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Servant Season 2 Episode 10 Josephine Explained- 2 Crazy Theories And Everything You Need To Know

Josephine has come to the Turner’s and she isn’t there to play in a harrowing Servant Season 2 Episode 10 that changes everything ahead of Season 3.

Jospehine’s appearance raises alarm bells for everyone. Leanne is terrified of her, while Sean is willing to gamble this new aunt might help get Jericho back. By the end of the episode, the house has a Betamax player, one more ghost courtesy of a very crispy auntie, and a complete family unit poised for an ugly fight. Here is everything you need to know about the crazy Servant Season 2 Episode 10.

In Servant Season 2 Episode 10, Josephine comes to disrupt the Turner’s household and return Leanne to the light by any means possible. During the tight thirty-minute episode, Josephine terrified and attacked Leanne, locked Sean in a room, and tried to force Dorothy to remember. By the end, she only succeeded in getting herself killed. Leanne did the majority of the heavy lifting by fending off Josephine and burning her up. She left her behind the wall in the basement to collect dust as Dorothy and Sean unknowingly cuddled their precious baby.

Who is Josephine?

Josephine is yet another aunt of Leanne’s and a higher member of the Church of Lesser Saints. One side of her face is heavily scarred, and she hides it by wearing a black veil. She has come to bring Leanne a Betamax player and return her to the Church. Leanne is scared of her, but the woman is ultimately not a match for the Turners and Leanne’s combined forces. Her interactions with Dorothy are benign, but they are clearly designed to force Dorothy to remember what happened to the real Jericho. We don’t actually see Josephine lock the doors to the nursery and the Master bedroom, but we do see her gliding throughout the upstairs silently.

Mainly Josephine is concerned with making Leanne return to the light, by force if necessary. Uncle George’s Betamax tape was a 70s era human resources video with chilling detailed instructions on the important process. The steps must be followed precisely. They are as follows: Invocation, Consecration, and Emancipation. Each one is more terrifying than the first but all delivered with a used car salesman’s bland pleasantness. Dunder Mifflin couldn’t have put together a better video.

Everything you need to know about the returning process.

The process takes four steps, according to Frederick; however, we only hear three. Invocation requires the afflicted to hurt themselves while listening to music that makes them happy. In the video, Little Richard’s Tutti Frutti is used as the men and women tear out their hair, scratch their bodies, and bite themselves. It was an especially terrifying scene made even better by the music choice. The purpose of the Invocation is to remove false feelings from the minds of those who have strayed. It is the reason Leanne flogged herself earlier in the series and is a technique used in brainwashing.

The next step, Consecration, requires the one who is doing the saving to blind the lost person with oils, their hands, or a knife. Only after they have been blinded do you proceed to the next part of the process, the limbs’ slicing. This is intended to allow the soul to be free of the flesh and return to God. It is definitely Old Testament stuff.

The final step is Emancipation and is the burning of the flesh in a hemp fire. That would be a major party foul in certain circles, but for the Church, it is the only way to ensure the death “takes.” Josephine intended on blinding Leanne, slicing her limbs, and burning her in the fire in the basement that George prepared in the last episode. She did temporarily blind her and cut one arm before Dorothy saved her. When Josephine regained consciousness, she tried to strangle Leanne. Instead, she was stabbed through the eye with a red hot knife and burned in the hemp fire.

Jericho is back.

Leanne seemingly brought the baby back to life, again. The doll is gone and in its place there is a darling little boy. If Leanne could bring him back all along why did she wait until now? Is the truth staring us in the face? If Leanne had the power to bring him back, she held out on Dorothy until Dorothy proved she was a good person and loved her. When Dorothy saved Leanne by hitting Josephine with the shovel, Leanne took that as a sign that the woman loved her like a daughter. She rewarded her by bringing Jericho back to the grieving woman. There is no denying Leanne is special.

Two Crazy Theories

There has been constant speculation that everyone is dead and possibly in Purgatory. I posit they are actually in Hell. The windows are open in the Master bedroom in the middle of a snowstorm, and Leanne’s attic has broken windows everywhere, yet no one is cold. What if we are looking at Aunt Josephine’s behavior with Dorothy wrong? If Dorothy and Sean both committed suicide over their grief, Josephine could be trying to make Dorothy atone for her suicide and thus allow her to reconcile with the real Jericho. Dorothy may have already committed suicide, and Sean followed because he couldn’t live without her. Maybe everything we have seen, including Mr. Turner, the cops, and the EMT’s are figments of their imagination?

Theory two concerns Leanne. Maybe Leanne was meant to die in the house with the rest of her family when she was a child. She was found by Aunt May and the others because her death didn’t “take”. Her mother could have been a follower of the church all along. Now, inside Leanne, there is a demon or an avenging angel who is determined to help the innocent girl make changes in the world. At the end of Servant Season 2 Episode 10 Leanne wonders why she does bad things. She senses something dark growing in her. As she prays out loud all of the lights on the street go out. Something is gaining power in Leanne and the Church may try to come to claim her and Jericho, but she will be waiting.

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Stray Straw:

  • Leanne asks Josephine why she is wearing a veil. Either she has never met this church member, or Josephine burned her face sometime between the last time Leanne saw her and now. That is significant either way.
  • Pennies From Heaven is an inspired choice for the chase scene. It has been covered by many of the greats, including Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Louis Armstrong.
  • Frederick means a peaceful ruler, but his instructions hardly seem peaceful. Josephine means to grow. I hoping this doesn’t allude to her coming back to life.
  • One of the boxes in the video says BGA’s Salon. That is a real salon that’s purpose is to treat damaged hair from the inside out. Their front page says, “With BGA, you’ll know that to treat damaged hair, you have to get the root of the problem and treat it on a cellular level.”  Knowing what the Church of Lesser Saints stands for it is kind of coincidental.
  • Josephine stabbed herself with a knife in the kitchen before Leanne ran downstairs and hid in the cellar. Did Josephine know all along Leanne would kill and burn her, or does the ritual require others to participate in the Invocation?