.  Lives continued, and relationships formed all while they skipped ahead a mere matter of hours.  Manifest has succeeded largely on its ability to maintain the drama of emotional loss and family dynamics all while furthering the science fiction mystery that is flight 828.  It’s a delicate balance.  Good science fiction exists in that space between humanity and hard science.  So far, Manifest has managed to walk the tightrope.

It was just another day in not-paradise for our survivors.  The newly rescued detainees continue to be in sync with one another as they exhibit strange jerky head movements simultaneously with one another.  Ben continues to be frustrated with his lack of information and ability to keep Cal safe and Michaela continues to have “callings”, and to miss Jared.  After ten days sans vision, she finally has what could be the key “calling” to the whole kit and caboodle.  For Jared’s part, he sure is giving it the old college try with Lourdes, but the writing is on the wall and by episodes end his relationship with her is on the scrap heap even if she doesn’t know it yet. 

The only one of our main players who does not feel like their story is being advanced in any way is Saanvi.  She seems to be relegated to Velma status and only shows up to help the Scooby gang when they need something smart to be said.  Parveen Kaur is a beautiful and talented actress, and her Saanvi is wasted in the current structure.  As many have predicted her and Ben should begin their relationship as they have palpable chemistry and it would free up Grace to reignite her love with Danny.

At Vance’s funeral Ben meets up with two potential new allies NSA Agent Powell and Podcast journalist Aaron Glover.  Amber, the spy turned helper, also shared information with Ben about a female major and something called the “Holy Grail”.  Amber has elected to help the survivors but the shady government group is not done with her yet, and even after pitching her phone in the ocean it makes its way back to her by way of a very intimidating agent.  Paul gives valuable information about a Black Hawk helicopter that is in route to New York with The Major but gets whisked away into a black Escalade which does not bode well for him. Our journalist has more bravery than intelligence and will keep investigating regardless of the risk.  Ben recorded a confession of sorts to act as insurance against anything happening to him.  Here’s hoping this idealistic podcaster has the ability to keep himself and Ben’s secrets safe.

With the help from a “calling” turned awakening, Michaela was able to awaken Paul, one of the comatose detainees.  Her power now involves visions.  She has a vision in someone else’s voice of a snowy scene and someone trying to “find her”.  Little does she know the “her” in question is Michaela.  She is channeling The Major evidently and that psychic connection could very much come in handy moving forward.  

It is interesting that Paul can’t remember his previous life.  It is a positive thing as he was an abusive husband, but it is the other side of the coin from Ben and Grace who lost their previous lives but remember everything that has happened.  It is reminiscent of the Black Mirror Episode “White Bear” that asks if it is fair to punish someone for a crime they have no memory of perpetrating?  Grace and Ben continue to fell the impact of Grace’s previous relationship with Danny.  Danny is proving to be more than a little patient and more than a little in love with Olive and Grace.  For his part, Ben is finally beginning to realize that he is the intruder despite feeling as if Danny is the interloper.  He loves Grace and the kids, but it has dawned on him that Grace had a full life of experiences while he was gone for five years.  Jared and Michaela have decided to stop denying their feelings and act on them.  Poor Lourdes has no idea that Jared is already gone.  Jared and Mich have great chemistry, and it was bound to happen, but it feels a little icky, and if I’m being honest it does not paint him in the best light that he slept with both women within twelve hours of each other.  Gross!

Everyone is worried about Cal, but it appears that Michaela is in The Major’s crosshairs.  Michaela likely is the “Holy Grail”.  It is her ability that has driven each of the events so far, and it is her picture The Major in the snow is holding.  As podcaster Aaron points out, there is something fishy going on, but this might just be a red herring (bada bing ladies and gentlemen).  The person who is searching for Michaela may not be The Major at all but a powerful ally our flight 828ers have not yet met.  In typical Lost style, this new revelation may be nothing more than a misdirection. 

Next week we may get our first glimpse of the mastermind behind the whole conspiracy and another peek behind the curtain of the flight.  Hopefully, it won’t result in a one way trip to the Bermuda Triangle.  Until then, study up on Shared Consciousness and Social Darwinism, I think we may need that info.

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