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Manifest Season 3 Episode 7 Precious Cargo Review- The Significance Of Sapphires, Lifeboats, And What’s In The Box?

A dark cloud hangs over Eureka in Manifest Season 3 Episode 7. Eagan is back with an agenda that shows enemies are still around every corner.

The three methheads have everyone shook in Manifest Season 3 Episode 7. They may be gone, but they aren’t forgotten thanks to Eureka, which is keeping them in tanks. The ramifications of Pete and Kory’s death send ripples through all of the 828er’s, filling some with fear and others with a renewed sense of responsibility. Everyone is vying for a piece of the collective understanding, but only a few possess the skills to achieve enlightenment. Will Mich’s faith be enough for them all? A new ominous “calling” brings a new scary force in the Stone’s path.

Desperate people do desperate things. Sometimes it is the impetus we need to get moving and redouble our efforts, but sometimes it leads us to dark places where selfish decisions and risky behaviors seem like good ideas. Everyone has taken chances they probably shouldn’t have. Saanvi took a chance and experimented on herself, which was potentially positive. However, her disastrous decision regarding The Major ended in death. Ben routinely puts his life at risk with mixed results. Michaela’s job places her in danger, but lots of 828er’s sought solace in the security of religion. Eagan represents the other side of the equation. Instead of altruistic, he is self-serving and terrified.

There are so many problems now even stalwart Ben can’t keep a handle on everything. This is especially true considering Eagan takes steps to ensure he won’t interfere with his plans. Eagan intends on pumping Ben for information and keeping him away from Eureka until they attack. Ben manages to convince him that they need to work together. It doesn’t matter if Eagan doesn’t believe in the lifeboat theory, Ben does, and it prevents him from betraying any of them. Lucky for Eagan, he had released Ben before Mich and Drea busted down the door courtesy of Ben’s quick thinking with a smart fridge. Mich arrests Eagan, but Ben thinks she should let him go. The siblings are once again at odds.

Ben bails Eagan out but warns him he needs to make his people fall in line and not do anything like that again. Eagan agrees, but the opportunistic memory man is a wild card that is more trouble than Ben realizes. Ali Lopez-Sohaili is quickly becoming the antihero Manifest needs. As much as I love the Stones, they are almost too perfect. Eagan’s reaction is more relatable, even if it isn’t the most kind. He is neither a supervillain like Jace nor a model citizen like Michaela in a sea of wholesome people. He is something more real, and the show is better for him.

Angelina is predictably heartbroken by Pete’s death. Manifest Season 3 Episode 7 gave her little to do beyond pout until she displayed empathic abilities similar to Zeke’s. Does she now have the same powers as Zeke? If she can also sense emotions, that could come in handy, especially as they try to navigate the tricky waters in a lifeboat full of people who don’t want to be there.

Aluminum Oxide and Sapphires

The 828er’s are all now exhibiting glowing hands. Saanvi managed to isolate all of the compounds in the passengers that she is testing. Despite her firing from Eureka, Saanvi uses every remaining moment to unravel the puzzle of the plane and the passengers. By the end of Manifest Season 3 Episode 7, she knows it isn’t just Aluminum Oxide but sapphires that the passengers have coursing through them.

Sapphires are significant in the Judeo Christain church. Isaiah 54:11 speaks of lining a church for God with jewels, specifically sapphires, while Exodus 24:10, Ezekiel 1:26, 10:1, and Revelation 21:19 all depict God as walking on sapphires. Religious scholars say this symbolizes God’s divinity. It is the very foundation of his holiness. It is found no less than twelve times in the bible, and it is the second hardness gem with only diamonds being harder. We don’t know what all this means for our group, but all signs seem to be pointing at them being touched by the devine.

What’s in the case?

Whatever is in the box spells trouble for everyone. There is something divine in the small case covered in the same elements as the plane and the passengers of Flight 828. Judging from the size, it must be something small like jewelry or pottery. Perhaps a religious artifact like the Holy Grail? We don’t know yet how it ties into the group, but it is covered in sapphires just like the passengers.

Only time will tell why Eureka has it and what this means for the group, but the inverted funnel cloud hanging over the loading dock of Eureka is terrible. It is potentially End of Days Bad. Eagan may have used strong-arm tactics, but that doesn’t mean he is wrong to be worried. Whatever is in the case is probably something that should have been left alone. I’m sure we will find out in the next episode.

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