Manifest Season Two

Manifest Season Two All You Need To Know

Manifest is back with all-new mysteries and even more mythology. Here is everything you need to know before the season two premiere tonight.

For those that may have forgotten, Manifest is the story of Flight 828 and all the passengers aboard who disappeared for over five years only to reappear with no idea they had been gone. Everyone on board and their families were affected. Children lost parents, spouses lost loves, and friends lost each other. The first twisty season brought Black Lightning, Numerology and peacock mythology to name just a few things. There was no shortage of things to send many down a Reddit rabbit hole.

Season two of Manifest promises even more action, turns, and mysteries. Michaela and Cal have “Callings” that prompt immediate response. In Cal’s case, he draws future events and in Mich’s she hears voices asking for help. All of the Stones have been called to help. They have already saved many people and in season two they will be tasked with even more. Here are all the important details.

When we last saw our 828’s Zeke, Jared, and Michaela were right in the middle of a scrabble with a gun. As the credits rolled the gun fired. More important than who got shot, however, is the ticking clock counting down everyone’s Death Day. The exact amount of time each person is alive after disappearing is the amount of time they presumably have left to live again. For Zeke, a non-828er, his clock is more urgent. If Zeke can be saved so can everyone else. The Stones are welcoming a new baby which may or may not be Ben’s magical offspring and The Major is worming her way into Saanvi’s life. Flashbacks will continue to play a large role in every episode to define the characters and fill in their backstory.

Between all the symbology, drama, and science fiction there was a ton to love about this genre show. Dubbing it the heir apparent to Lost does not do either justice. It’s a good show in it’s own right that was smart enough to borrow the best parts from many different great shows. NBC has a bonified hit on it’s hands and they know it. Manifest season two will bring back fan favorites and some of the most interesting villains since The Cigarette Smoking Man from The X-Files.

The most obvious threat of time hangs heavier over Zeke who is slated to die next year. If the Stones can save him there is hope for all the 828er’s. One thing is for sure The Stones will have their hands full with public suspicion, shadowy government agencies, and more passengers in desperate need of their help. Secrets will be revealed and relationships tested in season two. Be sure to watch for all our ongoing coverage.

Manifest Season Two Premiers Tonight at 9:00 CST.

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