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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 4 Not Our Daughters Review-

Battle lines are drawn. Who will answer the call, and will it be enough to fight the Camarilla in Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 4.

This series is at its best when it expands the world beyond the confines of Fort Salem. In Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 4, a public propaganda announcement is our window into the political workings of witch duty. Coupled with an angry protest outside the first national test site, tension is boiling over. As much as witches are heroes, they are also terrifying possibilities looking citizens squarely in the face. They represent potential sacrifice and loss. Similar to the X-Men, they also represent a power imbalance. Tradition Unity and Honor are their code. The ridiculous PA is wonderfully reminiscent of another guilty pleasure, Starship Troopers. Women are encouraged to find their voice in sisterhood. It is hard to encourage people to have their daughters, wives, sisters, mothers, and friends tested when everyone knows they are potentially losing them.

All roads lead to the test sight where Alder and the witches converge with Anacostia, Scylla, and Camarilla terrorists. It is ugly. Paranoia runs wild as the protestors cover their faces to ensure the government doesn’t identify them and round them up. An interesting parallel is made between forcing young women to be tested, looking for recruits, and educating our current public on COVID vaccines. When people are told what to do, they rebel. When people feel like they are being lied to, they rebel even harder. It’s almost a guarantee. Find your voice has dual meanings in Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 4. Find your inner witch to fight or find your voice to fight the power. The test site rally/protest is as tone-deaf as the commercials. America is on the verge and beginning to burn.

In the case of the recruit tested first at the facility, her witchiness is a blessing. Finally, it is somewhere for her to fit in. She expresses relief, almost that she finally has a purpose and a group. The Vice President’s daughter Penelope echoes that sentiment. Penny is part of the publicity machine and takes her role seriously. Her father, on the other hand, is just a scared dad desperate to protect his daughter. Thats the duality of the Conscription and the testing in general. It is a double-edged sword—a blessing for some and a tragedy for others. Lyne Renee’s General Alder is a perfect foil for the fevered indignation of the protestors. She has ice in her veins, and Renee does a beautiful job showing the strain that control takes on her.

Abigail’s spell last week left the weather changed, and her vocal cords thrashed. Making things worse, Adil is headed with his sister to India. In Abigail’s hurry to prove her place in the fight, she lost the one person who saw through her bravado and loved the woman she is. Not just the name or the person she wants the world to see. As a member of a historically relevant bloodline she is royalty of sorts. Adil is devoted to his people and when Abigail made him feel guilty for their mass death last season he realized she couldn’t understand what he is going through. Interestingly, race doesn’t matter as much as the purity of maternal bloodlines in this world. Prejudice and racism continue even if the targets have changed. Abigail doesn’t mean to be, but in Motherland, she is another entitled, out-of-touch Karen.

Tally continues to search for answers. But, unfortunately, she finds none. Just like the photos on the walls, all signs of Liberia-The Forever Front have been scrubbed. Just like Alder’s improvised Spree lie in Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 4, there is altered history that no one but the Biddy’s and Alder knows. How far will Alder go to protect her secrets? How will their inevitable reveal change the course of the military and the show?

Raelle’s storyline takes a backseat this week to Anacostia and Scylla. Everyone finds themselves on opposing but complementary sides of the Camarilla fight. Now that Raelle has seen Scylla, this will no doubt be a catalyst for change. M, and Abigail’s intended Handfast Gregorio, appear to be loyal to our trio. Will their loyalty put them in danger? M’s addition, in particular, breathes an unexpected strength into the series. Ess Hödlmoser portrays M as fiercely protective and vicious when needed. They were fun to watch in a fight tonight, and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future. There is a natural physicality to their movements that are almost pantherlike.

Alder’s plan to pin the attack on the Spree backfires. Not only did she endanger the lives of all the protestors and the witch soldiers present, but she has also driven a wedge between herself and the trio. It almost cost Abigail her life. Thankfully, M and Tally find her just before she had her larynx removed. That scene alone proves the Camarilla play dirty, and Alder’s stretching of the rules, although morally questionable, may be necessary. General Alder is planning for war by sacrificing battles. It is a reasonable strategy, but that doesn’t make it palatable to the soldiers and their loved ones who are expendable pawns. Martyrs are powerful symbols when they sacrifice for their cause. When martyrs are killed and lied about, their power grows exponentially. Alder risks losing control if Nikta’s story gets out.

There is a storm raging in Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 4. Our trio is tired of Alder’s lies. There is a reckoning coming, and each woman is preparing in their own way. For Abigail, it means pushing herself too hard and pushing others away. Raelle sees Scylla and begins forming doubts about the Spree and Alder’s role in the military. For Tally, it means tapping into her connection with Alder and confronting the eldest witch. It’s only a matter of time before things come to a head. The truth will come out. Divisiveness is coming from all sides now. Anacostia is pushing back against Alder. There’s a power struggle brewing between Petra and Alder and those who have chosen sides. Who will be the victor? We can only speculate now. Follow all our Motherland: Fort Salem coverage here.