Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 5

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 5 Brianna’s Favorite Pencil Review- What Is Samhain?

Samhain gives everyone time to reflect on the dead as the bodies pile up and Abigail finds a reason to fight back in Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 5.

Hate and anger are huge motivators. But, they are dangerous as hate ruins everything it touches. Sometimes slowly and other times in a searing blaze that consumes in seconds. In Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 5, the witches need to keep the fire of hope alive while the Camarilla sets blazes and watches the world burn. Time is running out to stop this runaway train. The Spree aren’t exactly pure, but they are better than the Camarilla.

It’s all about perspective, though. The Camarilla has no problem killing kids and cutting throats to achieve their goals. The Spree has killed countless civilians, including the thousands Scylla says she has killed all by herself. The witch military has also killed in the name of the USA, in the name of witchiness, and Alder’s case to protect secrets. No one’s hands are clean. It just depends on who resonates more.

Another day another attack on the Tarim. This time General Sharma of India was collateral damage. The brutal attack may have taken out a powerful witch, but it also unleashed rage in another. I understand Khalida’s need to preserve her culture’s passivity at all costs, but the price is becoming very steep. At what point will they have to join the fight or risk being exterminated? It appears by the end of Mother: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 5 at least Adil is willing to take the fight to the Camarilla.

I was hard on Abigail last week. I love her flaws because narratively, they elevate the show and her as a character. Her fan base has been less than thrilled with her beleaguered character arch, though. She has had the most to deal with losing her cousin, boyfriend and being attacked twice. As much as she is privileged, she has expectations that are nearly crippling. Raelle has had tragedy in her life, but she has the Mycelium connection making her special. Tally has an empathetic heart and an enhanced gift of sight. Poor Abigail has misery and pressure.

As much as I enjoy watching Ashley Nichole Williams’ gorgeous face pout, I am beginning to understand the fan ire. There are only so many tough breaks she can take before it becomes torture porn. Give her a second to breathe. Hopefully, now that Adil is back, she will be given a chance to heal and reclaim control over her fear and sadness. She has always been harder on herself than anyone else. It is why she lashes out and does foolish things sometimes. Charvel’s words of wisdom from beyond the grave are what she needed to hear. She is vengeance, and she is ready to fight smart.

An interesting Samhain ceremony gave the company a chance to talk to the dead if they can keep the fire burning and themselves alive until midnight. It would provide Tally the opportunity to speak to Esther and Scylla the chance to talk to her mother if she was alive, that is. For Abigail, who has been beaten down, she’s just done. Everyone is able to convince her to try for Charvel, and in one of the cooler visuals of the season, blue-eyed Ichabod Cranes shoot glowing arrows at the witches and their fire in the hope of extinguishing them. The company manages to thwart the ghostly riders with some help from Raelle’s gifts.

Abigail was able to speak with Charvel and capture some of her old bravado while Tally speaks to Esther and begins piecing together Alder’s deception. Tally’s connection is a liability to Alder, and she asks Izadora to give her something to sever the tie. Tally’s experience as a Biddy has made her surprisingly stronger. She isn’t afraid of Alder, even though everything she has seen so far tells her she should be. Tally knows Alder is lying about Esther and Nicta, but after tonight she has proof. How this affects the remainder of this season, we don’t know yet, but with a more significant problem looming, it will likely get placed on the back burner, at least temporarily.

What is Samhain?

Samhain is a Druid holiday. It is sometimes called Winter Night and is celebrated October 31st through November 1st. It is the most important day as it marks the end of the calendar year and the beginning of a new one. The Celts of the Iron age Ireland saw it as a time when the Gods of the Otherworld mingled with the living. Practicing Pagans see this as a time when the spirit world can be reached, similar to what we saw in Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 5. All Hallows Eve, Halloween, and All Saints Day are what is left after Christianity plucked the harvest components out of the holiday and kept the spiritual aspects but with a kitchy bent.

All of our main players headed into the belly of the beast in Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 5. Our trio has to defend their fire until midnight while Anacostia and Scylla have entered the realm of the Camarilla. A masked ball ominously begins with the leader of the Camarilla saying they are reinstating an old tradition from All Hallows Eve. The Camarilla are going to sacrifice Brianna’s friend. Anacostia and Scylla can’t let that happen. Anacostia, who could not have looked better, finally got a chance to show off her fighting skills. It has been a long time since she was able to demonstrate her prowess. The well-choreographed fight scene showcases her strength.

The storyline also gave Scylla a chance at both redemption and intimidation. When she sacrificed herself for the little girl, it was easy to see her as a hero. Her speech reminded us just how vicious she is, though. When it is all said in done, the two witches manage to save the little girl and remove a large Camarilla cell from the board. The only question that remains is what did Scylla do with the lighter to the leader’s face, and how does that affect her?

Raelle wasn’t able to speak to her mother on Samhain because she isn’t dead. Anacostia knows but lied to her. Her mission requires secrecy, and telling Raelle about her mother jeopardizes everything they are trying to accomplish. I hope Raelle understands this when it all comes out. Being lied to by a trusted mentor, her girlfriend, and her mother will change the witch with the most powerful weapon known inside her.

The more dynamic plot beats largely obscured little nuggets of information. That doesn’t mean they weren’t necessary, though. First, the President refuses to see General Alder, or the manipulation Alder has been inflicting on her is taking a toll. Neither option is good. Vice President Silver is postponing the opening of the test sites after the attack last week. The public is understandably concerned for the safety of the citizens. How this delay will play out remains to be seen. The Indian military has officially condemned the Camarilla. How will this affect the unrest in the US as well as other countries? Lastly, the Spree are splintering. The group which was once united has now started pointing fingers at each other. All of these have major ramifications moving forward.

This was another incredibly tight episode. It was exciting and packed with plot points that will ripple throughout the season. Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 5 was a tail of two sides. Love and hate dual for control in a world on edge. As Scylla tells Bonnie, find something beautiful to live for because otherwise, hate will ruin you. I think Abigail is headed down a dark path, and I hope Adil is able to pull her back without too much damage. Hate and anger destroyed Scylla; I hope it doesn’t claim too many other victims. Find all our Motherland: Fort Salem coverage here.