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Manifest Season 3 Episode 6 Graveyard Spiral Review- The Three Biggest Takeaways From The Traumatic Ending

Manifest Season 3 Episode 6 was everything the sci-fi series has done so well across the last three seasons. It was perfectly paced with a few gruesome surprises.

Manifest is at its best when all the moving parts come together. The cast is large, and each side group has its own plots that usually combine in surprising ways into the bigger mystery of the flight and the “callings”. Manifest Season 3 Episode 6 was a perfect example of tight storytelling. The high-stakes episode was tense and packed with events that will ripple through the rest of the season.

It was always going to end this way. Even the most die-hard fans of Pete and Angelina(Pangelina?) could see the writing on the papyrus. Jace was never going to change, and the overstuffed cast needed to jettison some of the cargo. By the end of Manifest Season 3 Episode 6, we were down three methheads and left wondering if the three men were judged collectively; what does that mean for the entire flight who had some atoning to do?

Despite Jace’s best efforts, Cal and Mich are still alive. The same can not be said for poor Tarik. Jace took Kory and Pete with him, so they aren’t with us any longer either. Their deaths set up a chessboard that looked very different than we thought it did. This plot also gave Grace something to do other than wait to be saved. Her bloody declaration of power was a highlight of the episode and for her character as a whole. More moments of strength for Athena Karkanis are needed for Grace to grow into something other than a second-tier plot device.

When the dust settled, the group was stronger than ever but very worried. What will the revelation about the Death Day mean for the group, and how will Angelina go on without Pete? The poor girl had been through Hell with her parents and was just beginning to live. Something like what happened in Manifest Season 3 Episode 6 is liable to break her. There is a lot to unpack about this exciting episode. Here are the three biggest theories and questions to ponder as the season reaches the halfway point.

What does the collective Judgment Day mean for the 828er’s?

The missing piece of the papyrus that found its way back to Olive is ominous. If Olive is interpreting it right, whoever you die with originally, you are judged alongside. When Ma’at places your heart on one side of the scale with a feather on the other, it isn’t just your deeds being judged. Everyone who died with you will be judged as well. The three methheads never had a chance because Jace was so deeply flawed. Regardless of Kory and Pete, who had tried to evolve into better people, it was never enough to offset Jace’s nature.

Zeke died alone, and thus his fate was tied only to his own behavior. When he sacrificed himself for Cal, his goodness outweighed anything bad he had done in his life prior. Kory, Jace, and Pete died together, so they were judged together. The entirety of Flight 828 will be judged together. This is terrible news for the group. With a crowd this big, there are bound to be many of the Returned who are less than exemplary citizens. A few are already dead as well, which means they will never have a chance to change their ways. When the Death Day comes for Ben, Mich, and the rest, how will they tip the scales in their favor?

Saanvi killed The Major last season. She doesn’t have the “callings” anymore, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t be judged with the others. Without the “callings,” how will she know what to do to try and reverse the damage she has already done? Ma’at doesn’t just weigh your soul, she maintains order. For every life, there has to be death. Who will pay the price for The Majors?

Zeke and Michaela are powerful together in Manifest Season 3 Episode 6.

When Zeke pulled Michaela up over the cliff edge, she was in incredible pain. Because he is empathic, he felt all of it. As the waves of pain swept over them both, it cascaded over the area and shook Cal’s basketball off of the car. If their connection is powerful enough to move objects, what else can it do? His skill as a human lie detector was intriguing, but their ability to literally move mountains is even more so.

Pete thought Angelina was his guardian angel. She was not. Maybe Zeke is the angel, and his powers are divine. If that is the case, the group is better together than apart, and they need to convince hundreds of people somehow to join forces. That will not be an easy task. Zeke’s skills could come in handy if he honed them more. Not only would he be valuable in tracking people and determining if they are truthful, but his connection with Michaela could send shockwaves through everyone.

Saanvi’s research and the missing blood marker.

Saanvi’s experiment last season seemed to remove the specter of the Death Day for her. She is no longer having “callings”, but that doesn’t mean she is like Zeke. He passed his trial and was resurrected with intense empathy that is transitioning into extrasensory perception. Saanvi is the opposite. She no longer feels anything but fear. If she is weighed along with the others, it won’t be good. She is a murderer and a liar. Dr. Gupta may be a heartless scientist, but she and Saanvi need to work together to develop a solution because you can’t unring the bell. Saanvi has already tipped the scales against the passengers, and Ben doesn’t even know it yet.

Likely at some point in the future, Saanvi will regain some of 828 magic. Either the “callings” will come back with a vengeance or manifest in a new way. You can’t outrun the Devil forever, especially when you are working right alongside him. Vance and Sannvi are amiable now, but what happens when his need to research Ben and the others puts him at odds with her. He’s already buried one body; what is one more?

The creepy childhood song came back in a big way this week with an expansion. It was weird before, but now it is a warning to everyone. This won’t be the last time we hear this off childhood rhyme.

They are going on a treasure hunt. A very important treasure hunt. X marks the spot. A circle with a dot. Spiders crawling up your back. Blood gushing down. Tight Squeeze, feel the breeze. Now you have the shiverings.

After all of Jace’s teeth-gnashing and bluster, he and the rest of the three shadows are dead. Their horrible legacy hangs over everyone, though. Pete’s death means Ben will now have to let Dr. Gupta experiment on him. There have been several people after the 828er’s already, and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the dangers Stone and company will have to face. We still don’t know where all of the passengers are, and some we have met are very questionable. There is still plenty of stories left for Jeff Rake to tell. If Manifest Season 3 Episode 6 is anything to go from, we are in for a bumpy ride. Fid all our Manifest coverage here.

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