Raised By Wolves Episode 7

Raised By Wolves Episode 6 Lost Paradise Review And Recap- Romulus And Remus Reimagined

A dynamic Raised By Wolves Episode 6 changed everything with a voice from beyond and a well-timed siege. Everything begins again now.

There has been mass speculation for weeks thanks to an IMDb casting list that shows Mother and Father would not see the other side of the season. Was it true? Is it a false flag meant to trick us? There were more wild suggestions than at a Plushie Convention. We finally know at least part of the truth, and it isn’t great for the androids who have devoted their lives, or processers anyway, to raising humanity’s last hope. Raised By Wolves Episode 6 answered those questions but raised so many more. What will the second half of the season bring?

If you live in the past, there can’t be a future. Mother learns this the hard way when her addiction to her memories is her and Father’s undoing. It’s not the first time that a creator and their creation have fallen in love. That doesn’t make this plot beat any less derivative or irritating. More so, in fact, especially when we realize that Campion Sturgis may very well have uploaded his consciousness as a way to prolong his life. If humanity is so flawed, what makes him think his digitized brain will be any less harmful?

Mother and Father have certainly proven that gender roles are hard to break out of, and romantic patterns follow strict rules. When there is a lack of respect and love, there will be cheating. Mother cares for Father, but more like an adult child than a love interest. She finds him a little dodgering and silly. That, in turn, makes him desperate for her approval and distrustful of her actions. It’s a vicious cycle that anyone who has ever been in a bad relationship can relate to. Instead of working together, they spend their time accusing each other. This becomes even worse when Mother finds drawings on the walls. They depict her time in the simpod, and they are seemingly drawn by Tally’s hand.

Who Or What Is Tally?

Tally continues to haunt the planet. Campion Sturgis seems like the likeliest candidate for her appearance, but to what end? Also how? She has appeared to almost everyone and has spent extended time with Vita. If it is Campion’s ghost in the machine that is affecting Mother, manifesting Tally, and talking to Marcus, it’s a fantastic parlor trick. Are there advanced technologies from the previous inhabitants that Campion has commandeered. Is God speaking to Marcus? We don’t know, but with as layered a religious allegory as Raised By Wolves, anything is possible.

Paul And Campion Are Fated Brothers

It should be no surprise that Paul and Campion are being set up as the two most sympathetic enemies. They are pitted against each other by ideology and circumstance. The boys are also tragically friends. They are both gentle, thoughtful souls. Both of them are capable of violence, though. Paul will hurt animals to eat and trap. Campion prefers to sacrifice than take a life. He is used to being a special child. When Paul can solve the puzzle faster than him and then later makes a trap for the creatures, he punches Paul out of jealousy. It is the final straw for him. Paul once was listening to his vegetarian ways, but no longer wants to eat plants exclusively. Not only does Campion feel betrayed and rejected by Paul but worried he would be replaced in Mother’s eyes.

It is the exact scenario the mythological twins Romulus and Remus lived. Paul and Campion have been positioned by Raised By Wolves to be brothers who initially trust each other but later become fierce enemies. In the Roman story of Romulus and Remus, they are twin brothers born from Rhea Silvia. Their father was either the God Mars, Hercules, or an unknown rapist. Rhea Silvia was a vestal virgin whose children were sentenced to die by King Amulius. He imprisoned Rhea Silvio and ordered the infants left to drown in the Tiber River. Instead, the servant who was ordered to carry out the sentence took pity of the children and left them in a basket.

Raised By Wolves Episode 6
Raised By Wolves photot: Coco Van Opens Episode 6

The river God Tibernus calmed the river and saved the children by stopping their basket in some tree roots. A She-wolf found the children and suckled them to keep them alive until a shepherd and his wife took the children in. They grew up happy and content. It was only as adults that jealousy became an issue, and they argued over the site for the new city. They two fought and agreed to settle their conflict over augury. Augury is the practice of examing birds for behavior and attributes favorable by the Gods. Remus claimed to have seen six birds with Romulus finding twelve. Conveniently both numbers figure prominently in Raised By Wolves Religious Iconography of the Mithraic. For example, the temple in the simpod has six circles with three symbols in each.

It’s important to remember here, Campion, one of the original six babies, found six additional embryos his siblings accidentally destroyed. When the two brothers could not agree on the outcome of the augury, Romulus began construction of a wall to define his city. Remus continually made fun of him until Romulus killed him in anger. Romulus named his city Roma after himself, and it became the empire of Rome. There is one account of Remus’s death that explains one of Romulus’s followers killed him with a spear to the side. One of the children taken from the Ark could easily pick sides and kill Campion setting up this same scenario. Several of the new children are options. Either way, one boy will be the founder of a new civilization, and the other will die. It’s only a matter of time.

Mother’s And Father’s

What makes a good parent? Is it biology or history? Perhaps both? Mother and Father were designed to protect and nurture. Does that make their care for the children any less valid? I tend to agree with Campion that everything has a soul, which would include Mother and Father. If that’s the case, Marcus, Sue, and the androids are in a unique position to change things.

Marcus and Sue are no more parents to Paul than the androids are to Campion, and yet all parties involved care deeply. That doesn’t stop Marcus from sending Paul back into the settlement to retrieve Mother’s eyes, though. It is dangerous, and Sue argues against it, but Marcus reasons it is the only way for them to be together safely. The trap works perfectly, but Campion may never forgive him for the betrayal. For that matter, Tempest may struggle as well. She has bonded with her surrogate parents, and Mother was helping her cope with the rape. What will happen when she is forced to confront her rapist every day? For that matter, what happens when Marcus and Sue tell Paul what really happened? He must know they are different before the journey.

I have deep reservations about the relationship between Campion Sturgis and Mother. In essence, he is her father, which makes the sex scene wildly inappropriate. Beyond the weird toxic masculinity involved, it is wrong. That being said, it was a gorgeously shot scene with one of the most inventive ways of showing an orgasm. Similar to Jumbo’s titular sex scene, there is a deluge of fluid and a swelling of……music. Although stunning, this plot beat was icky at best.

Hunter Is The Worst

I think that pretty much speaks for itself. He thinks he’s a genius and acts like an entitled brat. He got Father killed and is barely remorseful. Hopefully, he can put those big brain skills of his to good use and help repair Mother and Father.

Once again, internet porn gets someone in trouble. This time it was a computer virus that may be affecting Mother more than she thought. Now that she is incapacitated, it will be interesting to see how she responds to being powerless and cut off from her love. Are Marcus and Sue willing and able to fix Mother and Father? Who spoke to Marcus, and are they friend or foe? Raised By Wolves Episode 7 should begin to answer those questions. Find all our Raised By Wolves Coverage here.