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Servant Season 3 Trailer Breakdown- Theories And All Our Questions So Far

The trailer for Apple TV+’s Servant Season 3 just came out, and we have so many questions. Our favorite wine swilling family may have dodged last season’s bullet, but they are not out of the woods. When last we left Julian, Sean, Dorothy, and Leanne, things had taken an even darker turn(which is saying something on a series that has never operated anywhere but the shade). Despite the creepy cult insisting Leanne return to the “light,” they seem far more concerned with keeping her shrouded in darkness. The Turners and Julian had tracked down Josphine, who they willingly let into their house in the hopes of getting Jericho back.

Josephine had other plans and intended on forcing Leanne to participate in the “returning” process one way or another. That process required self-harm, blinding, limb slicing, and finally burning. Ironically, Josphine is the one who stabbed herself, was blinded, sliced, and burned. Did Josephine know all along that she would be “returned” instead of Leanne? Leanne left her behind the basement wall to rot. Before all of that happened, though, Josephine attacked Sean and worked on Dorothy’s poor addled mind. Whether or not her attempts to make Dorothy remember will be successful in Servant Season 3, we will have to wait to see.

As the episode ended, Jericho and the Turners were one happy family with Leanne. Although she is glad to be with her new family, she worries that there is a growing darkness inside her. They all fear that the cult will come for them.

Servant Season 3 trailer screengrab

Yellow balloons

The blue balloon prevalent in Seasons 1 and 2 has given way to a yellow one. The balloon that originally signified Jericho’s male gender and quite possibly contained his spirit also had some essential meanings. It wouldn’t be the first time we saw other colored balloons. In Season 1, Episode 7 Haggis, there are pinkish/purple-colored balloons that release the essence of heather. Then the color was chosen to correspond with the ingredient that Sean was introducing. Now the balloon seen floating up is yellow.

The family seemingly has it all with Jericho back and Leanne and Dorothy on great terms. Yellow often symbolizes happiness and optimism, but a darker side to the color can also represent caution, betrayal, madness, and physical illness. Dorthy is definitely a few crayons short of a pack, and Julian and Sean both have problems. If the blue balloon held Jericho’s spirit when Leanne went with the cult in the Season 1 finale, could the yellow balloon now hold a sick version of his spirit? Elsewhere in the trailer, Dorothy holds the Reborn doll again, looking horrified. Is she finally remembering things, or does Jericho go missing again? Read here for what blue symbolizes.

Servant Season 3
Servant Season 3 trailer screengrab

Leanne’s purple ribbon in her hair

Color theory has always played an important role in Servant. Everything from the meticulously chosen set design to everyone’s clothing is chosen to be provocative. That looks to remain constant in Servant Season 3. In the trailer, Leanne has a ribbon wound in her hair in a scene where she is chiding Dorothy on being too controlling. Curiously the balloon that held the heather in Haggis is similar in color to the ribbon Leanne has braided through her hair. Purple is reflective of luxury and nobility but also mystery and magic. All of these seem to embody the strange young woman.

Servant Season 3
Servant Season 3 trailer screengrab

They are still in Hell

Whether you believe this is figurative or literal, the Turners are hitting a rough patch. Dorothy can dress up Jericho and have all the parties she wants, but something is coming for them, and she has a whopper of a secret rattling around in her brain. In the trailer, Dorothy is seen holding the Reborn doll looking horrified. Is she finally remembering? Also, in the scene pictured above, Dorothy is looking rough. By zooming in the image, it seems as if she has vomit on her chin, and Julian is holding her with her eyes open as if she is dead. One of the wilder theories I have put out there is that the entire group is dead, having committed suicide and in Hell. Dorothy’s red dress and Julian’s Faustian green attire certainly alludes to that.

It might also be possible that Sean is the only living person remaining and is haunted by the ghosts of Julian and his wife, who both committed suicide in the house. His altruistic need to feed the homeless children in the park is likely an act of contrition. He is trying to atone for his past mistakes and give thanks to Jericho for being returned to him. However, those kids may not be all they seem, and in a similar way as Agent Smith can assimilate anyone connected to the Matrix, maybe the Church can recruit and convert anyone at any time. The kids’ extremely dirty and blank-faced stares remind me of Uncle George, and we know how that turned out.

Leanne is the devil

Leanne looks much more age-appropriate and less like Nell from The Last Exorcism. All of the last season, she slowly came out of her shell wearing more stylish clothes and styling her hair more modernly. In the Servant Season 3 trailer, she is noticeably changed. She is wearing makeup, has layered and curled her hair, and is no longer wearing frumpy clothing. That isn’t cause for alarm in and of itself but coupled with her taunting behavior towards Dorothy, her strange dancing in the attic, and her chilling revelation to Sean that God didn’t bring back Jericho, the signs seem to point to Leanne having powers that are less angelic and more demonic. All of last season, she struggled with the dark side of herself.

Even if Leanne isn’t evil, she is maturing. Anyone who has a teenage girl knows they can seem a lot like demons, and Leanne and Dorothy are clearly butting heads over rules. Dorothy is an over-protective mother, and Leanne is a powerful young woman. Dorothy needs to heed Sean and Julian’s advice and tread carefully or risk her wrath. Leanne has killed before and will probably kill again. The pictures she has drawn in her book have an ominous quality to them as if we are looking at the work of a Valkyrie. The black-winged creature flying could indicate that Leanne is a Valkyrie who decides who lives and dies and where they go when they do. The semi-divine creatures also bring havoc to Earth.

A few other oddities

There is a lot of talk about pests, from the homeless teens Sean is feeding to the insects that swarm inside the Turner’s party. Has Leanne sparked the End of Days? Have the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse started riding? The two names group sings about at the party are Mathew and Ella. Mathew means gift from God, and Ella, which means goddess. Lastly, the season artwork shows three shadowed figures. The smaller two could be Dorothy and Sean, but who is the much more prominent central figure?

Leanne thinks of all the Turners as her family now. She won’t let the Church or anyone else break them up. This includes the Turners themselves. So who can be trusted, and who is dangerous? We will have to wait to see. Servant Season 3 premiers on January 21st on Apple TV+. Until then, catch up on all our Servant coverage, including theories and analysis. Watch the Servant Season 3 trailer below.