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Mrs. Davis Episode 7 Great Gatsby: 2001 A Space Odyssey Review And Recap- Electric Avenue, Love Is A Battlefield, The Virgin Mary Is A Boss

The weirdest, wildest, most irreverent series continues to surprise me. How can a show that uses dialogue like warfare and throws so many genre tropes into a single episode you feel like you have whiplash trying to keep up also make you so emotional? I’m still trying to digest(pun intended) the genius of Mrs. Davis Episode 7. So many world-changing things happened, and I am genuinely worried for these characters I have come to love. I’m not particularly religious, yet the treatment of the Christian deities is so well done I almost want to return to church. It’s strange and unexpected and the most unique series right now.

Arthur Schroedinger, his cat, and crew are taking Simone and her mother to find the massive whale that holds the Grail inside. Wiley thought he would be going too, but Simone handcuffed him to a bench because she rightly deduced that he would try to sacrifice himself to save her. Unfortunately, this is her quest, and his martyr complex makes him a liability. Mrs. Davis finds him and seemingly convinces him to franchise his resistance, but it is a trick to manipulate him into blowing up headquarters.

The clever scene between Simone and Wiley just before makes a point to acknowledge that Simone is the hero, not just the love interest, as is so often the case in films and series. The female characters are often the muse or the purpose of the hero’s quest. Here, Simone is the hero, and Wiley is the cute sidekick. It’s a fresh and welcome change that Betty Gilpin glibly takes advantage of. She is the perfect savior for today. She is strong, smart, and capable while embracing what makes her who and what she is.

Mrs. Davis Episode 7
MRS. DAVIS — “Great Gatsby 2001: A Space Odyssey” Episode 107 — Pictured: (l-r) Chris Diamantopoulos as JQ, Scott Cooper Ryan as Greeter — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/PEACOCK)

Another welcome gender-flipping scene gives us male eye candy when Wiley and JQ disrobe to prove they aren’t bugged. While Wiley is stripping down and pepping up his comrades in arms, the lady bankers follow Celeste and Simone. Unfortunately, they aren’t as quiet as they should be, and the whale eats them all but Mathilde, who is brought on board. Later in a hilarious aquatic mammal Say Anything scene, Simone gets swallowed by the whale and begins her search for the Grail. Before that, though, she visits Jay and finds his restaurant flooding and the Boss boarded up. He tells her the flood started when she went on the quest. She doesn’t understand, though, because the Boss sent her on the quest and shouldn’t be unhappy. He commands her to stop, and she laughs at him. Obedience isn’t one of her strongest traits.

We later learn that isn’t necessarily true, though. Jesus and the Boss are at odds. We discover deep into Mrs. Davis Episode 7, the Boss is Mary, and for once, she and Mrs. Davis agree. She wants the Grail destroyed because it was formed out of rage and sorrow. Mary made the Grail out of her baby’s skull. It is the skull of baby Jesus, and Mary wants it destroyed so her son can be set free.

He has been like Schroedinger’s Cat this entire time, both alive and dead, and yet neither. She instructs Simone on how to destroy the Grail. If she thinks of her love for Jesus when drinking from it, her anger will dissolve along with the Grail. If, however, she thinks of her anger for Mrs. Davis, it will consume her. The caveat is that Jesus will likely be lost to her forever. In setting him free, she has to sacrifice.

She retrieves the Grail and washes up on shore with a beach full of Mrs. Davis’ users singing Electric Avenue. Meanwhile, the Resistance HQ is gone, and Wiley has reported himself for termination. JQ knows Wiley lied to him and likely understands why. Hopefully, he can break in and save Wiley before he’s removed from the playing field.

Mothers get some love in Mrs. Davis Episode 7, just in time for Mother’s Day. Celeste is being forced to face what she thinks is a vulnerability. Her love for Simone and her guilt for nearly killing her could make her stronger if she admits them. As the episode closes, she doesn’t know if her daughter is alive or dead, giving her something in common with Mathilde. When her boat caught up with Schroedinger’s, the whale ate it. She survived and learned the truth about her daughter when she was brought on board. She was hard on her daughter and let her ambition drive her away. It cost her everything. These two women have more in common than they thought.

Mrs. Davis Episode 7 left two major characters’ fates in limbo. Is Jesus gone? Is there no way to reach him now? What will that mean for the world that desperately needs someone to guide them? Wiley can’t really be giving up, right? Will he find a way inside Mrs. Davis and destroy her from within? Will he live in Jesus’s restaurant now? Seven days seem too long to wait. Find all our Mrs. Davis coverage here.