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Netflix’s Horror Anime Series for 2021 (and Beyond)

As many followers of Japanese animation already know, anime allows for more elaborate world building and super-cool action scenes. It is also known for its unlimited potential for sci-fi, drama and horror. Netflix has already made a name for itself in the world of anime over the last few years with shows like Castlevania and Devil May Cry. So what does Netflix’s horror anime look like exactly.

Let’s run down what the streaming service is offering this year and beyond.

Disclaimer: Anime comes in a wide variety of forms these days including family friendly with more diverse characters and less stereotypes than in the past. This is a listing of horror or adult anime. Be aware the following may depict violence, nudity/sexual situations, stereotypes and other sensitive subject matter including suicide.

New Content-Streaming Now

High Rise Invasion

This highly anticipated, Netflix exclusive series takes its name from the skyscrapers that the characters must run back and forth across to escape masked killers. The main character, Yuri, is a teenager who is trying to figure out this weird world she finds herself in and save her missing brother at the same time. The good news is that the lead is a strong female. The bad news is that she still has to deal with some of the same old tropes.

Pacific Rim: The Black

In a very meta full circle, this Netflix series features the battles of the Kaigu and Jaegers from Pacific Rim in animated form instead of the live-action CGI combo of the past. The monsters and robots are at it again while humans are running around in the background. The expectations for this reboot are so high that there is already a season 2 on the way after fans are left hanging from a cliff at the end of this season.

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohane

Previously a peripheral character in the series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Parts 4 and 5 are on Netflix now), Kishibe is the star of this spin-off mini-series. In his quest to improve his artistic prowess in manga, he stumbles into helping those in need with his magical powers. Each of the four vignettes features its own stand alone gruesome tale.

Godzilla Singular Point

One can never get enough of Godzilla, apparently. This series is opening around the same time that Godzilla vs Kong is being released on HBO Max and theatres. Although there are not a lot of details available, the anime will be a hybrid of old school hand-drawn animation and CGI. The buzz is around the look of this particular Godzilla drawn by former Studio Ghibli’s Eiji Yamamori.

New Netflix’s Horror Anime Content-Streaming Soon


This series is derived from a comic book and manga series set in the Philippines. The folklore of the country are incorporated into the battle of human versus supernatural. Brought to you by the executive producer of Wonder Woman with the main character voiced by a star from longtime The CW hit Pretty Little Liars, Trese may be the gateway series that serves as an introduction for fans new to anime.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Netflix is just in time with their Infinite Darkness anime series. The franchise will add the eighth video game, Resident Evil Village, in May. A new movie reboot releases in September. Fans hope that this series will honor the games better than the previous films did.

Returning Content

B: The Beginning-on now

This is one of the first original anime series on Netflix. The second season is finally releasing after several years. The story continues in Cremona, a world filled with disturbing crime. The mysterious Killer B is still out there and agent Keith is back to chase him down.

The Promised Neverland Season 2-Coming 2021

This second season is controversial. First, Hulu viewers are already halfway into the new season while Netflix subscribers wait. Also, this season diverges from the timeline of the source manga. Still, the children of the series continue to fight demons and other obstacles in their newly found freedom.

The Seven Deadly Sins-Late 2021

The fifth season will start later this year after its release in Japan. Fans are wondering if this will be the last one. The Dragon’s Judgement is the basis for this season and the last in the manga series. Enjoy the fighting amongst all the clans while you can. Get ready for a new Demon King.

Baki Hanma-Coming 2021

This series is a hybrid of new with continuation of characters from three seasons of Baki. The lead is a young man learning martial arts with the hopes of defeating his own ogre father in an ultimate battle.

Netflix’s horror anime In the Pipeline

In addition to a Terminator series, Netflix has also announced plans to make anime adaptations from Skull Island and Tomb Raider. With the partnership of four major anime production studios confirmed this past fall, anime fans should have a lot more original content to watch soon as well.

What anime adaptations would you like to see? Should Netflix continue with original programming?