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Servant Season 2 Episode 9 Goose Review-

The worst Christmas party ever leaves little doubt that Leanne can bring back the dead in a thrilling Servant Season 2 Episode 9.

There is nothing holly or jolly about this holiday celebration. It might be a white Christmas, especially for Julian, but everyone is feeling blue, and by the end of the evening, one guest actually turned blue. The greater mystery of Leanne, Uncle George, and the Church of the Lesser Saints got a little murkier in Servant Season 2 Episode 9. The gorgeously paced episode kept the pressure on and the dread thick. By the end of the evening, everyone is shaken, and someone new has come calling.

In typical Turner fashion, the family will act as if nothing is out of the ordinary. That way, if Jericho comes home, his first Christmas won’t be ruined by the unpleasantness of everything that happened in the last several months. Of course, the problem with this is they are introducing another person to the madness who is ill-prepared to deal with this level of nuts, and no one is coping very well.

Julian, their father Frank, his girlfriend Kourtney with a K, Leanne, and the Turners all gather to celebrate and await Jericho’s return. Only George and the baby aren’t coming, and Julian is losing it. He is in such pain he doesn’t think he can bear it anymore. Making matters worse is Sean, who is so worried about Dorothy he fails to see how troubled Julian is. Only Leanne sees his pain. Ironically, Natalie, who isn’t even at the party, knows how much trouble Julian is in.

Julian has avoided her, likely because he doesn’t want to admit the trouble he is in. He has held it together with willpower, mountains of cocaine, and oceans of Malbec(usually not with duck, though). After his breakthrough with Leanne in the last episode, it is hard to put the genie back in the bottle. Games and fancy meals are enjoyable, but they aren’t the distraction he needs.

Leanne offers to take his pain away, but Julian feels even more guilt over his relationship with her. It’s a messy situation, and he can’t handle anymore regret. In lieu of discussing his problems, he goes balls deep in his version of the powdery stuff. Rupert Grint(Julian) showcases his talents by making the acerbic man sympathetic. Too much-buried emotion and too much time caused him to overdose. He was dead in the bathroom for well over a few minutes.

When Leanne played Prince Charming and woke up her ginger Snow White, he should have been brain-damaged. Aside from looking like death and being a little groggy, he is fine. The time has come to admit Leanne has powers. Where the powers come from and what they cost her is still in question. Her newfound sexuality has made her powerful. She thinks she is stronger. I hope, for everyone’s sake, she is, especially since she seems to be softening towards Dorothy.

Servant Season 2 Episode 9
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Sean is hiding as usual. He hid from the baby when Dorothy needed him months ago, and he is hiding from the problems staring him in the face. He has kidnapped a young woman, and his wife is unstable. Toby Kebbell(Sean) was quietly brilliant in Servant Season 2 Episode 9. In a series with such vivid characters, Kebbell’s more subtle approach is often underappreciated. Just because he is the straight man doesn’t mean he is any less effective as a grieving man.

He has no idea how to fix anything, and so he cooks and prays. He was essentially begging for a trade. A bargain where he gave up all their wealth and privilege for Jericho’s life. However heartfelt it was, it didn’t sit well with Julian, who can’t accept that sometimes bad things happen for no reason. He has even bigger problems than he knows, though, and time is running out. Julian has already paid a steep price, and Dorothy may be next.

Dorothy has a contingency plan, and Jericho’s things she perfectly washed and folded are part of it. In case George never returns with Jericho, she intends on joining him. What would have been a touching moment between Leanne and Dorothy is chilling when you see just how delusional Dorothy is. Leanne knows George isn’t coming back. At best, he is in the hospital recovering from being hit by a car last week. At worst, he is dead. When Leanne discovers what Dorothy has prepared, she is terrified and oddly bewildered. Seeing Dorothy’s naked devotion for her dead child makes her wonder if she misjudged the shallow woman. For now, she is not telling Sean about the baby blanket noose in the basement.

The Turner’s house has become a circus of sorts with a clown car of odd characters parading in and out. Some are odd before they enter, and others are tainted by the weirdness that lives in the walls. The newest woman who has come is impeccably dressed, wearing what appears to be a mourning veil, and knows about Jericho. Is she wearing a veil because George is dead, and is she the “She” George warned Leanne about? We’ve only got one episode left in the season, and it’s titled Josephine. Who is Josephine, and what are her intentions? I hope our group’s goose isn’t cooked.

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Stray Straw:

  • Sean serves the most expensive potatoes in the world. The La Bonnotte is grown on the French island of Noirmoutier. They are so costly because they require handpicking as they are incredibly delicate, and their harvest window is only seven days. They have a lovely lemony taste with notes of chestnut from the seaweed in their sandy growing soil.
  • At this point, it is safe to say Julian and the Turners aren’t dead(well, Julian briefly), and nobody is in a coma. These theories can be scrapped. The most plausible one remaining is there really is a cult of people, some of which were resurrected, and they have powers. Is the giver of the powers an angel or demon? There is too much religious iconography for there not to be a spiritual angle.
  • What happened to Dorothy’s Hermes belt? I thought she said that would be the way to go?
  • There is no Jaws sequel called Jaws 2,3 or 4: The Returned.