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Manifest Season 3 Episode 11 Duty Free Review- Everything You Need To Know About Aaron And Moses

Manifest Season 3 Episode 11 pitted real-world fears against spirituality with all of the 828er’s left twisting in the middle. Let’s hope someone finds answers before the world burns.

Our group of returned passengers is more fractured than ever. Scattered across the globe, some jailed, and others in hiding, fear has taken root. It isn’t just the Xers who want the passengers contained. Now it seems even the US has turned its back on the 828er’s. Blatant judge bias and overt paranoia are the rules, not the exception. By the end of Manifest Season 3 Episode 11, Ben was out of jail on house arrest, but Egan was locked up. Making matters worse, he has powerful neighbors within earshot. Eagan also has fear on his side, and the more the passengers are rounded up, the more his words have validity. Ben is losing control of the group.

The fire callings are affecting a large number of passengers, including Cal, who has burns to show for it. Angelina, who has been hiding out in Cal’s room after Grace asked her to leave last week continues to be a scary problem. She may be a fellow passenger and may have some answers, but she is also a terrifying zealot with terrible judgment. What happens when Grace and Ben find she encouraged Cal to go to Eureka, and Eden calls her Mama? There is almost no way this season won’t end with a kidnapping.

Poor troubled Angelina is still creating messes that the Stone’s are dealing with. She is the spiritual yang to Saanvi’s scientific yin. Both women are almost obsessive in their belief that their contribution is what will save everyone. Saanvi thinks her mind will be the answer and ended up costing the passengers a mess of trouble. Angelina believes her faith is the answer, and it almost cost her and baby Eden their lives. Now instead of asking for help from the Stones or protecting Cal, she has encouraged him to walk into the lion’s den, that is Eureka. She didn’t even have the sense to go with him.

Mich has quit her job, and Saanvi has been fired. At this point, the chances of stopping Vance and Dr. Gupta from continuing their experiments are slim to none. Until they do stop, however, the fire callings will continue. There is also the strong possibility that Cal will become an unwilling lab rat. Angelina may think Cal’s is divine, but that doesn’t mean he is immortal or impervious to pain.

Saanvi’s decisions are a bell they can’t unring. When Saanvi experimented on herself and removed her callings, it was the start of something terrible. Later, killing The Major sealed the deal. There may be no way to plug all the holes in the lifeboat at this point. Regardless of how hard they atone or how much they try to help, some things can’t be excused, and Saanvi’s actions look to be one of those things. Mich didn’t turn her in before quitting, but Vance knows, and this plot beat will continue to have reverberations with his loyalties in question.

Aaron and Moses in Manifest Season 3 Episode 11

Angelina is convinced she is the Aaron to Cal’s Moses. The problem with this is Cal is a vulnerable child, and Angelina is a flawed young woman. She also failed to remember the entire story of Moses and Aaron. In the Old Testament, Aaron is the older brother of Moses. He is the spiritual leader of Israel. He was the High Priestess and acted as Moses’ confidant, advisor and often spoke for him during negotiations. Moses did not believe himself a great orator and thus used his brother in that role. While Moses was the political leader chosen by God to free the Jewish people from slavery, Aaron was his right-hand man.

The two men who worked side by side were often treated very differently by their people and by God. For example, when Aaron created the Golden Cow, God was angry with Moses for failing to control his people even though it was entirely on Aaron. A second even more concerning story is of betrayal between Aaron, their sister Miriam, and Moses. Miriam and Aaron were not nearly as humble as Moses, and when Moses took a Cushite wife, they spoke out against him. This prompted God to come to Earth and curse Miriam. She was cursed with Leprosy for seven days. Aaron did not receive any punishment for his actions. If Angelina is Aaron and Cal is Moses, is he doomed to be betrayed by her? Will he alone have to bear the brunt of any pain and retribution.

David and his 3 Mighty Warriors

At another time, Angelina jumbles up the story of David and his 3 Mighty Warriors. She tells Cal he is burned because God marked him to follow the callings. She compares herself to the 3 warriors. This is yet another story she only partially has correct. First, David was a devout man of God, but he was deeply flawed. Cal as a child, is more innocent of wrongdoings. Second, the 3 warriors did not share a mark. Likely the story she means is the Trial By Fire. In this story, three men refuse to worship a false god. King Nebuchadnezzar punished them by ordering them into a furnace. God rewarded all three men for their steadfast faith by protecting them from the fire. In Angelina’s understanding of the story, Cal is one of the warriors tasked with a mission. That mission was to stop the experiments.

Manifest has always concentrated on the spirituality of our choices as opposed to the hard science of how and why Flight 828 disappeared and then reappeared. Manifest Season 3 Episode 11 is not a departure from that methodology. The big answers are still out there, and we are no closer to solving the mystery. In fact, the group seems farther away than ever. There are internal and external threats everywhere. They have stopped the volcanic activity, but there is a storm coming. A flood of biblical proportions is headed for our group, and there are too many holes in their lifeboat. Let’s hope the group pulls together before it is too late for them all. Find all our Manifest coverage here.