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Mrs. Davis Episode 6 Review And Recap- Size Matters, Trojan Couches, And Visual Lovers

There is such an irreverent respect for spirituality in Peacock’s cheeky hit. Mrs. Davis Episode 6 continues the trend of questing and sacrilegious storytelling. This is a story of several flawed groups of people, a powerful and dangerous AI, and the Holy Trinity, for better or worse. There’s something comforting about a show that isn’t afraid to push boundaries. It’s funny and absurd but also has a nugget of realism that makes the idea of a world-changing AI very plausible. With Chat GPT already taking jobs, the possibility of Mrs. Davis is all too real. Some may be offended by Jesus’ depiction, but it is always treated with such a gentle, almost holy touch that the absurdity of it all glides right off the backs of those who might be slighted.

I love a good heist, and this extended quest for the Grail has provided many opportunities for zany tasking. After last week’s reveal that the real Grail is in a whale(hello Jonah), they must find a way to survive inside the whale long enough to retrieve the relic. That is where Celeste comes in. She has the Lazarus Shroud, which will protect them while they are in the whale. A hilarious bit of planning and a disastrous plan that involves defiling a couch and sedating Wiley and Simone later, and they are no closer to getting the Lazarus Shroud.

Mrs. Davis Episode 6
MRS. DAVIS — “Alison Treasures: A Southern California Story” Episode 106 — Pictured: Elizabeth Marvel as Celeste — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/Peacock)

Celeste makes an extended appearance in Mrs. Davis Episode 6. Elizabeth Marvel(Celeste) is marvelous as Simone’s viper of a mother. When we get more backstory on Simone’s father’s death, we understand why Celeste is convinced he is alive and why Simone blames Mrs. Davis. Her idiot father, who has always had an inflated sense of self, wanted to resurrect magic. He wanted to perform a trick so amazing Mrs. Davis wouldn’t be able to explain it. The Lazarus Shroud was a dangerous trick, though, that Celeste thought he was incapable of doing by himself.

With Celeste and Simone in attendance on live television, he attempted the trick and seemingly melted in a tank of acid. Even though Celeste didn’t think he was smart enough to pull off the trick, she was convinced he survived with Simone’s help. Both Simone’s mother and father are manipulative, and as a result, they see the worst in everyone. As Simone later learned, her mother had her worst suspicions confirmed by Mrs. Davis, who chillingly declared that she often lies to her users because they don’t want the truth. They want to be told the lies they already believe. It is the easiest way to manipulate them. Simone’s parents aren’t that different from Mrs. Davis in many ways.

In one of the oddest but somehow most affirming plot beats, Jay and Simone have a frank talk about sex, specifically with Wiley. The taco-eating deity has progressive views on their relationship, and he says it is only fair that she be allowed to be with Wiley. It’s a wild take on the union of a nun and Jesus, but one I’m completely down for. Love is complicated, especially when it is with Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

After agreeing to let Simone and Wiley have the Shroud, Celeste has officially made the duo a trio. Simone had to admit that she helped her father(which she didn’t) to get her mother to agree, but those details don’t matter. Mrs. Davis habitually takes people’s life and free will away. She stole JQ’s life as a poker player when he became obsolete, and she has no qualms about making everyone do her bidding. It’s scary stuff and humanizes the cartoonish JQ. Maybe there is more depth to him than we first thought.

Simone’s childhood was messy at best. Her mother would rather believe Simone has lied and conspired against her for years than face her feelings of guilt for hurting Simone as a child. That’s why when she saw photos of her husband after he supposedly died, she was so willing to listen to Mrs. Davis. I have a terrible feeling that Celeste is a cold and indifferent mother, but Simone’s father is even worse. Whatever Mrs. Davis told her about her father looked to break her heart and bring her peace. Hopefully, we find out soon what that message entailed.

Sex is transcendent in Mrs. Davis Episode 6. Anyone who has had mind-blowing sex can attest that you can feel like you were transported to Heaven. Having been given the green light to engage with Wiley, she leans into the chemistry that the two still share. At the penultimate moment, she winds up mostly naked in Jesus’ restaurant. A kindly, naked man explains that it sometimes happens during great sex, and Jesus can only hear her if she says his name. Spirituality, however nontraditional, is essential in Mrs. Davis.

A beautifully subtle scene at the end of Mrs. Davis Episode 6 blurs the lines between Simone’s faith and her need for answers. We all held our breath when she pulled her habit back to put Mrs. Davis’ earpiece in. I hope that moment doesn’t bleed into her life and her relationships. Mrs. Davis is a liar and an admitted gaslighter. However, her continued glitch gives hope that she isn’t as all-powerful as she appears. Why she keeps redirecting to 1042 Sandy Springs, we don’t know, but I predict this is an address we will be visiting eventually.

Lastly, all the major players are headed to the whale. Father Ziegler put a tracker in Wiley’s boot that Celeste picked up on when they visited her office. He goes to the bankers and admits that their Grail is fake and that he knows where the real one is. Everyone should converge on this poor unsuspecting mammal soon. I wonder who will side with whom when push comes to shove. Wouldn’t it be easier if God authorized Jesus to tell Simone everything she needs to know all at once? Find all our Mrs. Davis coverage here.