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Manifest Season 3 Episode 4 Tail Spin Review- Osiris, Seth, And Kelly Taylor

The twists were coming almost faster than we could process them in Manifest Season 3 Episode 4 that changed the landscape but never let us forget the terrifying ticking clock.

Manifest Season 3 Episode 4 was a shocker. There were so many jaw-dropping moments it was hard to unpack every game-changing moment. Between the methheads and Vance’s NSA secrets, Jeff Rake’s series held nothing back while maintaining the elusive quality it has become known for. Here are all the crucial details and theories to consider moving forward.

Zeke is a full empath

He can now not only intuit others feelings, but he is currently experiencing them himself. He can help Beverly by “resetting” her mood and later feels Pete’s intense fear. His new skill set makes him a walking lie detector which will come in handy moving forward. He is the only person so far to survive their death day, so he is proof it is possible. I wonder why he came back without “callings” but with ESP?

Jared is in a dangerous position

The Major’s daughter and Jared are still looking for her. Jared is too good of a detective, and his investigation puts him in a very vulnerable position. He has found the park where Saanvi killed The Major, and if he doesn’t stop looking, Vance will take him out.

Pete, Jace, and Kory, otherwise known as the methheads

The trio of drug dealers are running out of time. Kory is vomiting water, and a recurring dream plagues all three. In the dream, they are running from something towards a large clock that is quickly running out. Angeline insists she can help Pete save himself. Mich and Zeke question him about the event that shaped his adult life, and he mentions his coach from high school who threw him off the football team for selling drugs to another player who overdosed and died.

Mich and Zeke determine Coach lied when Zeke felt Pete’s emotions. He is the actual drug dealer. He beat Pete and made him sell drugs and take the blame when he was a kid. Jace goes to Coach Hannity’s house to kill him, but Kory intervenes and is shot in the process. Jace is still on the loose and armed. Kory has clearly chosen to side with Pete and does not want to do any more harm.

Ben, Saanvi, and Vance are in Eureka

The brilliant callback to SyFy’s Eureka finds Saanvi and Ben with Vance in his headquarters with the NSA. He has the entire plane that exploded in New York. Saanvi’s old research assistant, kidnapped last season, is working for Vance, trying to duplicate her research. Not only that, but Vance convinces Saanvi to join the NSA by the end of the episode. She is panicked because the timestamp on the video footage of the plane tail fin disappearing matches the time and date of The Major’s death. At this point, Saanvi is convinced she can’t save herself, but she may save the others. The timestamp also matches Zeke and the methheads death, so you can’t rule out their involvement.

Ben has chosen to conceal his glowing hand from Vance because he only partially trusts him now. This is especially true when he finds the floating corpse of Kelly Taylor in a secret part of the facility that Vance was hiding. Ben touched the tail fin, and nothing happened, but his hand did light him the way to Kelly’s body. Vance has a doctor explain that an autopsy revealed she died not of the gunshot but a plane crash. Additionally, both her body and the tail fin are showing bacteria from the Caribbean. Both Kelly and the plane are reverting to their crashed plane state from years ago. Why was Vance keeping that a secret, and what other things is he hiding from Ben? The way he cut off the doctor leads me to believe there is much more to say.

Osiris, Isis, and his brother Horus

Osiris and his sister Isis who was also his consort or wife(that was the way it was done back then) ruled peacefully over Egypt in a golden age of prosperity. His brother Seth was jealous of the adoration the people showed him so he murdered him and carved his body into pieces that he scattered all over the Earth. In Osiris’s absence, Seth took the throne with his consort and sister Nephthys. Isis was so distraught she cried day and night until Nephthys agreed to help her find the pieces of Osiris. Isis managed to find almost all of his body and used her magic to bring him back to life enough to sire a child.

That child was Horus, a god who would later avenge his father’s death. While kept the baby hidden from Seth Osiris went to the Underworld where he ruled as King of the Dead. Once Horus is grown he overthrows Seth in a series of contests that included mental, physical, and legal. Mich and Zeke are right to notice there is a clear similarity between Jace and Pete and Osiris and Seth. Hopefully, Pete will not be killed by Jace or by his death day and will get the chance to atone for his sins.

Manifest Season 3 Episode 4 hit all the sweet spots and set up the double episode banger coming next week. Time might be running out for the methheads, but it is just getting started for us. Find all our Manifest coverage here.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Olive talks about TJ a lot which gives me hope the cutie will be back sometime this season.
  • The lovely song at the end is Symmetry by SYML.
  • Poor Angelina needs to branch out. Her parents stunted her by protecting her so much. What will happen to her if she can’t save Pete?
  • If Pete and Jace are Osiris and Seth, does that mean Angelina is Isis?
  • I am getting serious Jared/Drea vibes-Jarea or Dare, maybe? They have loads of chemistry. That could be very weird for all parties involved, though.