Motherland: Fort Salem Episode 4

Motherland: Fort Salem Episode 4- Hail Beltane- Review And Recap

A wild Motherland: Fort Salem Episode 4 brought as much sexuality as pop culture references in an exciting hour that was packed with both.

Scylla has been a bad, bad girl, and her actions are catching up to her. Beltane is continuing as planned despite Porter’s death last episode. Some question what happened and worry about an attack, but General Adler(Lyne Renee) believes traditions matter, and the holiday will continue. Evidently, there are still some rules of engagement, and the holy holiday is safe. In addition to this tidbit of information, it is made clear the holiday isn’t just about sexuality and fertility, but also death. The newly dead can speak their last thoughts on this one night only. Porter is tops on that list to talk with. That is a significant problem for Scylla, who has a lot to cover up. Motherland: Fort Salem Episode 4 was as much about celebrating life as it was exposing death.

Raelle, having attempted to save Porter, shares his final visions. She is only getting snippets but knows there is more to the story than a suicide. When she questions Scylla, she gets subterfuge, but the interaction shows cracks are forming. Raelle is becoming stronger partly because of her training and partly because her unit is becoming a bonafide team. Abigail is even going so far as to defend her to others even as she continues to be exasperated by her. Raelle’s gift is more useful than anyone initially thought. She is insightful, sensitive, and moral. It will make it very difficult for Scylla to continue to manipulate her. It is working now because Scylla is clever, but it won’t work forever, and Scylla’s group is growing weary of her tactics.

The Spree doesn’t realize she has fallen in love with Raelle. How this new wrinkle will play out will be fun to watch, but if Scylla is willing to die to protect her secrets, even Raelle may not be safe despite Scylla’s pretty words at the end. Scylla had her hands full covering up her indiscretion with Porter. The Necros are trying to speak to Porter while everyone is focused on either checking for Spree residue or Beltane festivities. Thanks to handy work by the Spree, Porter tells them nothing and Scylla keeps her secret. She is safe from discovery but not from the Spree.

Raelle’s storyline this week provided two cool things. One, a simple but gorgeous memory sequence, and an American Pie type sex bible called the Codices. This how-to manual is literally instructions on how to get laid. A seemingly sweet and romantic gesture to Tally is just a witchy dick pic. It was silly and showed that regardless of how different things are in Motherland, men are still trying to trick women into sexual relations. The amber-hued memory sequences were very effective in conveying the last thoughts from Porter. This is a new skill that could come in handy down the road for Raelle and her unit.

Beltane continued to reign at Fort Salem. The spiritual festival celebrates life, fertility, and sexuality in all its forms. Highly hedonistic in fashion, the event is the source of the witch’s unity and vital to them. The event itself is an interesting mix of hyper-feminism and aggression. Everyone looks their best. Tally and Abigail choose traditionally feminine attire while Raelle picks something much more suitable to her distinct look. Taylor Hickson is a unique beauty, and Makeup Lead, Darah Wyant and her team made the most of it.

Beltane isn’t just about spirituality and emotional healing but magical recharging also. The world of Motherland is open and anti-puritanical. It is a time to explore one’s boundaries in a completely safe environment. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate in whatever way they see fit. Even General Adler lets her hair down and enjoys time with the Witch Father. For the young witches, it is an opportunity to find themselves in the Reel.

As fun as the Reel was to watch, it still felt like a well-timed flash mob leading to precisely what the Dad in Footloose warned of. In the end, the girls are all stronger for having participated. Raelle got a new friend and ally, Tally found her groove with Gerit(Kai Bradbury), and Abigail claimed many sources of power. Whether all of these will continue to be sources of help or hindrance remains to be seen, but we have not seen the last of Gerit.

Motherland: Fort Salem Episode 4
MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM – “Hail Beltane” – The base celebrates the rituals of Beltane, where Tally and Gerit’s connection grows and Abigail finds strength in competition. Raelle is deeply affected by a tragic event and has questions for an evasive Scylla. This episode of “Motherland: Fort Salem” airs Wednesday, April 8, at 9:00p.m. ET/PT on Freeform. (Freeform/David Bukach) NICK TARABAY, LYNE RENEE

Amid all the free love and deception are two things of importance. The first being the lovely scourges the male witches make the women. A nifty role reversal has the men making something for their female counterparts. The scourges are both beautiful and deadly. Raelle now has Porter’s thanks to the Witch Father. I will be curious whether that will continue to strengthen her doubts towards Scylla? For now, she believes Scylla’s carefully crafted truths. The connection to Porter will probably be the gift that keeps on giving though.

Beautiful memory sequences, nifty mirror effects, and stunning natural touches like sensual, crimson flowers made for a gorgeous episode full of essential connections. New relationships were formed, older relationships were solidified, and bonds forged. Raelle’s abilities have been noticed by those on both sides of the fight. The Bellweather unit is headed for a wedding next week. Hopefully, they will be safe and not used as pawns in either the Spree war or the more private battle between the witches in power. Catch up on all our Motherland: Fort Salem coverage here.

Stray Thoughts:

The Witch’s Reel is an actual ceremonial dance from Scotland. The dance is named for the ending of the dance which formed an N shaped wheel. It is traditionally a large group dance much like the one seen in the episode.

Scourges are whips or lashes often with multiple prongs. They are used exactly as they were in the episode. They inflict massive amounts of damage and pain. At least when used correctly.

Codices are not unique to witches; they are any manuscript hand-written or printed. The most famous codices include Aztec, Mayan, and Icelandic ancient works, to name a few.

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