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Manifest Season 3 Episode 8 Destination Unknown Review-Everything You Need To Know About Noah’s Ark And Mount Ararat

Thrilling and mysterious, Manifest Season 3 Episode 8 dives deeper into the religious mythos of Flight 828, bringing us closer to a big reveal.

We didn’t have to wait long to find out what was in the case. There is something divine about the random piece of driftwood the Vatican had. It is made up of the identical sapphires that all the returned are. In between all the research at Eureka, the Stone’s are back to their formulaic pattern. The buddy cop formula works on this series because it shrinks down the overwhelming size of the cast and the overarching story. There is a lot to keep track of, and episodes like Manifest Season 3 Episode 8 help us keep everything straight while allowing the story to progress.

A new passenger Rachel Hall is the focus of Manifest Season 3 Episode 8. She is one of the burning ones Ben saw in Eureka. Everything is pointing towards a cataclysmic event brought on by the driftwood, Eureka, and something the returned are doing or not doing. A visit to her house and her ex-husband and his current wife, her sister, makes Mich nervous. After visiting Rachel, she is even more concerned. So many of the passengers seem to be lying to them. The bigger question is why? Rachel’s sister Hannah took out a restraining order against her but refused to press charges. A look at her past records shows a car crash shortly before the trip to Jamaica five years before. Rachel isn’t trying to get her husband back; she is trying to rescue her sister from an abusive spouse.

Mich and Ben tried to divide and conquer the Hall sisters. Ben went to Rachel and tried to reason with her while Mich tried to find out the truth from Hannah. The “callings” were right, but they were looking at things wrong initially. Thanks to Ben’s rash actions, he managed to stop Rachel from killing her ex-husband. His actions deepened the chasm between the siblings, though. He feels the incredible burden of saving the entire plane while Mich knows there is only so much they can and should do. Where they go from here, we will have to wait and see.

Zeke and Cal are a sweet duo. Zeke councils Cal that using your powers to spy on love interests is wrong. Cal is becoming a young man, and it is natural to want to use every tool at his disposal to figure out girls. Having Zeke explain things to him helps reinforce the grave responsibility of power and the special bond the two share.

Grace is at her best when she assists others, but I liked the bad-ass Grace with a gun and the steely-eyed determination to protect her family. This quick slide back into the uber-nurturing Grace serves a purpose, but Athena Karkanis is a better actress than Manifest Season 3 Episode 8 presented. Angelina is quickly becoming an integral member of the family. Hopefully, her bond with Grace and Olive will allow her to heal. If the final scenes are anything to go by, this won’t be the case.

Saanvi has to choose a side. She can either be loyal to Eureka and literally decipher the code to miracle-making, or she can be faithful to the 828er’s. She can’t have both. When she uncovers that the piece of driftwood is actually a section of Noah’s Ark, she is excited, but that doesn’t last long. Vance and Dr. Gupta demand she pledges her silence to them. Reverse engineering a miracle sounds like a fantastic thing; however, it might be playing God. For now, she is avoiding Ben’s inquiries. The next episode will put all of that silence to the test.

Jared is playing with fire, and with as much fire and lava Manifest Season 3 Episode 8 sported, that is a concerning thing. As much as I love to see the handsome policeman finally have a healthy relationship, I believe he is playing with fire. The Major’s daughter Sarah might have ulterior motives. Even if she doesn’t, it will become harder and harder to keep Saanvi’s secret. In light of Zeke’s truth meter, it also spells trouble for any Zeke Mich shippers out there.

Lastly, Angelina might not be the angel we thought she was. There is something a little too single white female about her behavior for comfort. Is she just a girl who has finally found the family she has been searching for, or is she becoming obsessed with the only things she has to love left?

Noah’s Ark and Mount Ararat

The volcano Saanvi mentions many times in Manifest Season 3 Episode 8 is Mount Ararat. It is called the Roof of Turkey and is indeed thought to be the final resting place of Noah’s Ark. The dormant volcano is comprised of two separate cones and is enormous in size. Historians and scientists both dispute the possibility of a globe-sized flood ending all life except for that aboard the Ark. Still, they do not dispel the possibility of a smaller flood in the area, prompting the need for an Ark.

According to Islam and the Book of Genesis, the claims that Noah Ark landed on Mount Ararat are false. Both sources insist the Ark is actually in the greater region of Ararat as opposed to the specific mountain. There currently is no conclusive proof the Ark is there and that it is the ancient holy vessel. In any case, the piece of driftwood that Saanvi is investigating has peacock DNA embedded in it.

Manifest is adept at setting up chess pieces to use and knockdown when the time is right. The three methheads died last week, but an even bigger concern cropped up in their place. The strain of trying to keep everyone safe is taking its toll on Ben. His messiah complex will get him killed again unless he is the actual messiah. That’s an angel no one would see coming. Find all our Manifest coverage here.

Stray Thoughts:

We have some more divine numbers this week. Rachel’s birthday is 8-8-1985. I wonder what the other’s birthdays are?

One possibility we haven’t thought of yet is linking the driftwood to Al Zuraz. Is it possible this piece of ship is from his boat or is it actually a piece of the long lost Ark?

I love Zeke, but boy I love a good love triangle better. Here’s looking at you Jakeala!