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{Movie Review} Yummy- The Delishiously Gory Cure For Wellness

Yummy premiering June 25th, 2020 on Shudder is the raunchiest, zombie movie you never knew you needed.

The Belgian zombie movie is heavy on laughter and gore as it leans hard into the ridiculous horror-comedy sub-genre with entertaining results. The tagline of the movie is Facelifts, Boob Jobs, and Zombies for God’s sake. Films so often neglect to let their freak flag fly. Not only is Yummy proudly waving it, but they are also using it to flip you the bird if you don’t like it.

Shudder has done a fantastic job scooping up these oddball films that you likely wouldn’t get to see if it wasn’t for the fast-growing genre streamer. Yummy, which was slated to show at SXSW, was high on my list before COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the festival. It was sure to be a hit. Now that Shudder has acquired it, everyone gets to see the chucklerama sure to become a cult classic.

If you’ve ever thought there just aren’t enough flying dicks and eyeballs in movies-Yummy is for you. Reminiscent of the Troma films, Yummy is disgusting and kooky enough to make even the most sober viewer laugh. It’s not supposed to be high cinema, so relax and enjoy the body fluid lubed slide to Hell.

A mother and daughter have traveled to a medical clinic in search of cheap plastic surgery. Mom is desperate to hold on to her looks, and Allison is looking for a breast reduction. Along for the ride is nerdy boyfriend Michael(Bart Hollanders), who faints at the sight of blood. This medical facility for the zombified they find themselves in is the worst place for someone like that. Shortly after arriving well-meaning but daffy, Michael releases patient zero thinking she is a victim. Not only is she not a victim, but she was turned into an undead killing machine by some sort of youth rejuvenation serum the clinic had been experimenting with. The rest of the plot plays out exactly as you would imagine.

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Nothing is off-limits, and the hospital outbreak film even takes a mild office place turn when the only other qualified medical staff member gets infected and uses a paper shredder to amputate his arm. Don’t ask why it happens; just watch because the hilarious scene can’t be missed. Another hysterical situation has Michael insisting he’s trained to cut off fingers with the lenses from his glasses. It’s so absurd you find yourself laughing despite your resolve to be above the sophomoric humor.

Courtesy of Shudder

Lead Maaike Neuville(Allison) manages to be exasperated and tender with her incompetent boyfriend, and writers Lars Damoiseaux-who also directs- and Eveline Hagenbeek really gives her something to chew on. She isn’t just a pretty blonde with big boobs but a strong charismatic woman beginning to find her confidence. She’s a joy to watch. This is one damsel that doesn’t need a man to save her, which is good because the last men standing are both worthless. Hollanders’ Michael is so weak spirited he can’t step up even when everyone’s life is on the line. His interplay with Allison and the many, many blunders he makes are some of the funniest of the movie. Think Mr. Bean level goofiness in a zombie movie. The slapstick comedy works with top-notch violence.

Practical effects by Thomas Desmet, Thomas Jonckheere, and Arne Normon make the blood pop and the gore ooze. It is a highlight of this goo filled splatterfest. The pacing is superb with things taking off after patient zero escapes. There isn’t a wasted moment in between the synth-laden beats of the soundtrack that sounds like it’s straight out of the ’80s. Yummy is a quick watch that races towards an obvious but still enjoyable conclusion.

The horror-comedy flick is amusing in the same way fart jokes are. Sure, their nauseating, but you always giggle. With unexpected laughs and more than its share of intestines, this movie is everything you want from a lighthearted zombie film. If you are looking to take a bite out of some horror fun this weekend, look no further than Yummy. It premieres on Shudder June 25th, 2020. Bon Appetit!

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