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Servant Season 3 Episode 10 Mama Review- Another One Bites The Dust

Something is rotting from the inside out and everything we thought we knew was upended in a shocking Servant Season 3 Episode 10.

Servant Season 3 Episode 10
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Looks can be deceiving. Just because something seems great from the outside doesn’t mean it isn’t teeming with perversion. What’s looks like the perfect happy family could be a facade for abuse, grief, and rage. There is something wrong in this house with termites buzzing in the background, too brittle smiles, and forced laughter. Families should build each other up, not encourage their destruction. With Leanne at the helm though the family is descending, can anything stop their fall? Servant Season 3 Episode 10 seems to say the damage is already done, and there is no turning back now.

The finale of Season 3 was the most explosive yet and put all of our theories in play. It also brought back a character who has haunted Leanne since the first season. In the aftermath of Dorothy’s meltdown and drugging, she is hazy but determined. They think they know what she is capable of. Too bad they didn’t call that exterminator.

It’s been four days since Dorothy was drugged. The drugs are finally wearing off, and she is beginning to plan. As she flips through her old day planner, she thinks about the missing days. Without knowing what happened to Jericho a year ago, she feels persecuted. Feeling hurt and ganged up on, she makes plans. She is a mama bear protecting her baby, and despite acting calm, she is seething.

Meanwhile, the men in her life sit around the breakfast table with Leanne and Jericho. They have hired some of the park people to work around the house and have completely fallen under Leanne’s sway. Dorothy keeps up her ruse and buries the hatchet with Leanne. Leanne says she only wants to help Dorothy and be a family again. She claims her job is to help her, and she will do so no matter how Dorothy fights her.

Forgiveness is a noble thing. To forgive is divine, and Leanne says she forgives Dorothy, who in turn apologizes for her behavior. Julian and Sean know better, though. Dorothy isn’t much on accepting mistakes or blame. Atonement is not her thing. Sean and Julian suspect Dorothy is up to something because Sean claims he never heard her apologize and mean it their entire marriage. What does that say about their relationship? A beautiful photograph of the two of them years ago further raises additional questions. Dorothy looks young and pretty but is staring right into the camera while Sean looks away. He has always looked past Dorothy’s behavior, and she has always craved attention.

Curiously Leanne and Dorothy utter the same biblical passage from Peter 2:21. Both women refuse to suffer injustice. Leanne says she won’t allow the Church to go unpunished while Julian remembers a story from his childhood. In what is easily the weirdest bathtub scene next to Gummo’s infamous spaghetti-fest, Julian talks about Dorothy punching a kid who was bullying him. When she was punished, Dorothy refused to say sorry. Instead of writing an apology letter to the kid, she said he deserved it. Concerning the bath scene, I am wondering if Leanne is serving her man by bathing him or if he is a surrogate child in a warped way.

Leanne has a lot to answer for in Servant Season 3 Episode 10, but she dodges all of it. When Sean asks her if she killed Isabelle, she deflects. Instead of denying it, she chastises him for drinking too much. That isn’t the only thing she swerves from answering. When Sean begs her not to hurt Dorothy, she says she is hurt he would think she was capable of that. She never actually says she wouldn’t hurt her. That’s noteworthy considering what happens at the end of Servant Season 3 Episode 10.

Although I more than understand the desire for revenge, both women seem to be missing the point. The Bible repeatedly says that only God has the right to judge others. Turn the other cheek and all that. Both women put pride ahead of their faith. For Dorothy, she has faith only in herself, which makes sense, but Leanne should know better. Her upbringing has created a monster that rebels against reason, discipline, and order. Leanne is more like Dorothy than she realizes. They may not be biological mother and daughter, but they have a lot in common. We know very little about Dorothy’s childhood. There is always the possibility Leanne is Dorothy’s child.

There is an interesting duality between the two women. Leanne was initially set up as the naive innocent to Dorothy’s decadent narcissist. Now they both appear to be headed down the same destructive path. Who tainted who with darkness? Leanne could be a fallen angel, Christ reborn, or the Virgin Mary having immaculately produced Jericho out of thin air. Dorothy might also be a holy person who doesn’t know it yet. She is determined, resourceful, and relentless. That might be what is necessary to save her family. Assuming this isn’t all in her head.

The cult showdown I predicted last week will go down in Servant Season 4. The Church of Lesser Saints appears to be moving members into the neighborhood, and Uncle George is back. Worse still, Roscoe, who Leanne trusts, has been lying. He is a Church member and only pretended to be with Leanne to gain her trust. He claims he has an integral role to play. What that role is, we don’t know yet, but I wonder why Leanne didn’t sense he has been lying. Do her powers not extend to clairvoyance even though she seems to sense everything Dorothy is doing? Maybe the bigger question is what happened to the two families who moved out of their homes on Spruce Street. The agent said it was extremely rare to have two homes available in this coveted neighborhood. Did the Church make these families disappear?

