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Manifest Season 3 Episode 2 Deadhead Review-Archangel Micheal, Slushies, And Resurrected Methheads

An exciting Manifest Season 3 Episode 2 is bursting at the seams with new information, callings, more danger, and revelations that could change everything.

Manifest Season 3 Episode 2 wasted no time expanding on the mystery of Flight 828 in a stuffed episode full of all of the things we love about the puzzle-box show. A new calling sends Olive and Angelina searching for answers, while Saanvi still toils relentlessly in hopes of finding forgiveness. Cal and Grace make a run for an estranged family member, and Mich and Ben deal with Vance’s imprisonment and the methheads return. It was a crowded episode that somehow all came together without feeling overwhelming. Jeff Rake and his writers thread the needle between exciting chaos and indulgent madness.

Jared got very little attention this week. His scorned lover plot beat last year was fun to watch, and despite Mich being with Zeke(Matt Long), she and Jared have palpable chemistry. Probably this is due to their real-life relationship, but the camera loves Jared, and he was missed in Manifest Season 3 Episode 2. For now, we content ourselves with increased screen time for Ellen Tamaki’s Drea, which is always welcome. She and Melissa Roxburgh(Michaela) bring a women-power vibe that is fun to watch. A methhead sighting sends the partners rushing to locate the men who are back from the dead.

Manifest Season 3 Episode 2 labored some under the weight of such a large cast and even larger storyline. Newcomer Angelina(Holly Taylor) was the focus this week with quick plot beats for Saanvi and Zeke. Grace and Olive serve as the continuous threads for the ever-expanding group. The anchors for Team Stone provide emotional and practical support while bearing the brunt of the insecurity. As the ones who were left behind, they always find themselves in the unenviable role of caregiver. In Deadhead, Olive helps Angeline decipher her visions, and Grace must confront her past to keep Cal safe.

Ben and Grace both think it is safest to get Cal out of town. They choose to go to Grace’s stepbrother’s cabin, which is ideal because it is isolated and not easily found. Grace and Tariq have a tumultuous relationship, however, and he turns her away. Because no one can say no to an adorable child, Grace sends in reinforcements, and Cal manages to convince Tariq to give them a chance. They are safely ensconced in his cabin now, but the two have history, and Warner Miller chews scenery with the best of them. This storyline will get expanded as the season progresses.

Newest found 828er Angelina is having terrifying visions. Anyone who had been through what she had would be struggling. Dealing with that trauma on top of her “callings” is almost crippling. Thankfully Olive has been through this with her family and TJ and knows exactly how to help. With Olive’s help, she can decipher her visions. They lead her to her old school, where a stained glass window depicts Archangel Michael with peacock wings and holding scales. On the lawn below the window, she had buried a time capsule. Inside that time capsule, there is a shell necklace and a family photo of her enjoying a slushie in front of King Kones.

All roads lead to King Kones. Angelina and Olive are drawn by her childhood photos found in her time capsule, while Jace is drawn there by a need for money. He used to work there as a kid when he was a good person. He thinks he knows the safe’s combination and can make some quick cash. Micha and Drea arrive right as they get there, and Pete chooses to stay behind, finding the photo Angelina dropped earlier. He’s ready to embrace the “callings” and thinks the person he is supposed to go to is Angelina. Whether Pete and Jace knew Angelina as children, we don’t know yet, but their fates are tied together. We won’t have to wait long as they only have 84 days to complete their mission or die.

MANIFEST — “Deadhead” Episode 302 — Pictured: (l-r) Devin Harjes as Pete Baylor, Dazmann Still as Kory Jephers, James McMenamin as Jace Baylor — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/WBTV/NBC)

The boys are back in town and it is bad news for everyone. Everyone is scared and confused by their resurrection. These three did kidnap Cal after all. If the “callings” are sent by some higher power, Grace doesn’t understand why some bad people keep getting second chances. It’s an interesting thought that has intriguing possibilities. The higher power who is orchestrating all of this may not be as altruistic as they appear, or it could be that forgiveness and atonement are essential components of the end game. In any case the three drug dealers are involved.

After emerging from their watery grave in the last episode, the three methheads are back to their old tricks. Michaela and Drea track them down and find a couple of campers who they beat and tied up. They also managed to track the RV they stole and almost caught them before Jace threw a propane tank at them. The other two seem to be changed by everything that has happened. Pete was always a little kinder and more level-headed, but Kory is coming around too. Unfortunately, Jace is not even close to turning to the light regardless of the shouted “calling” in their heads.

Saanvi continues to work herself tirelessly to atone for killing the Major. She works at the clinic and runs tests on Ben’s hand and Zeke’s blood. He no longer has any signs of the blood marker the rest of the returned have. Interestingly though, he appears to have picked up a new skill. In the last episode, he was in tune with Michaela. This could easily be chalked up to a marital bond; however, he is also empathic towards Saanvi. It won’t be long before he figures out her secret. His almost psychic ability will come in handy with the group moving forward.

Ben succeeded in getting Vance stateside. Unfortunately, it comes at a considerable price. The government knows he is alive and has the tailfin. If that isn’t bad enough, the media knows about the plane too. The truth may have set Vance free, but it has made Ben’s life impossible. He can’t take Angelina and Olive to Tariq’s and won’t be able to study the tailfin. It also leaves the 828’ers open to more scrutiny. Are there two planes? Does this mean there are two of every passenger? The episode ends with glowing objects. Ben’s hand, the sample Saanvi took of it, and his handprint on the tailfin are all glowing. Why? Hopefully, we get answers soon. Find all our Manifest coverage here.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Peacocks continue to be very important in Manifest. This common symbol for awakening, immortality, and insightfulness has shown up in both of the past two seasons. Considering the methheads and Zeke have been resurrected, and it is looking increasingly possible Flight 828 was also resurrected, this symbol is appropriate and telling.
  • The closing song was beautiful. It was Destroyer by Of Monsters and Men.
  • The Archangel Michael- Archangels are the highest-ranking angels and warriors of God. They are usually associated with the Abrahamic religions, but similar beings are found in many other religions. Archangel Michael is the defender of God and those who love him. He protects both the heavenly throne and people from evil. He helps people distinguish good from evil and is also the Judger of Souls. Jace does not appear to be headed down the right path. Could there be something to the similarity of Michaela and Archangel Michael’s name?
  • The episode title Deadhead is an airline term that refers to pilots or flight attendants who are taking a flight to be repositioned for further shifts. It is not the same as commuting to work or traveling for fun. The Stones are scattered, having been separated by events in Manifest Season 3 Episode 2. I wonder who is positioning them and for what purpose?