One of the best days of a new parent’s life is the first time their child speaks. It’s better still if they say, Mama or Dada. Jericho says “Mama” while taking a bath with Dorothy. He appears to be staring at the doorway, though, which galvanizes Dorothy. Believing she is losing her child to Leanne, she puts her getaway plan in motion.

After sharing a treasured wine and preparing an impressive meal for her family, Dorothy says goodbye to Sean. He doesn’t realize that is what is happening, though. She has a go-bag ready and was headed out of the house when Leanne caught her. After an unfortunate argument, Dorothy leans against a compromised banister, and it gives way. Leanne grabs Jericho, but Dorothy falls and bounces brutally against railings on the way down. Did Leanne see this coming and isn’t she worried about the safety of this crumbling house?

For the second time in Servant Season 3 Episode 10, sound matters. The first is when Dorothy looks at the photo of her and Sean why the munching of termites buzzes in the background. What may have started pure has become infested with decay. The second is in the aftermath of the fall. We listen, horrified, as Dorothy gazes upward at Leanne. Sean screams for Julian to do something. Has Julian been rendered immobilized after too many traumas, or has Leanne held him with her gaze?

Every season has ended with the loss of a character. In Season 1, Jericho was lost when Leanne took him back to the cult. In Season 2, Julian was brought back from an overdose, and Aunt Josephine was killed. In Season 3, it is Dorothy’s turn to take a tumble. When Dorothy tried to run with Jericho, Leanne caught her. The young woman begged Leanne to either stay or take her with them. Neither is a tolerable option, however. Servant Season 4 should answer all our questions. We will know once and for all if Leanne really has powers. There is no way Dorothy survives that fall without her.

Leanne offers gifts but at what price. She has seemingly resurrected multiple lives in the house and gave the Turners their baby back. In Season 3 specifically, she has leaned into indulgence. If it feels good, it can’t be bad. Is she a false god bearing gifts? No one is getting the fresh start they hoped for. As Leanne apologizes, Dorothy falls. Is Leanne apologizing for calling for the men or for what is about to happen? She doesn’t look to worried about Dorothy lying broken floors below.

The finale of Servant Season 3 is the most shocking of any season. Everything is leading to a showdown of biblical proportions. So whose side are you on? We have nine long months to contemplate that. Servant Season 4 should premiere in January of 2023, but filming is underway now, and at least one episode is set during Halloween. Might we get it early? Maybe Leanne will answer our prayers. Find all our Servant coverage here.

Stray Straw:

George says to Roscoe: Her story begins. She feeds on darkness. It feeds on darkness. Grows stronger each night. Things are decaying. The house is filled with parasites. Do you smell the rot?

Roscoe asks: What happens now?

George answers: The end.

  • Spruce Street is the street the Turners live on. Spruce trees are symbolic of resilience and eternal life. It is sometimes called The Tree of Birth.
  • Mulberries can symboize growth and more importantly death. Did Sean’s scones foreshadow Dorothy’s accident?
  • It appears Julian and Dorothy’s mom was an alcoholic. Did she drink to escape from the horrors of living with Frank?
  • They drink a Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, La Tâche 1978. It is very rare and equally expensive.
  • There is too much talk of Gods and bibilcal justice for it to be coincidence.
  • Uncle George has gotten a change of clothes. He is now well-kept and wearing a white linen suit. It’s interesting to note Lazarus wore white lining straps on his hands and feet when Jesus resurrected him.
  • Leanne has finally gotten rid of Aunt Josephine’s dead body. Since last season, the crispy corpse resided in the crawl space behind her bedroom wall, collecting moths. Moths do feed on carcasses. They only eat hair, though. Josephine crumbled into dust when Leanne touched her. Josephine did burn last season, but there is no way there was enough heat generated in those circumstances to produce dust. Only an intensely hot fire could do that.
  • We get a glimpse inside the minds of Sean, Julian, and Dorothy when they describe the taste of the wine. They each reach for a childhood memory. For Dorothy, it is old fireworks. For Sean, a barn in the Fall, and for Julian, it is his mother’s favorite flower. Violets symbolize everlasting love and faith. In the Christian faith, it is the color associated with the Virgin Mary. Is it possible Dorothy got pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption when she was young? She could have “lost” that memory like she did what happened to Jericho. Mary was the original immaculate conception, with Jesus being the second. Is Leanne the second coming of Christ which has been perverted into the Antichrist? Is Leanne the Virgin Mary, or is Dorothy?